Monday, March 28, 2011

RCRC 03/28/11

So normally I wait till right before every Tuesday night's radio show to talk about it/keep a live update of what you're hearing/I'm playing. Well, this week I thought I should change it up, see this week's a little different, nothing crazy, just that tomorrow night's show is going to be exclusively new music. As you probably know, I typically keep a nice blend of shee from the past 50 years to develop each week's flow, but this week's going to be all modern music (modern being within the past 5 or so months). There's a ton of great new stuff that's been coming out and I wanted to tip everyone off to what I'll be playing, in case it's your band or your friends or something. This week will be a showcase of the best new music happening right now, I'm hoping you take the time to dig on it.

Here's what I'll be playing, in the order they'll be played, tomorrow night (03/28/11) at 10 pm EST on or 91.9 FM if you're in southwest Pennsylvania.

Mane Mane - Get Over In 3D
James Ferraro - Buffy Honkerburg's Answering Machine
HEX-I-AM - Divine Portal

CH-ROM - Rider's Choice
Ducktails - Sunset Liner
Speculator - Afraid of the Future
The One and Only Matt Miller - Paradise Hotel Lobby Lost and Found

Higher Fives - Motown and Gomorrah
unouomedude - Frequency
Venice - 30th Century
Sun Araw - Thrasher

Dylan Ettinger - Endeavor
February Fourteenth - My Stay, My Home
arcsin(100) - Forgiving Eyes
Joe Versus The Volcano - Soul Glo

JngL BooK - Heavy Heady
Lockbox (FOAM) - Liquid Arcades
Tjutjuna - Rise/Set
matthewdavid - International 

The Naked Uh - No Matter What I Say
FIlardo - A Dog Wearing Glasses
Pepepiano - Fire Hands
Realtime's Rush - Hawk & A Halen
Wild Vibes - Female Bass Player

Punks on Mars - Glitter On Mars
Punks on Mars - Shout Your Lungs Out
Panda Bear - The Preakness
Panda Bear - Surfers Hymn
Ssaliva - Moth To The Flame
Ssaliva - Teenage Brain

Raw Thrills - My Life Was In Chains
Raw Thrills - Mind Surfin'
Greatest Hits - Fun Girls
White Rainbow - ...Lays the Boogie Down

Walsh - Birthday Girl
Narrow Berth - Citadel
Tjut Dreams - Josh needs to go to the hospital.
Daytime Television - I Hurt So Much

The Hit and Miss Engines - Demo 01
The Discotays - Dance Till Yr Dead
Dirty Dinosaur - Denim Party
Police Academy 6 ft. Top Girls - Fill in the Blanks
Yohuna - Mateo
HEX-I-AM - Telescopes

High Wolf - Flowers of Congo
Peaking Lights - All The Sun That Shines
Shisa - Paranoid
Sumsun - Non-Menthol Dub
Sean Nicholas Savage - Babe
Hleger - Ventura Side A 2 of 2
BAnanas Symphony - Games of Love and Chance

Nature's Kid - Earthly Pleasures
Mohave Triangles - Tropical Daze
Flower Orgy - 22nd Century

Joe Versus The Volcano - Soul Glo

Joe Versus The Volcano - Soul Glo [single] (2011, Stray Frankz)

Download free direct or from Stray Frankz

Another new single from Joe Versus The Volcano, who I talked the world of on here last month. This one's also getting the Stray Frankz single treatment, as well as another killer Soul Train inspired video that I'll be throwing down there for you.

Catch and keep up at Joe's Tumblr, but first head down below and let it shine through.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wayne Water - Catholic Chili Feed

Wayne Water - Catholic Chili Feed (2011)

Download from bandcamp

'Ole Wayne's still movin' along with his alphabetic countdown full of love, life and loops, we've got "Q" and "R" this time around and it's some of my favorite yet, listen to both offerings below.

unouomedude - Frequency

unouomedude - Frequency (2011)

Download from his website, bandcamp or soundcloud

Newest stuff since last year's Marsh, check out both tracks from this digital 7" below

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RCRC 03/22/11

Sorry guys, an hour late tonite but you're in for a solid show, we're probably gonna be on till about 4 am EST and this show is real solid, we've got the first hour and half full of some of my favorite of the year, along with a ton of requests we got in by way of letters, the rest of the show's gonna be filled up with some mixes I made weeks prior to this show for other reasons. Tune in at 91.9 fm and stream online at  Here's a look at your playlist for tonight.

