Monday, April 4, 2011

This page for the next few weeks...

Ok, I don't wanna use the H word, but RCRC's definitely gonna be spotty for the next few weeks. The radio show's still gonna be keeping up every week, 4+ hours every Tuesday night (10pm EST - I'm working on tomorrow's show as I write this as a matter of fact. There'll be at least 5 more shows on WCAL, the last show being in early May, and as of right now it's looking as though the end of April is going to bring us a live in-studio premier of the new Sunflower Spectacle record, including an in studio performance. Speaking of live sets, we might be seeing one toward the end of April from HEX-I-AM, which rules. In any case, keep checking the site, as best I can I'll be updating and as of right now I've got a stack of stuff to stick on here that I've been putting off, we're looking at new music from HOLY PAGE, that terrific new Police Academy 6, some stuff on the rap tip from JETS INTL and I wanna talk about that new major label Wiz, this strut-ass chiller from WayneXLockbox and some other left of center stuff that's been happening around. This summer's gonna be killer, just gotta get through the spring. If you've been listening to the show, thank you and keep it up, the next quarter of this year's gonna see some focus.

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