Thursday, April 28, 2011

PUNK PROM '11 --- 04/30/11

DETAILS FROM THIS PAST WEEK'S RADIO SHOW WITH THE SUNFLOWER SPECTACLE FORTHCOMING. As well as a free download of brand new tracks and the live set on here and Soundcloud respectively. Also, Hleger just put out his very best record yet, yesterday. Be on the lookout for all of that, but until then, there's this for you to go to on Saturday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Vienna Noise Choir - "Dreaming Collective(ly)"

Here's our first look at a new My Idea of Fun project called The Vienna Noise Choir, you might recognize the track from the #2 album of 2010, The One and Only Matt Miller (and Friends) Present(s) The Vienna Noise Choir in Mid-Fi™ which, if you haven't already picked up, I strongly suggest that you get on that. Looks like this is the first track from yet another MIoF full length that's being worked on right now. Excited to see what comes from this one.

New NYKDLN things

Lots of awesome stuff happening on the NYKDLN front. First of all, take a look at this incredible video that Pop Culture Shaman made for the track "Shawnee" from In My Childhood:

Next, back in March "DUCKANDDAILNEW'" was initially self-released through bandcamp, and subsequently picked by Christian from HOLY PAGE, he threw that Tempe-touch on the artwork and released it, which ruled. Check the different art's below and listen to the track while you're at it.


Next up, there's "You're Driving Corporate Profits" a prequel to DUCKANDDAILNEW' and what will be soon be converted into a single track along with it, listen to that track below and I'll let you in on what's in store for those two tracks.

This summer, SEWAGE TAPES will be releasing an NYKDLN c20 entitled "Ailanthus Altissima and the Death of the Appalachian Hardwood" on which the A Side will be In My Childhood as one continuous track and the B Side will be You're Driving Corporate Profits/DUCKANDDAILNEW', also made into one continuous track. So stoked.

Fiiiiinnnaallllyyyy, here's this live, poorly-tape-recorded jam from last month. Quality suggests that there's nothing to be done with it other than to share and let people ride the groove, which is rather easy to do. Delayed drum machine with duck and dail interstellars.

ХЛЕБ - Beverly Hills Warrior 78

ХЛЕБ - "Beverly Hills Warrior 78" (Sewage Tapes, 2011)

A meeting of the minds.

  ХЛЕБ - Beverly Hills Warrior 78 by SEWAGE TAPES

Good Amount - "Basic Addition"/HOLY PAGE MEGAPOST

While we haven't heard from Christian Filardo musically for a little while, he's been hard at work with the new HOLY PAGE outlet, which I'll talk about in a little bit. "Basic Addition" sees him making music under the new moniker, Good Amount. It's got that similar vibe as he's got with Vladee Divacc, check it out.

Now I mentioned Filardo's work on HOLY PAGE, boy has he ever been at work. I'd take up pages and pages if I chose to talk about all the awesome content that's been popping up on there. To save you that struggle I wanna throw at you some stuff that's really caught my eye.

First of all, there's the cassette release of Filardo's Enter The Edit Suite, which you can still download free of charge from bandcamp, BUT NOW, you can get the tape too, which features individually prepared artwork and collages from Christian himself, sneak a peak down below and then go to that bandcamp page I've linked you to already and get yourself the tape.

There's the full length Sweat Hard from Michigan's Sweet Sweat,

The fantastic "July" from Idaho's Youth Lagoon

This next one's really awesome, Arizona's Bikelua has this full length out now called Brand New Pants. Along with it, is a .pdf of a story that goes along with the music, I'll share everything you'll need.

Here's a look at the cover of the .pdf and a link to download that as well.

The Wizard of Music

and finally there's this jaw-dropping single from Neptunes out of Phoenix, called "Earthbound"

BOY MTN - Green Book

BOY MTN - Green Book (AMDISCS, 2011)

Stream and Buy from Bandcamp, Download from AMDISCS' Soundcloud

Here's the long awaited BOY MTN release of the Green Book single, this one features remixes from Koldskal, Markets, Lockbox, Shisa and Plaens. All of which you should be listening to. Check the source material below.

You can also pick up BOY MTN's January release Purgatorio from MABA TAPES.

Video(s): 18+ - Forgiven/Drawl

I don't know the slightest thing about this project, I don't know who's behind it, all I know is that it's some lust-saturated-tombraider-zoom-on-the-pause-screen worship songs. It's dirty pop that makes you wanna close the laptop and take it to the bed a few feet away. Here's both songs that are available, along with the videos that accompany them. Fuck you, pass that Cognac.