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - Out of Respect
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - This Machine Kills Pacifist
Angelic Upstarts - Guns For The Afghan Rebels
Cockney Rejects - Bad Man
Lockbox - Daze Otik's Eye Laser
Walsh - Birthday Girl

Crass - Punk Is Dead
hex-i-am - Crystal Lake II
The Discotays - Dance Till Yr Dead
Anti-Heros - Murder One
Gem Jones - Ellegua
Wayne Water - P

Joe Versus the Volcano - Snowstorm From The Static
MV & EE - The Crash Palace of Records
Combat 84 - Skinhead
Pepepiano - Breathe Magic
Sham 69 - Angels With Dirty Faces

Filardo - Iron Head
Psychedelic Horseshit - French Countryside
JngL BooK - Lime Optimo
The Adicts - This Is Your Life
Angelic Upstarts - Kids On The Street
Greatest Hits - Uptown Girl
BAnanas Symphony - Salty
Eternal Tapestry - Galactic Derelict
Cock Sparrer - Droogs Don't Run
Wild Vibes - Freak Flag
Shisa - Brazil

The Flame - See The Light
The Beach Boys and The Flame - I Gotta Feeling
Raw Thrills - You Can't Do That
The Rolling Stones - No Expectations
Ugly Ducklings - Just In Case You Wonder
The Meanest Boys - Strangest Things
Say - Flying Down The Highway
Raw Thrills - Making Love On A Piano
The Zombies - Friends Of Mine
The Beach Boys - Wake The World
The Adicts - Bad Boy
The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Cock Sparrer - I Got Your Number
The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way
The Byrds - The Bells of Rhymney
Bob Dylan - Mama, You Been On My Mind
Giant Crab - Hot Line Conversation
The Rainy Daze - Baby I Need Your Lovin'
The Buzzcocks - What Do I Get
Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation
Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers - Pirate Love
The Beatles - I'll Follow The Sun
The Flame - Another Day Like Heaven

Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-changin'
Wise Blood - B.I.G. E.G.O.
Mean Lady - Why'd'ya' Hafta Be Such A
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - One Track Mind
The Meanest Boys - Strangest Things
Greatest Hits - Danse Pop
Girls in the Eighties - Too Cool For This Crowd
Harlem - Number One
Be Your Own Pet - We Will Vacation, You Will Be My Parasol
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - The Other Megan
Television - Guiding Light
Rangers - Golden Triangles
Pure Ecstasy - Baby
Modest Mouse - The Way Down
Cock Sparrer - I Got Your Number
The Byrds - All I Really Wanna Do

Algernon Cadwallader - Serial Killer Status
LA Vampires/Matrix Metals - Make Me Over
Anathallo - Hanasakajijii Four: A Great Wind, More Ash
Magic Lantern - Cypress
Morgen - Welcome To The Void
Washed Out - Feel It All Around
Neon Indian - Mind, Drips
The Beatles - Rain
McDonald and Giles - Flight of the Ibis
Animal Collective - The Purple Bottle

Monday, March 21, 2011

hex-i-am - new moon in pisces

hex-i-am - new moon in pisces (2011)

Download free from Bandcamp

Here's the newest offering from hex-i-am, I'm really digging on this one, got a killer vibe. I'm gonna put both tracks down there so you can just listen to each, you have to.

Filardo - Enter the Edit Suite

Filardo - Enter the Edit Suite (2011)

Download free from Bandcamp

Just last week I shared with you two new songs from The Naked Uh, well The Naked Uh is now called Filardo and just released the record those songs were teasing you for. Boy what a surprise this one was, Beach Boys vibes aplenty, and a loveworn heart, this is the kind of record you wanna hear some of those nights you know? But also just right for the early morning adjustment too. I'll be heading back to this one a lot, stoked to have a full length from him. Hear a few tracks down below.

Wayne Water - Functional Retard/Skate World

Wayne Water - Functional Retard (2011, Sewage Tapes)

Download for free from Bandcamp

Wayne Water - Skate World (2011, Sewage Tapes)

Download for free from Bandcamp

Since we last caught up with Wayne Water, he's thrown two more out there for us, building on his alphabet-obsessed project that's about to wind itself up here soon and probably throw us for a loop when it all finally comes together. Keep your eyes on Sewage Tapes, business is pickin' up. Listen to a song from each of these and head to the Bandcamp to hear the second halves.

