Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Download the EP off of Bandcamp

SCRT SNDS is the collaborative effort between Shisa and his little brother, Myles.

Video: Good Amount - "New Friend"

Good Amount - New Friend from Christian Filardo on Vimeo.

off of Power available now from Holy Page Records

Thursday, October 6, 2011

YRS- - "A Prelude to Death (Don't Fear The Reaper The Rock Show In The Sky)" [DEMO]

  A Prelude to Death (Don't Fear The Reaper The Rock Show In The Sky) by YRS-

Quarter Pipe - BoomBox

Quarter Pipe - BoomBox (Sunup Recordings, 2011)

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Sunup Recordings is a brand new outlet headed by Marcus Eads of Topographic Maps, and his official announcement of the launch gave us a crystal clear idea of his agenda; "Please no polished material :) distorted demos welcome."

As far as this release? It rules, man.

UPDATE: I received a cryptic xerox fax earlier today that read the following --

Long ago given up for lost, it's been rumored that the tape was dropped (thrown?) from the upper deck of a cruise liner in '91. Others speculated it was smuggled out of the U.S. by Yiannis Hrysomallis' body guard(s) the morning after a high profile birthday party in Gallup, New Mexico. Whatever the case, it's recent reemergence has sent shock-waves through the music community: From TDK executives to Sam Goody. From the dance hall to the public library. From Witch Mountain to Mount Rainier. Who dropped it off? Or does it really matter? The fact is, those thrift store employees had no idea what they were placing on the cassette tape shelf between WOW Volume 3 and Nickelback's 2001 opus, "Silver Side Up". If they did they would have never put a 99 cent sticker on it. They would have burned it, flushed it or run over it in the parking lot. Because during its initial two year firestorm, this tape has broken hearts, horses and boomboxes from B.C. to D.C. The future is far from certain. But I think we can take comfort in this: "A monster cookie pinwheel is when you skate up to a locomotive's cow catch, you 360 punk buster to the second car, do a lemonade hand stand on the third car, a whipping-post ollie to the fourth car, a demon stomper on the fifth car, and a gleaming the cube off the sixth car, before dismounting the train." --McGee

Recorded live at the Atomic Age Lodge
between June and August, 1989

new ball bearings from Sunup Recordings on Vimeo.