Booze Candy - Noteboxxes

Booze Candy - Noteboxxes (2011)

Download free direct

Found out about this one from Friendship Bracelet, there was a post on there about Grain Mountain, who's from Pittsburgh and from what I gather, has something to do with Sundog Peacehouse. I've been following their tunes from Soundcloud, as well as Sundog Peacehouse's. Get into all of it, and while you're at it, I've spent a lot of time on the Grain Mountain tumblr, shit has some of the best imagery around right now. You're best off to dig into everything these guys have to offer.


I've got word that this project is NOT affiliated with Sundog and is also NOT from pgh, he's from York, Pa. I originally found Grain Mountain through a post on Sundog's facebook, so in the least at least they're hip to it. In any case. This record's fantastic, Grain Mountain rules and like I said, dig into every last inch. Thanks for the heads up, brother who tipped me off in the comments!

Wayne Water - Country Music/Midi Controller

Two new Wayne Water singles, still working on that A-Z bit. In case you're not catching on, a nice big tape's coming out of this all, but let's talk about that when the time comes... Here's what's gone on since we last met:

Wayne Water/Lockbox - MIDI Controller (2011)

Download from Bandcamp

Wayne Water - Country Music (Sewage Tapes, 2011)

Download from Bandcamp

Here's a track from each of those, this first one's been driving me wild for while.

Hleger - Cathaya Den Chow-Chow

Hleger - Cathaya Den Chow Chow (2011)

Download this one for free from Mount Athos

This is the newest full length from S. Africa's prodigal son. Cathaya Den Chow Chow is the cell-phone-recorded story of Chow-Chow being stuck on a planet of vicious aliens after a scientific experiment goes very wrong. Hleger's one of my favorite and in my opinion one of the most unique voices in audio right now, every/anyone would be a damn fool to ignore what this guy's doing. Download this record and see where things are going, it's the '10's you guys.

While we're here, I really enjoyed this interview that was on Mount Athos earlier this month, I'd like to share it with you.

In my time away from the site here, I got wind of a project that Mr. Hleger's hip to, there's a track floating 'round the world wide web called "EROTICA LE SEXY ITALY" from someone known as LEXION G8WAY ANIME YATCH. Hleger approves, as does 'the rookie card, back that. Download that track right down below, I'd like to embed it but I can't right now, it's one single track, won't hurt you to add it to your "recently added" on itunes, here you go:

Sean Moore - Love is Music is Love

Sean Moore - Love is Music is Love (2011)

Download free from Bandcamp

Sean Moore of Orlando, Fl. just released this gorgeously interpreted ep consisting of a Beach Boys and a Lennon cover (along with his wife, Ashley) and an original song. Moore's a fantastic musician and handled these compositions with the utmost care and attention, check out the covers below and go get the whole thing to hear what the man can do on his own.

Lockbox - Sixteen Daze

Lockbox - Sixteen Daze (MABA, 2011) [not the artwork]

Download direct

This one's not even officially released yet, from what I've gather it's coming out through MABA Tapes relatively soon. I got this through a personal leak, (so brother Lockbox, if you want me to take it down let me know) It's not out yet but it'll be in your ears soon enough. Nice smooth stuff, nice next step.

Listen to what Lockbox has been up to on his Soundcloud

Teams - Dxys Xff

Teams - Dxys Xff (AMDISCS, 2011)

Download free from Soundcloud, stream/buy from Bandcamp, order the vinyl from AMDISCS

Much like the post before this one, you don't need me to tell you about Teams' new full length Dxys Xff. It's even seen coverage on Rose Quartz and Altered Zones, and much like that PA6 record, it's among the best releases of '11. Get into this one, at this point I'm on it on a daily basis. Here's some of the standouts for me:

Police Academy 6 - Police Academy 6

Police Academy 6 - Police Academy 6 (AMDISCS, 2011)

Stream/digi-buy from Bandcamp, buy the tape/download some tracks from AMDISCS

You don't need me to tell you about this one, it's been all over the place and rightfully so. One of the best records of the year so far and it's not even reeeeaelllllyyyyyy out yet, can't wait to get my hands on the official tape. I streamed and ripped this bad boy onto a blank cassette the day it was officially released and until my car broke down it was serving me well. This thing's full of hits, dig on in, it rules.

here's some of my personal favorites:

Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Curren$y - Jet Life To The Next Life

Trademark da Skydiver, Young Roddy & Curren$y - Jet Life to the next life (JETS INTL, 2011)

Get it for free at Datpiff

Obviously I've been behind a bit here on RCRC, so ooooobvivously some stuff's gonna be a minute or two old, but I mean really, this shit came out a month ago tomorrow, that's hardly "old". As you probably know, the JETS stable's one of my favorite rap crews out there and this mixtape delivers, mostly Trade and Roddy on this, Curren$y's got some nice drops but I feel like he's on there moreso for the namesake. It's killer nonetheless, one of the better rap records put out this year so far.

Here's a newer video of the tour that the three of them are on

Curren$y () Jetlife Tour (a bunch of cameos.)..... #sold out from David Stunts on Vimeo.

WHOA OK SO, as I was watching this video, I spent some time scrollin' along on the Jets Fool blog and realized that I missed out on the Covert Coup mixtape that came out on Wednesday. Haven't even heard it yet, but you already know I have faith, I'm gonna throw the info for that one down below.

Curren$y - Covert Coup (Alchemist, 2011)

Download free of charge on Bandcamp

Stoked to hear this later, download it and do the same.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RCRC 04/19/11

By now it's pretty obvious that this page has taken an unfortunate backseat to some other more pertinent responsibilities. I'll be graduating from college here in like three weeks and a lot's to be done, buuutttttt that's just the beginning of something way bigger and better, RCRC's about to go way next level here in the next few months. My Idea of Fun and the Sewer crew have some business that's about to pick up. I've got tons of stuff coming your way, you'll dig it I'm sure, we're on some future shit. To begin with, next week on the show, The Sunflower Spectacle will be cohosting with me live, they're going to premiere their new record and play live in the studio, expect a digital and tape recording to be released on the page shortly thereafter. Otherwise, I've been holding out on new stuff I've been digging on from Discotays, Sean Moore, Wayne Water, The Vienna Noise Choir, ARC, Datagrams, Shisa, LEXION G8WAY ANIME YATCH, NYKDLN, PAN, and some other cool stuff, I wanna tip you guys off to some good classic shit I've gotten some exclusive looks at too, but that's all coming this summer. Thank you for your patience at the moment, for these few weeks, until summer keep on listening to the show, that's where you'll be able to hear what's up. Thaaaatttt being said, there's a nice long 4+ hour show tonight at 10 pm EST, you can listen online at and grab some free stuff on the facebook page, it's gonna be a good night, it's been a good week. I'll keep filling up that playlist tonight as we get through it, here you go!

The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Pure X - You're in it Now
Sonic Youth - I Know There's an Answer
Lemon Pipers - I Was Not Born to Follow
Lemon Pipers - Love Beads & Meditation

Infa Riot - Kids of the 80's
Infa Riot - Riot Riot
The One and Only Matt Miller - Dreaming Collective(ly) NEW VERSION

The One and Only Matt Miller - Hidden Song Pt 1
The One and Only Matt Miller - Hyp(orcrite) Parade
The One and Only Matt Miller - Graveyard (Shape)shift(er)
Cock Sparrer - Running Riot
1910 Fruitgum Company - Happy Little Teardrops
Boy Party - July
Outer Limits Recordings - I Need My TV

Raw Thrills - So You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Star
Casino Gardens - Soda Cans
Casino Gardens - Finding You in the Plaza
Speculator - Stay Cool
Co La - White Silver Sands
Wayne Water - P
The Woods at Night - Red Side

The Beach Boys - Then I Kissed Her
The Beach Boys - Girl Don't Tell Me
Julian Lynch - Back
Forest Spirits - All You Could
Algernon Cadwallader - I've Got Piano
Patriot - Songs for the Youth

Angelic Upstarts - I'm an Upstart
The Business - Get Out of My House
Abrasive Wheels - Vicious Circle
Panda Bear - Alsatian Darn
Greatest Hits - 10 Little Indians
Mushroom - Standing Alone
Habits - Forgetting Dreams
Lamborghini Crystal - Suicide Hotline

G.O.U.A. - Earth World
axl - Junk From Outer Space
James Ferraro - Leather High School
The Beautiful Daze - City Jungle pt. 1
James Ferraro - Steel Escape
Ducktails - Gem
Ducktails - Summer of Saucers
Rangers - Zombies
Neon Indian - (If I Knew, I'd Tell You)
Neon Indian - 6669 (I Don't Know If You Know)
Andy Kim - So Good Together
The Electric Flag - Green and Gold
of Montreal - My Favorite Boxer
Mary Christ - Mary Christ
Elementary Thought Process - A Tune To Carry On Your Person