Shisa - Night Driving

Shisa - Night Driving (2011)

Download from Bandcamp

Newest official release from Pittsburgh's Shisa, listen to it below and hear some more at his SoundCloud.

Video: Hleger - Ventura Side A 1 of 2

This one showed up on Mount Athos last week, dig it.

Video: BOY MTN - Kibbie Dome/Coughin

New video from BOY MTN's Purgatorio which just got released on cassette through MABA Tapes, who recently got a fantastic first batch that's definitely worth checking out.

Ahhh - MONDO

Ahhh - MONDO (2011, Static Communion)

Download for free direct

Brand new record from Hex-I-Am's Alex Homan, I've had his stuff on here before and was really excited to see some new solo work, this one's got that good sparse-forest vibe those Delaware kids are so keen on. I also snooped around and found this track on the oh sweeeeet page, it features Hex-I-Am drummer Greg and I listened to it like four times in a row the day I found it, make sure to click on that link up there to listen to it since it's un-embeddable. New Hex-I-Am's gonna be posted a few boxes above here several minutes from now.

A few new tracks from Planet Lockbox

Prolific freak beat maker Lockbox has a few new tracks on his soundcloud that in my opinion are some of his best stuff yet. The first is a "remix" of Plaens song, the next is a collaboration with MezZo which looks to be a new project called FOAM, and finally we've got one called "hypno cereal" where box is just being the box. Listen to all three down below, and in case you aren't already hip to it, brother's got a tumblr and of course the Fog Rattle imprint.

  I took a plaens song and "sampled" it, making what's called a "remix " by Lockbox

  liquid arcades (collab with Mezzo. we are FOAM) by Lockbox

  hypno cereal by Lockbox

Monies - Monies [EP]

Monies - Monies [EP] (2011, Slyme Records)

Get for free direct

Found this one on accident while putting some time in the other night, got to checking out Slyme Records. It's got a little duck and dail touch and I'm glad I grabbed it, you should do the same.

arcsin(100) - 2006 Computer

arcsin(100) - 2006 Computer (2011, HOLY PAGE)

Download from the Holy Page Bandcamp

If you've listened to the radio show in the past month, then you know that's I've been touting arcsin(100)'s "Forgiving Eyes" as possibly the best, if not at least my personal favorite single of 2011. Well last week Holy Page released this record which was made back in 2006, sounds like it might've been made earlier this afternoon and definitely worth the grab. I'll throw two tracks from it down below and just for good measure "Forgiving Eyes" as well.

While we're on the subject of Holy Page, I wanna throw down one more single that was released last week on there, this one comes in from Discotays and you'll be hearing it tomorrow night on the show.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mac Miller - Best Day Ever

Mac Miller - Best Day Ever (2011, Rostrum Records)

Download free off of DatPiff

Here's that new Mac Miller, I have no idea what people think of this guy, always hearing mixed reviews, but I dig him. Dude's got great flow and seems like he lives the same type of lifestyle as all of us, the beats are a lot more far out on this one too. I loved K.I.D.S. but I think this one might be even better, go grab it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

That's my face blood all over my shirt down below

Life's been rather busy the past few weeks, still is and will be, but there's a ton of great stuff I'll be updating you with very soon. New stuff from Ahhh, Lockbox, Monies, BOY MTN, Shisa, Mac Miller, NYKDLN, Wayne Water, HEX I AM, Hleger and a few more I've had my eye on. Keep tuned in, I'll have some stuff up about all of those and more, hoooppppeeefuuulllllyyyy this weekend, bear with me and keep up with the facebook I post a lot of this stuff there first. I deleted the twitter account too, I just can never get into that thing. In any case, there's all that up there, check soon for a more in depth look at all of it. Spring's here!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tonight's show rules, you should listen to the whole thing, but if not that's cool. If you're in southwest PA right now turn your dial to 91.9 FM but otherwise stream live at HERE'S WHAT I'M PLAYING TONIGHT, YOU KNOW I'LL UPDATE IT ALL NIGHT

The Adicts - A.D.X. Medley
The Adicts - Straightjacket
The Adicts - Bad Boy
The Adicts - Falling In Love Again
The Adicts - Joker in the Pack
The Adicts - California

