Sunday, July 31, 2011


SEWER GREATS, VOLUME II (AMDiscs/Sewage Tapes, 2011)

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The second in what will most assuredly be a long lineage of compilation releases from the international collective known as Sewer Greats. With almost an entirely new cast of characters, II shouts 'summer' at the top of it's lungs, and while it'd take entirely too long and in depth a look at this to explain the sounds contained, I can say it's everything it should be. This is where the Greats are right now, let's see where III takes us.

Until then, enjoy the last of your summer and listen to Volume II down below.

Computer Dreams - Computer Dreams

Computer Dreams - Computer Dreams (2011)

Free direct download

I'm absolutely loving all this new easy listening coming out, you know, all that new stuff coming from projects like Laserdisc Visions, 骨架的 and Midnight Television. The latter of those in fact comes from the same individual as Computer Dreams. Luckily this time around he gives us a good half hour of smooth TV drama segues-turned pop songs.

Here's the whole thing, I'm willing to bet you won't turn it off

  Computer Dreams by Computer Dreams

Dude's also got a terrific no-nonsense downloading blog called Moonlit TV Dinner, go download everything that's on there.

Raw Thrills and His Chain Gang

Raw Thrills - Raw Thrills and His Chain Gang (Gunk TV Records, 2011)

download free direct

Raw Thrills and His Chain Gang, a cassette that was released and shortly thereafter sold out through Sixteen Tambourines was recently revisited and rereleased digitally on Gunk TV Records.

here's two videos for three of the songs off of Chain Gang

also keep your eyes peeled for Top Gun Cruisin', here's a taste of what that's all about

Hleger - Huskan the Heavy I /// Gnar Gnar /// HLEGER + PAN

Hleger - Huskan the Heavy I (Holy Page, 2011)

Download free from Holy Page or direct

Newest and like I say every time, best Hleger yet. Also available from Holy Page.

Not sure if it's bad form to say or not to say something, but huggggeeee props to Hleger for that song just above, not only is it a really badass song but in case you didn't gather; Song for Scott could also read Song for Yours Truly. Really flattered and honored to have my namesake on such a perfect song from one of my favorite artists and friends, word man.

Next up from Cape Town is a collection of source that was released back in June, features some singles, pop hooks and as would be expected heavy experimentation. make sure to pick this one up too, to listen to right after you finish Huskan the Heavy I.

Hleger - Gnar Gnar: Covers, Singles and Sounds (2011)

download direct

LASTLY, last week this split singles collection was released by PAN + HLEGER.


download and listen to the whole thing below


Sky City Cruisers - Suburban Turner Metamom

Sky City Cruisers - Suburban Turner Metamom (2011)

download from bandcamp

Sky City Cruisers is the collaborative project between Lockbox and PLAENS. With Suburban Turner Metamom we see both guys straying away from their standard style and sound to provide 30 minutes of non-stop-commercial-free-music on 107.7 XM

Meanwhile on the PLAENS and Lockbox front, Lockbox recently released another Subdivision Shaman track and PLAENS' Cabin just got the Holy Page treatment. Both're down below.

Video: Teamm Jordann - "Stadium" + SOLID JAMS

Teamm Jordann - "Stadium" from Haunted Internet on Vimeo.

Unstoppable video from the first Teamm Jordann song "Stadium" that we first heard on Sewer Greats Volume I, video by Haunted Internet.

In other news, the Jordann side of Teamm Jordann has a few songs out with LOOPGOAT under the moniker SOLID JAMS, check out those tracks below

  Deep end Jumps - SOLID JAMS by LOOPGOAT
  Sativa Sunglasses - Solid Jams by LOOPGOAT
  Pool'n - Solid Jams by LOOPGOAT
  j's + jumps by LOOPGOAT 

and fiiinnnalllllyyyy, these guys are involved in something new entitled Dior Nights, I have a feeling we'll be talking about that a lot more on here so for now, here's a whole Soundcloud page full of what Dior Nights is right now.

Take Your Love - Cocktail Summer Everyday In The Night Together /// Gutter Parties - S/T

These two are unrelated and I really don't know too much about either, but these two releases from AMDiscs have been two huge soundtracks for this summer, I couldn't help but share.

Take Your Love - Cocktail Summer Everyday in the Night Together (AMDiscs, 2011)

Download for free from Bandcamp or Soundcloud

  Take Your Love - 'Cocktail Summer Everyday In the Night Together' - 2011 (AMDD067) by AMDISCS

Gutter Parties - Gutter Parties (AMDiscs, 2011)

Buy the tape from Wonderbeard Tapes or download from Bandcamp or Soundcloud

  Gutter Parties - 'Gutter Parties' - 2011 (AMDD063) by AMDISCS

AyGeeTee - GTA

AyGeeTee - GTA (skeehn, 2011)

download free from Bandcamp

New one from the end of last month from London's AyGeeTee. While SOUL came out through AMDiscs, this one comes by way of skeehn who also just happened to rerelease Space Face from The Electric Nature. GTA sees more sprawling atmospheres than the loaded funk of SOUL, but follows an appropriate lineage of material if you keep up with AyGeeTee's various Soundcloud pages. Great follow up, great direction.


