Tuesday, September 28, 2010

RCRC 09/29/10

Tune in Wednesday, September 29th at 12 pm EST until 2 pm

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Stream live online at sai.calu.edu/wcal 

Call in requests at 724 938 3000

Here's this week's playlist:

Mountain - Theme From an Imaginary Western
Greatest Hits - Danse Pop
Brandon Locher - Untitled Demo/"geometro"
DannielRaddal - Alone Again
The Sleepy Trees - The Last Born Children
The Byrds - Wasn't Born to Follow
Crass - Smash the Mac
The Snipers - Nothing New
Wavves - Weed Demon
Lung Rip - Treehouse
Animal Collective - Fickle Cycle
Anti-Nowhere League - Let's Break the Law
Harlem - Scare You
Toy Dolls - Alec's Gone
The Adicts - This is Your Life
Bad Brains - Regulator
Gang of Four - Anthrax
The Samps - Peppergood
BABY JAZZ - Michael Jordan
DJ Frane - Thought Seeds
The Electric Flag - Peter's Trip
Wizards - Meadows of Canterbury
High Places - Head Spins
Living Rooms - Light Bright
Dignan Porch - As You Were
Technological Epidemic - A Cluttering Husband
Rangers - Death of Rangers
Jungle Book - Boppy
Jungle Book - Reggae Throat Punch
Sumsun - Ants
The Flame - Another Day Like Heaven

Thanks to everyone who listened, if there's anything you guys would like me to play, let me know on here.

Have a good week

Monday, September 27, 2010

Divergent Thinking

Brandon Locher posted this demo recording "for a forth-coming LP" on My Idea of Fun 101 on Thursday.

Listen to it at My Idea of Fun or below on this very page.
Photo courtesy Olivia Locher

The Sleepy Trees - Young Joseph (2010)
Download for free directly from the band here.
The Sleepy Trees also put out a full length last year on My idea of Fun as well as two web releases on Stray Frankz, all of which are free to download as well.

Uh - Madisonville Beauties (2010)
Uh is from Tennessee, and just released his brand new full length, he released his Laboratory EP last year and has both free of charge on his bandcamp page. Here's two tracks off of Madison Beauties.

<a href="http://uhmusic.bandcamp.com/track/they-are-in-love-fuck-the-war">They Are in Love, Fuck the War by Uh</a>

<a href="http://uhmusic.bandcamp.com/track/oxygen">Oxygen by Uh</a>

Also by way of Tennessee, Jungle Book has two new tracks "Boppy" and "Reggae Throat Punch" that you can listen to on Jungle Book's Myspace page.

Therapissed. - demo reel no. 2 (2010)

Download the full length on bandcamp and listen to demo reel no. 3 below

<a href="http://therapissed.bandcamp.com/album/demo-reel-no-3">demo reel no.3 by Therapissed.</a>

Greatest Hits - Greatest Hits 7'' (2010, Olde English Spelling Bee)

This has obviously been all over the internet since it came out so please go download it from Soundcloud.

Here's the video for Danse Pop that's been everywhere too, I can't help but post it too.

Check out Michael Jordan from Baby Jazz, I snagged this one off of Rose Quartz. But it's definitely worth the repost, listen to it down below
<a href="http://babyjazz.bandcamp.com/track/michael-jordan">Michael Jordan by BABY JAZZ</a>

Here's a minute-long Livin' Free video that was posted on My Idea of Fun 101 this week.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Object Permanance

  Emmett and Mary - S/T

Purchase & listen through My Idea of Fun 

Tuesday was the official release of the long-awaited full length that saw a very limited release back in 2008, since then there's been a host of related content. Check out the following links to catch up.



- All titles by Christopher S. Bell and available through My Idea of Fun.

Expo - She Sells Seashells

Purchase directly from Bandcamp

These guys really dig Pet Sounds. Therapeutic.   

Chevy Woods - Pilot Shit 
(2010, DJ Burn One)

Free download from DatPiff

Wizards - Spinning Flowers 

Free download on Bandcamp

This is Tom Auty from Zen Tapes' first EP.

Sean Moore - Protagonist/Antagonist

Free download on Bandcamp 
Guilty Ghosts - The Everlasting Evening

Guilty Ghosts - Enigma Variations 

Guilty Ghosts - Guilty Ghosts

Download all three releases and purchase the tape and/or cdr from Bandcamp

Ra Calium - Souvenir  
(2010, AMDISCS)

Free download at AMDISCS

Evenings - North Dorm 

Free download on Bandcamp

Here's another video from DUDES, This one is a track called "Why You Rappin' De La Soul"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RCRC 09/15/10

- Tune into wcal.calu.edu today from 12pm until 2pm EST

- Check the RCRC Facebook page for updates during today's show

- Here's the playlist for today (09/15)

10. Julian Lynch - Just Enough
08. Living Rooms - Tongue Side Out
06. Matt Miller - Graveyard (Shape)shift(er)
05. The Doors - Universal Mind (live)
04. The Byrds - What's Happening?!?!
03. Nature's Kid - Labour of Love
02. Durlin Lurt - Peace
01. Ducktails - Mirror Image

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Born To Lose
UK Subs - Stranglehold
4-Skins - Sorry
Angelic Upstarts - I'm an Upstart
Sham 69 - We Got a Fight
Newtown Neurotics - Kick Out the Tories
The Business - Tell Us the Truth

Emmett and Mary - Trilogy: Preview
Emmett and Mary - Trilogy: Feature
Emmett and Mary - Trilogy: Sequel
John Lennon - Child of Nature
John Lennon - Jealous Guy
Julian Lynch - Ears
Houses - Soak It Up
Totem Pole - Counting All the Sheep
BIGCOLOUR - Water Baby
February Fourteenth - The Con
Prince Rama - Storm Worship
Prince Rama - Lightening Fossil
Dunian - Where is the Problem
Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushroom
Fever Tree - Daytripper - We Can Work It Out

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Make sure to listen to RCRC's radio show this Wednesday at 12 noon until 2pm EST. There'll be a live stream at wcal.calu.edu and add the RCRC Facebook page for updates, videos and free stuff during the show. 


Check out this video from San Diego's DUDES, It's called "Why Would I?" It seems like this project is connected to Nature's Kid, whose full length LOOPS I posted a few weeks back. Definitely hoping to hear some more of this.

There was a new post on N E W K I D this week, it's a track called "BEARFEET TWO"

Listen to that track and more at N E W K I D

Living Rooms - House Kid

Download for free at bandcamp

Gucci Mane - Ferrari Music
(2010, DJ Drama)

Free download from DatPiff

It looks like Gucci's next full length will be coming out September 28th, but here's yet another mixtape to hold you over till then.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's starting to be fall


Free download on Bandcamp

There's also a new track up on there called "Magic Man" check it out.

<a href="http://mickeymickeyrourke.bandcamp.com/track/magic-man">MAGIC MAN by MICKEY MICKEY ROURKE</a>

Free download on Bandcamp

That's WHITE RAINBOW's new one-track ep. Just in case you haven't heard any of his stuff before, here's an upload of his 2007 full length PRISM OF ETERNAL NOW. This is one of my absolute favorites, I couldn't resist.

BIGCOLOUR - Centuries of Summer 

Free Download on Bandcamp

Big Sean - Finally Famous 3

Free Download on DatPiff

Pepepiano - Babes

Free Download on Bandcamp

Here's a really cool bandcamp page called Lettuce Park, It seems to be connected with a blog called Static Communion. There are 9 free releases on that page, check them out.

RCRC - 09/08/10

Thanks to everyone for listening this past Wednesday. In case you missed it ROBERTO CLEMENTE ROOKIE CARD is now airing from noon until 2pm on Wednesdays. Thank you for being patient, this blog will be kept much more current when I finally own a new computer within the next month. In addition there is a lot of content in the works and expect some upgrades to the aesthetics of the page. In any case, here's this week's playlist:

10. Teenage Reverb - Chill Kid
09. LAY BAC - Tom Cruisin'
08. Rangers - Woodland Hills
07. Outer Limits Recordings - On The Rocks
06. Emmett and Mary - To Absent Strangers
05. unouomedude - Dream Home
04. Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow
03. The Doors - Not to Touch the Earth
02. The Byrds - Space Odyssey
01. Ducktails - Art Vandelay

Crass - Punk is Dead
Chumbawamba - Unilever
The Adicts - Straighjacket
Conflict - Increase the Pressure
Cro-Mags - Don't Tread on Me
Cockney Rejects - They're Gonna Put Me Away
Dead Kennedys - Well Paid Scientist
The Partisans - Police Story 
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation

Sun Araw - Hustle and Bustle
Sumsun - Ants
The Beatles - Oh! Darling
The Byrds - Get To You
Dylan Ettinger - Crippler Crossface
Girls in the Eighties - Clean Your Room
WALSH - Sweet Dreamz
Technological Epidemic - The Kids On Linden Street
High Places - The Tree With Lights In It
Coma Cinema - Stoned Alone
Quiet Hooves - My Girl
McDonald and Giles - Flight of the Ibis

Add RCRC on facebook, during the show I post downloads and links pertaining to the songs I'm playing on the radio.

Listen on Wednesday 09/15  by streaming live at wcal.calu.edu

Thanks again for listening, let me know how you like the show.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Radio Show 09/01/10

Listen to today's radio show at wcal.calu.edu at 10 am EST

Go to the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook Page to download releases featured in this week's show.

Here was today's lineup.