Lockbox - Hypnocereal
FOAM - Liquid Arcades
Police Academy 6 ft. Raw Moans - The Chills
The Naked Uh - Winter Erase
Arcsin(100) - Forgiving Eyes

Ssaliva - Crayola
Venice - 30th Century
Ahhh - No Worrying

Crass - Beg Your Pardon
Crass - Birth Control 'N' Rock 'N' Roll
MatthewDavid - All You'll Ever Know
Realtime's Rush - Hawk & A Halen
A//Political - Obscene Gestures
The Business - This Generation
Greatest Hits - Funky Dame
Cockney Rejects - The Beginning of the End

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Pirate Love
Girls in the Eighties - Slow Motion
Walsh - Birthday Girl
Galapagos - I Want It All
Monies - Trampoline, Spanish Style
Raw Thrills - Why Can't I Say Let Go

The Hit and Miss Engines - Untitled Demo
The One and Only Matt Miller - You Catch More Flies W/ $$$$$
Battles ft. Matias-Aguayo - Ice Scream
High Places - Head Spins
The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn!
Cop Magnet - Whambulance

Gang War - Like A Rolling Stone
Raw Thrills - So You Want to be a Rock N Roll Star
The Byrds - Get To You
The Marvelettes - Too Strong To Be Strung Along
Sumsun - Non-Menthol Dub

Sun Araw - Get Low
LA Vampires ft. Matrix Metals - Make Me Over
Gem Jones - Ellegua
Hayvanlar Alemi - Hayalgucu Sporkulubu
Bikini Test Go Ahead - Operation Crossroads
Happy Jawbone Family Band - Junk Pop
Harlem - Cloud Pleaser
The Beach Boys - Add Some Music To Your Day
Sean Nicholas Savage - Can't Get My Mind Off You

The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do
The Velvet Underground - Who Loves The Sun
John Lennon - Imagine

JngL BooK - Green
JngL BooK - ProFresh
Wild Vibes - Freak Flag
Weed - We Don't Know It's Wrong
High Wolf - Etoile
dANA - Another Fun Party
Yohuna - Mateo
Daytime Television - Everything
The Beatles - If I Fell
The Beatles - I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
Boards of Canada - Sir Prancealot Brainfire
Pink Floyd - The Narrow Way: Part Two
James Ferraro - Toxic Spill
Crass - Buy Now, Pay As You Go

Sumsun - Stay FRESH

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buncha New Stuff from JngL BooK

Last fall I kept talking about Murfreesboro, TN's Jungle Book, well, after a quiet winter Jungle Book is now JngL BooK and that's not all that's changed; The Frane lovers' setup now includes live drums, a badass new controller and a fresh soundclound page. Fucking stoked on this.

Listen to these two tracks that were posted earlier tonight then click over to the soundcloud and hear some live takes that were recorded back at the end of February.

  Green by JngL BooK 

  ProFresh by JngL BooK

JngL BooK will be performing live on WMTS 88.3 Monday, March 14th at 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST, here's the facebook event and here's JB's own facebook page.

WIld Vibes

Wild Vibes - Wild Vibes (2011, Deer Haus)

Download for free from bandcamp

Alright, this rules, a lot and I don't know really anything about it at all, except that one of the members might work on the Tripping Franklins blog. Other than that, listen to it, download it, and get ready for that fourth track.

Check out two of the songs of this, this first one's just fantastic and the next has a pretty awesome Lampshades vibe.

Video: The Sunflower Spectacle, a look at recording

The Sunflower Spectacle just finished up recording their new record and rest assured you'll be able to get it here as soon as it's ready. Until then check out this video they posted a few days ago of them recording some parts for the new song "Like A Child".

Video: ARCumentary 6

Check out the latest update from ARC's recording process, gotta love the wheat comment.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Video: Matrix Metals - So Unreal (Instrumental)

A few months back, I shared with you the instrumental tracks from the LA Vampires/Matrix Metals record So Unreal, well a few days ago I came across this fan-made video for the title track. It was featured on last year's "Please Remember To Rewind" (Volume One) DVD from Olde English Spelling Bee, and now it's available for everyone on the world wide web. Watch the seduction down below.


Venice - Animals, Stars And Other Psychedelic Creatures

Venice - Animals, Stars and Other Psychedelic Creatures (2011, Bad Panda)

Download and listen on Soundcloud or do the same at Bad Panda

I was tipped off on this beaut from Sumsun last week, it was an instant-download and it's been on repeat ever since, listen to "30th Century" from it below, then jump over to the Venice Soundcloud to listen to the rest.