Chumbawamba - How To Get Your Band On Television
Robert Johnson - Walkin' Blues
Crass - System
Dream Boat - Lake Eerie
Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK
Hleger - Babboon Grove
Lockbox - ovnuvu's dreamboat
Bobby Vinton - Life Goes On
Ford and Lopatain - End of Life Entertainment Scene
Teams - Whxt Txrns U Xn
The Maine Coons - My Kinda Love
Lung Rip - Tree House
Arcsin(100) - Forgiving Eyes
Coma Cinema - Stoned Alone
mewithoutYou - Dying is Strange and Hard

Television - Guiding Light
John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth
The Beach Boys - Wonderful/Don't Worry Bill
Nat King Cole - Autumn Leaves
Austin Jackson - Love The World

Blastoids - Prism
Giant Crab - The Answer Is No
Flaming Lips and Neon Indian - You Don't Respond
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - 21st Century Boy
Dylan Ettinger - Eugenics
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Bouganvillea's Shallow Lobe
Many Mansions - Marimba
Filardo - Sensitive

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - The Wind Cries Mary
Animal Collective - On A Highway
The Byrds - Spanish Harlem Incident
Indian Summer - Orchard
Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused
McDonald and Giles - Flight of the Ibis

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RCRC 04/12/11

Hello everyone, not much action lately here on the page, like I said last week this month's going to unfortunately see a would-be hiatus for the page, but rest assured there's a lot going on here at the RCRC camp, a lot of cool stuff in the works for this summer SO DON'T LOSE FAITH. Keep checking the facebook page and tonight, starting right exactly now, listen to the radio show at till about 2:30 am EST. Here's a look at your playlist for tonight: (I'll be updating it all night along with the show)

Rangers - Low Cut Fades Side A

Mondo Teeno - Mondo Teeno
Cock Sparrer - Get a Rope
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - Warbirds Over Hickory
Craig Cruiser - Asleep on the Couch
Durlin Lurt - Magic

The Sunflower Spectacle - Like A Child
Blastoids - Show Me Around
Matrix Metals - Flamingo Breeze Part 2
DJ Frane - Visions of U
18+ - Forgiven

Emmett and Mary - Fanatical Hunting Club
Angelic Upstarts - Victory in Poland
The Parasails - skylife 5
Ssaliva - Moonblood
The Byrds - Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe

Teams and Ra Calium - Seven Daze A Weed
Casino Gardens - Casino Gardens
NYKLDN - The Way My Shoes Looked in the Field
Say - Mr. Rock and Roll
Dunian - All Intros
The One and Only Matt Miller - Dreaming Collective(ly)

Pure X - Back Where I Began
Tjutjuna -Songer Dance
The Beach Boys - When a Man Needs a Woman
Quiet Hooves - My Girl
The Samps - WizardsSleeve
Babe E. - Precinctv2
UK Subs - Strangle Hold
Cockney Rejects - I'm Not a Fool
4 Skins - Sorry

Sun Araw - All Night Long
Crass - Crutch of Society
Ben Harper - Burn One Down
1910 Fruitgum Company - Keep Your Thoughts on the Bright Side
Speculator - I Wait All Day
James Ferraro - Roses and Mystery
Washed Out - #5
Shahs - Handreader
The Beatles - I Feel Fine
Higher Fives - Demo 01
The Velvet Underground - The Gift

Music For Your Plants - Tour Peru
Sean Nicholas Savage - Getting To Know Myself
Mates of State - Ha Ha
The Alan Smithee Project - Elvis Rocks Ratto
The Flame - Don't Worry Bill

Call It Arson - Here Comes The Flood
Elementary Thought Process - Crackling Spheres
Andy Kim - Baby I Love You
The Zombies - You Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Home

Technological Epidemic - The Kids on Linden Street
White Rainbow - For Terry
Regina Spektor - Us
Desert Palace/Narrow Berth - pontchartrain
Real Estate - Black Lake
Mark McGuire - Aquaduct
Ducktails - Status Quo
LA Vampires/Matrix Metals - Still Going Down

Sleepy Sun - New Age
The Mountain Goats - You and Your Memory
Nature's Kid - Sometimes a Photograph Can Change Your Whole Life
The Zombies - This Will Be Our Year
Sean Moore - God Only Knows

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - The Incline of Western Civilization

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Idea of Fun Artist Inquiry


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RCRC 04/05/11

Lonnnngggggg show tonight, lots of classics, I'll be all over the place tonight. Keep up on the facebook and listen in at Here's what you're hearing tonight:

Sun Araw - Bump Up

The Flaming Lips and Neon Indian - Alan's Theramin
Cock Sparrer - Out On An Island
Punks On Mars - Glitter On Mars
The Adicts - Numbers
Wayne Water - S

Youth Lagoon - July
Angelic Upstarts - Two Million Voices
4 Skins - One Law For Them
Cockney Rejects - Dead Generation
Anti-Heros - White Riot
Abrasive Wheels - Voice of Youth
Combat 84 - Trouble

Crass - You Can Be Who?
Time Wharp - clstrphilia.
Ugly Ducklings - Just In Case You Wonder
CH-Rom - Pizza Brain
BOY MTN - Smoke Signals
Teams - Whxt Txrns U Xn?
Police Academy 6 ft. Cherub - Crushin'
The Beatles - Yes It Is
Chumbawamba - Education Part 1
Chumbawamba - Education Part 2

Red Alert - SPG
Lockbox/Kamas - Master of Nothing
The Business - Do A Runner
Animal Collective - Slippi
Ducktails - Friends
The Bittersweets - Hurtin' Kind
Mane Mane - Inlaid is Land
Dudes - Something To Say
Battles - Tonto

LAY BAC - Anak
unouomedude - Frequency II
The Beach Boys - Add Some Music To Your Day 
Holiday Shores - Phones Don't Feud 
Gang War - These Boots Are Made For Walking 
Livin' Free - Side A
Filardo - Senstive

Siamese Dream - 1-1
Siamese Dream - 1-2
HAWKS - Sex On Beta
The Chandelier Swing - Many Anythings
Elite Gymnastics - If U Love Me
High Places - On a Hill in a Bed on a Road in a House
Panda Bear - Last Night at the Jetty
The Byrds - Satisfied Mind
Modest Mouse - Convenient Parking
The Max Levine Ensemble - Aren't All Songs Political? Aren't All Songs Vaguely Self-Referential?
Asian Women On The Telephone - High Degree
Rangers - Brook Meadows
Music For Your Plants - Dr. Mudawi
Nature's Kid - Labour of Love
Giles, Giles and Fripp - One In A Million
of Montreal - Penelope

Raw Thrills - La Poupee Qui Fait Non
Raw Thrills - Making Love On A Piano
Brandon Locher - Conversations
NYKDLN - Sideways Room-Sized Television Cowboy
Hex-I-Am - That Dank

The Flame - Lady
Bikini Test Go Ahead - Four Seasons of Summer
Autre Ne Veut - Two Days of Rain
HEALTH - Crimewave
Call It Arson - The Unmanageable Superstate
The Lampshades - My Boyfriend's Band
Noah's Bark - 2
The Neon Boys - That's All I Know (Right Now)

Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Edibles - Struttin
Prince - Computer Blue
Obsidian Pond - Sundog Sinners
The Chocolate Watchband - Are You Gonna Be There
The Pretty Things - Defecting Grey
Matt Miller - Track 3

Dolphins Into The Future - Ke Ala Ke Kua

Monday, April 4, 2011

This page for the next few weeks...

Ok, I don't wanna use the H word, but RCRC's definitely gonna be spotty for the next few weeks. The radio show's still gonna be keeping up every week, 4+ hours every Tuesday night (10pm EST - I'm working on tomorrow's show as I write this as a matter of fact. There'll be at least 5 more shows on WCAL, the last show being in early May, and as of right now it's looking as though the end of April is going to bring us a live in-studio premier of the new Sunflower Spectacle record, including an in studio performance. Speaking of live sets, we might be seeing one toward the end of April from HEX-I-AM, which rules. In any case, keep checking the site, as best I can I'll be updating and as of right now I've got a stack of stuff to stick on here that I've been putting off, we're looking at new music from HOLY PAGE, that terrific new Police Academy 6, some stuff on the rap tip from JETS INTL and I wanna talk about that new major label Wiz, this strut-ass chiller from WayneXLockbox and some other left of center stuff that's been happening around. This summer's gonna be killer, just gotta get through the spring. If you've been listening to the show, thank you and keep it up, the next quarter of this year's gonna see some focus.