DUDES - A.V. CLUB (Grizzly Records, 2011)

download free from Bandcamp

A.V. CLUB is a collection of songs that were originally released as videos over the past year or so, by way of a convenient youtube query, you can see all the videos and more here.


Buy and listen on Bandcamp

This one really took me by surprise, I've been talking about it's coming for a while but I was really impressed when I finally got my hands on the final product. This first time I heard "Who's That Lady" I was certain the background was saying "SWAG SWAG SWAG", well it's not, but it certainly would've fit in there just fine. In any case, here's two standout's from the record.

Holy Page Compilation 2011

Holy Page Compilation 2011 (Holy Page, 2011)

Download for free or buy the tape here

So this came out a month ago, quite a testament to how bad I've been at this all summer, well in any case, I'm going to post a photo of the back cover so you can see how stacked it is. For a while now, Holy Page has been consistently giving us quality full lengths, ep's, singles and some of the most unique artwork around right now, this compilation is a congenial collaboration between eclectic yet like minded individuals. Get into it and buy the tape, more new Holy Page stuff to be posted soon, there's since been new records from Hleger, Girlhood, Plaens and just today another new one from arcsin(100).

listen to the whole thing below

Monday, July 25, 2011

On not posting for almost an entire month again

Ok so evidently my posts have been lagging, but I've been sitting on a ton of stuff to share with you. To get down to business, expect RCRC Radio: Sun Cruise at the beginning of August, if you aren't already, follow the RCRC facebook page, there's going to be a lot of stuff on there that I don't put on here. Monthly radio mixes and guest mixes coming this August. Sewer Greats Vol. 2 this August. I'm real behind on things I wanted to share with you, so my apologies to readers and artists alike but the next dozen or so posts might be a little shorter and to the point than usual. This summer is sequeopeplia.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Booze Candy - Peninsula

Booze Candy - Peninsula (2011)

Download free direct

Fired up on this new Booze Candy ep, every day I drive around on this one road chain smoking and admiring how much all the plantlife is thriving in PA this summer and this has been one of my favorite soundtracks for the occasion. The whole thing can be found on the absolutely fantastic GR▲IN MOUNT▲IN tumblr, so get at it.


You know, we all come across a lot of random soundcloud's these days, sometimes they're a hit and others, well, not so much. In the case of ÅÜßRÊÿ, I found one that I really wanted to dig into. Turns out brother just released a record called 20†† annndddd has 3 others under his belt; ♀THE EXPERIMENT♂, Fair Ruler of the Little People and black earth that made me crunk. Listen to the new one down below and then gather the rest from the links provided.

  20†† by ÅÜßRÊÿ

koldskål - the zany train

koldskål - the zany train (2011)

buy and listen on Bandcamp

Another huge new one from Denmark's koldskål, I had shared his previous record MYMATRICCAMP2011!!, and this one picks up right where the last one left off, and much like that Shaman record I posted the other day, we first heard from this on SEWER GREATS VOLUME I. Yet again, as always, the record rules and lasts long enough for your entire br.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kynan - Kool Guyz

Kynan - Kool Guyz (2011)

Download the single for free on Bandcamp

New single from CA's Kynan, these sound fantastic and I can't wait for the upcoming full-length? I'm gonna throw both sides down below.

Video: Filardo - "I Can Love You More"

Filardo - I Can Love You More from Christian Filardo on Vimeo.

Another Christian Filardo-directed video, this time for his brother's project Filardo. "I Can Love You More" is from his fantastic debut full length Enter The Edit Suite, which you can download off of Bandcamp or you can get your hands on the cassette that's available from HOLY PAGE.

Mumble Mumble Mumble - Blank

Mumble Mumble Mumble - Blank (Brlog Records, 2011)

Free download from Brlog Records or buy the CD direct

I got this email the other day from a band called Mumble Mumble Mumble, which I learned from their fucking awesome website is actually the rhythm section of a band called Into My Plastic Bones. Grab the download and then the CD, which is currently in a limited edition of 300 copies, each with it's own personal artwork. Excited to hear more from this crowd.

Video(s): BOY MTN & BRO MTN

Here's a refreshing new video directed by Christian Filardo of HOLY PAGE from BOY MTN's upcoming MABA TAPES release Purgatorio.

annnnddddd here's the first video from the new BOY MTN side project BRO MTN

Shaman - When Before Meets After

Shaman - When Before Meets After (2011)

Download free from Bandcamp

Pop Culture Shaman, who's videos I've posted on here from the likes of Teams, Hleger, BOY MTNNYKDLN and Wayne Water/Shisa. Recently dropped this drugged out carnival of a mixtape. New Breed sewer rap that we first heard from on SEWER GREATS, VOLUME I. Grab it now, you haven't heard anything like this yet. Untouchable artwork by way of Teen Witch.