  30th Century by Venice

This one, according to Venice himself, is about "...time, time collapsing in itself. We have the past because it's really similar to the origins, but it seems all is set in the future. Everything remains attached to the roots of creation."

Wayne Water - Sugar Glider

Wayne Water - Sugar Glider (2011)

Download from Bandcamp

Here's another new one from Wayne Water, we're looking at letters K & L with this one. Check those out down there.

Once you're finished, check out Newage Sewage, a new outsider outlet that's drip drip dripping from the creaks and cracks of web 2.0. Look into it for some new projects, collabs and recordings from not only Wayne but Lockbox, BOY MTN, Hleger and a few others. I'm sure those ranks are just gonna deepen, so keep your ears open guys.

Check out the Newage Sewage Soundcloud to get an idea what I'm talking all about.

Two new songs from The Naked Uh

The Naked Uh stole the show for me back in January with his contribution to the Early 2011 Mix with "No Matter What I Say". Well, he's got a new record in the works and I've got two tracks from it right here. Check out "The Wind Winds A Prayer" and "Winter Erase" down below.

The Naked Uh - The Wind Winds A Prayer

The Naked Uh - Winter Erase

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RCRC 03/01/11

Tonight's show is packed completely full of story-telling fuzzed out dramatics, try your best to listen to the entire thing, I think this week's been especially well put together, but hell I guess I think that every week. In any case, if you're in the area check us out at 91.9 FM but if you're anywhere else in this world stream it live online, till about 2:00 AM EST, at

here's the list for tonight' show, updated throughout the night of course:

Discharge - But After The Gig
Angelic Upstarts - Police Oppression
Crass - So What
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - Oxygen Tank
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - Dan Gauguin

Tjutjuna - Rise Set

arcsin(100) - Forgiving Eyes
Time Wharp - A Doll, Fiddle Her
High Wolf - Free Your Energy Field

Angelic Upstarts - Woman In Disguise
The Psychedelic Furs - It Goes In
Dylan Ettinger - Being Boiled
Daytime Television - I Hurt So Much
Giant Crab - Believe It Or Not
The Naked Uh - Winter Ease
Luke Perry - Skynet Sim
Speculator - Enjoy
Games - Everything Is Working

February Fourteenth - My Stay, My Home
Wild Vibes - Freak Flag
Panda Bear - Last Night At The Jetty
How To Dress Well - Can't See My Own Face
Anthrax (UK) - Exploitation
Cock Sparrer - Secret Army
Conflict - 1986, The Battle Continues
Dead Kennedys - Moon Over Marin
Be Your Own Pet - October, First Account
Emmett and Mary - Early Dismissal (Teenage Queen)

The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Raw Thrills - You Can't Do That
The Pretty Things - She Was Tall, She Was High
Honey Bane - Porno Grows
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - London Boys
Greatest Hits - You're Just and UPTOWN GIRL
Living Rooms - So Swimming
Mean Lady - Indian Sun

The Flame - See The Light
The Beach Boys/The Flame - I've Got a Feeling
Outer Limits Recordings - Headspins
Outer Limits Recordings - Burnin' Through the Night
Outer Limits Recordings - On The Rocks
The Parasails - Skylife 7
Ssaliva - Best Lose The Dream
Pink Floyd - Flaming

LAY BAC - Stay Out Tonight (Party Girl's Codeine Rebuild)
SumguH - forNow
SumguH - Dance the Hyphae
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
Matt Miller - The Sun
The Maine Coons - My Kinda Luv
MGMT - Siberian Breaks
The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand

Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Love Comes in Spurts
Medium Medium - So Hungry So Angry
Federal Duck - While You're Away
DUDES - Something To Say
Animal Collective - Turn Into Something
Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Young - Family Ring Flashback Drive Off
Explosions In The Sky - Day Four
Silver Pines - Timefather
mewithoutYou - January 1979
Say - Mr. Rock and Roll
Psychedelic Family - Black Horse Night Rider
Ugly Ducklings - Rimb Nugget

The Zombies - Friends Of Mine
Sun Araw - Hustle and Bustle
Sonic Youth - Theresa's Sound-World

Mohave Triangles - Mango Haze
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Waterfalls Introduction
Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant