Monday, June 6, 2011

Video: Shisa - Crossing Bridges in Your Car Looking at the Sky

Blissful new video from Shisa's fantastic new full length (memory) which is available right now from AMDISCS



Name your price on Bandcamp

I always hint around here about SEWER GREATS, well up until now it's been a relatively secret international collective of like-minded musicians, artists and dudes who shoot the shit with one another on the daily. The secret's out today; presented by AMDISCS and Sewage Tapes, SEWER GREATS VOLUME ONE represents the coming out of the outsider newbreed collective known as SEWER GREATS. The work's been put in for a while now and this is what we have to show for it, 25 tracks, each individually and personally created and submitted for this very compilation. Second internet stone free.

Here's the tracklist for the comp, listen on Bandcamp, then download and listen everywhere else.


-Art Vandelay - Hey Man
-Bobbi Dahl - Come, Watch (AA)
-koldskål - gefroside
-balenciaga and the gucci pradas (feat. Mondo Teeno) - Came Back Positive
-Shisa - savethequeen
-Teamm Jordann - Stadium 
-AyGeeTee - 10xOver
-muroidea - Dem Badman Sleep
-I†† - losGÇá
-derrida - Crunkcycle
-JSHIH - this, distant 
-Good Amount - Netscape
-The Electric Nature - Grvvty Pnnts
-PAN - Delaware
-Tjut Dream§ - Jut Nightmare 
-G o S l o w - Colada
-SLOW HEAD - Cut Through the Mist with a Lantern
-Specialist Morgen J - taped for money
-☢☣☢4THA////\/ΔTIO/\////­ - ๏'̡̘̦͈͇͎͈̙̮͉̉ͤͯ͛̃̎,̦̦̟̇́̈́͋̅ͤ̊͜'̡͔̠͂̈́͞'̉◯̡̘̦͈͇͎͈̙̮͉ͤͯ͛̃̎,̦̦̟̇́̈́͋̅ͤ̊͜'̡͔̠͂̈́͞'̉ͤ◯̡̘̦͈͇͎͈̙̮͉ͯ͛̃̎,̦̦̟̇́̈́͋̅ͤ̊͜'̡͔̠͂̈́͞.exe­
-shaman - god is in my body
-Raw Thrills - Stranger Girl
-Rollerblade - Motorcycle Chant
-Hleger - Groups of People
-R Stevie Moore / Ariel Pink - Closing Credits

Star Destroyer - "Plepleopeplia"

Like two weeks ago I shared that BP Gulf track, since then, the project is now currently referred to as Star Destroyer and there's a new track up on Soundcloud. Probably another coming this week, full length in the future???

  Plepleopeplia by Star Destr☢yer

Livin' Free - In God We Thrust

Livin' Free - In God We Thrust (Stray Frankz, 2011)

Download free from Stray Frankz

Recorded along years back, this new Livin' Free release came out of nowhere last week on Stray Frankz, you can grab it for free off there and get their last tape through My Idea of Fun by clicking that first link in this paragraph. Check the opening track in this video I'm about to post.

Booze Candy - "Arrival Departure"

New Booze Candy track on Soundcloud, this one's called "Arrival (Depature)" I like it and want to share it with you, you can download it too.

  Arrival (Departure) by Booze Candy 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shisa - (memory)

Shisa - (memory) (AMDISCS, 2011)

Free download from Bandcamp or Soundcloud

The anticipated sophmore record from Pittsburgh's Shisa finally dropped this past wednesday on AMDISCS. This record is a protracted look into some seriously fried landscapes. Some hits on this and some real zoners too.

  'Sweet Sptmbr' - (memory) - 2011 (AMDD061) by AMDISCS

  'Clouds' - (memory) - 2011 (AMDD061) by AMDISCS 

  'F~F~' - (memory) - 2011 (AMDD061) by AMDISCS

I posted this before with Wayne Water's Vulture, but here again is the video collab between Wayne Water and Shisa, featuring the track "Yesterdaze" off of (memory)

Kent State - Challenger B/W 2814

Kent State - Challenger B/W 2814 (2011)

Download direct or off of Soundcloud

More new stuff from Baltimore's Kent State, this one's a single with two new tracks I'll be posting below. It should also be mentioned that you can now pick up Challenger B/W 2814 and Spahn Ranch together on cassette, it's limited to 30 copies. But for now you can listen to this new one down below.

  Challenger B/W 2814 by Kent State

Uh - Mock Orange

Uh - Mock Orange (2011)

Free download from Bandcamp

I mentioned two weeks ago that there was a new Uh release coming soon, and here it is. I've been pretty excited about this one since I first got the chance to hear it a few weeks ago. Might be my favorite thing of his yet, and havvveee to give props for the Early 2011 Mix plug in there.

Light Form - Light Form

Light Form - Light Form (2011)

Free download from Bandcamp

Found this one the other day on Worthless Waste and it's been stuck on repeat for days now. Don't know much about the project at all, but brother's sure on a damn good stank summer vibe with me. Here's two tracks off of the self-titled ep and a video for the song "Fort Baker".


Came across Dreampact in the upstart Pittsburgh's Progressive Electronic Music Scene facebook group, started up by the man behind Cosmic Ocean and heavily assisted by DJ/MC 2Liter. The purpose of that group is to organize a new electronic music movement in western PA that is based around the next level and experimental sounds, progressive thinking and ideas, as well as the integration of visual art.

In any case, I don't know too much about this Dreampact project, but there's over 30 tracks on his Soundcloud page, all free to download and I'm digging on all of it. I'm gonna throw a few choice tracks down below, here's to figuring a little more out about what this guy's up to.

  The Rain Dance by Dreampact

  Synthetic Flowers by Dreampact

  SunnySideUp by Dreampact

  The LowDown by Dreampact

koldskål - MYMATRICCAMP2011!!

koldskål - MYMATRICCAMP2011!! (2011)

Download free from Bandcamp

I slept on this new one from Denmark's koldskål for about a month now, 36 eccentric dance tracks for the future and he's not slowing down, from what I gather he's already working on a new record entitled The Zany Train. Grab this one so you don't get too far behind and while you're at it, check out these two brand new tracks from his Soundcloud page.

  ÆOM100 by koldskål

  fattydumb by koldskål