Friday, May 27, 2011

The Meets - Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2

The Meets - Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2 (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Purchase from My Idea of Fun or download free from Bandcamp

I first told you about the new record from The Meets back in October when a demo for the first 14 or so minutes was posted on 101. A few months removed we now find ourselves with the (thus far) finished product (another movement is still in the works). As for this however, Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2 is a Book and CD combo, the book is a "21 page book of hand-notated manuscript paper outlining music on provided CD." 13 individuals played a role in creating what you hear, with a variety of physical instruments. I'll throw a selection from the middle down below, 3 of the shortest pieces in the composition.

The Hit and Miss Engines - Works and Days

The Hit and Miss Engines - Works and Days (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Grab the 4 CD Boxset from My Idea of Fun

Works and Days -- Disc 1, Full Length

No Truth -- Disc 2, Extended Play

With or Without You -- Disc 3, Extended Play

Free Download

I Can't Get You Off -- Disc 4, Extended Play

In ever-so-proper fashion, The Hit and Miss Engines release their highly-anticipated debut with a staggeringly damn good looking 4 CD Box Set featuring a new full length, three brand new EP's and 4 personally chosen photos from each member of the band, which, much like in that Tech Ep post, almost all have new releases out in the past two weeks; Mike Miller, Emmy Volkar and Dan Oatman. It's an impressive release, when the My Idea of Fun Store opens up (soon) I'd suggest getting your hands on one before they run out, I mean, they're selling this whole thing for only 10 bucks and it sounds fantastic. What else would you expect, some seriously seasoned songwriters at the height of whats happening right now and in their most endearing form. Terrific.

Technological Epidemic - Hollow Cost

Technological Epidemic - Hollow Cost (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Download free online from My Idea of Fun

The long-awaited full-length from Technological Epidemic is finally here, we first heard talk of it back in November and heard some of the first demos back in January with the Early 2011 Mix, so happy to finally hear the finished product, which I'll tell you sounds absolutely fantastic. The most coherent and cohesive of their work to date. The past two weeks have also seen personal releases from every single member of the band; Jacob Koestler, Dan Oatman, Matt Miller and Chris Bell who released his eleventh self-published novel entitled The Deflated Generation. It's no wonder Hollow Cost is so damn solid and focused.

Dan Oatman - Carl the Eisegete

Dan Oatman - Carl the Eisegete (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Download for free or purchase the Book/CD combo pack from My Idea of Fun

The newest offering from Dan Oatman comes at the tail-end a beautifully hand-bound and personally designed book that according to Oatman is "companion guide to the work of the late Carl Reed who lived and wrote at the Saint Vincentian Monastery at Niagara University." The digital download consists of two tracks 20+ and 30+ minutes respectively and shows us that reliably sultry and at times melancholic Lennon/Harrison veneration that we've come to know and love with his work.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Narrow Berth - Out of Rut, Please

Narrow Berth - Out of Rut, Please (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Download from My Idea of Fun

Brand new Narrow Berth digital-only release. Ian Rummell (aka Narrow Berth) keeps busy with Jacob Koestler in Rubber Necking, provided the guitar on that Jacob and the Jreams tape and just a few weeks ago released Spanish Leather's Dilated Jewel. Busy busy busy, check the tune "Damp Coat" below.

Damp Coat by IanRummell

BP Gulf

BP Gulf (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

download the digital single from My Idea of Fun

BP Gulf is the new collaborative project between NYKDLN and The Sunflower Spectacle's Alan Horvath. More coming very soon.

  BP Gulf by BP Gulf

Jacob and the Jreams - ((;)) "Orijin"

Jacob and the Jreams - ((;)) "Orijin" (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Download both sides or get the tape from My Idea of Fun

((;)) is the collaboration between resident Johnstown jamband-motherfuckers The Beers and Jacob Koestler. 3 tracks, spanning two tape-sides, recorded across two nights; the first at V.O.M.A. and the second at this years Punk Prom. Right before you go download the tape, check to two videos below and see what's up.

Fern - Fern's Inner Growth

Fern - Fern's Inner Growth (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Download for free or grab the CD from My Idea of Fun

Fern's Inner Growth is another years-spanning project that was started in '09 by Jacob Koestler, Laura McAllister and Matt Miller and just finished up in April of '11. The CD is limited to 25 copies, which you'll be able to get from the forthcoming My Idea of Fun Store, until then, grab the download and check out the video for "Logic Toggle" down below.

Red Benches - Where It Was When I Wanted It

Red Benches - Where it Was When I Wanted It (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Download for free or purchase the tape/cd from My Idea of Fun

Red Benches is a project that was started back in '08 by The Hit and Miss Engines' Emmy Volkar. It features 17 tracks spanning the past 4 years and comes in a beautifully hand-made and personally designed package. The record really captures that disconnected and isolated vibe that was talked about last week on 101.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Video(s): Rollerblade - Blowin' W & World Series - Bolter

According to Beer On The Rug's Facebook page, Rollerblade is 'Casino Gardens + World Series' which rules because Casino Gardens just put out that great self-titled tape last month, and just this week World Series released Episodes of El Nino. There's a video from this new project called "BLOWIN' W" that you can watch right down below.

BLOWIN' W from --``--``--``--`` on Vimeo.

This next video is for the song "Bolter" off of World Series' Episodes of El Nino

World Series - Bolter from BEER ON THE RUG on Vimeo.

New Endless Mike and the Beagle Club record on deck???

This was on My Idea of Fun 101 today, the next to last post in a countdown to later today's Judgement Day release extravaganza (14 new releases to be exact) which will all be here on the page over the next few days. I've seen a handful of them and can say that they really look fantastic, I'm really excited and you should be too. In any case, I'll leave you with a repost of the post on from 101, it pretty much explains better than I'd be able to.

20 of 21: St. Paul

After Endless Mike & The Beagle Club released and heavily toured The Husky Tenor, Brandon recorded Mike performing the album in it's entirety by himself. The 2007 recording was released as MIoF#11: Endless Mike Vs. The Beagle Club.

Recorded two days before We Are Still At War, Endless Mike Vs. The Beagle Club Re-Match followed the album release 17 numbers later at MIoF#77.

Update: Round Three! Endless Mike Vs. The Beagle Club - St. Paul is recorded & performed by Mike Miller, outlining a new Beagle Club record.

Download and enjoy quickly before it all ends:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Uh - Music By Nobody: Songs by Magister Ludi

Uh - Music By Nobody: Songs by Magister Ludi (HOLY PAGE, 2011)

Free download from the Holy Page Bandcamp

Old music in a new collection from Tennessee's Uh, who has a great new record on deck that should be coming out here rather soon. I'll save my words for this one and leave it to what Holy Page's Christian Filardo had to say.

Uh is the project of Peter Evans out of Tennessee. The album we have for you features a collection of his works throughout high school. We take a journey through Evan's high school years and experience his virtuoso guitar style and then progress into his noisier atmospheric phase. All in all this collection is eventful and a trip to listen to all the way through.

Asian Women on the Telephone - ICanT

Asian Women on the Telephone - ICanT (RAIG, 2011)

Free download from Bandcamp or buy the CD-R from RAIG

I couldn't have been more excited when I found this in my inbox this morning, one of my favorite noise bands, Russia's Asian Women on the Telephone just came out with this 8-song 77-minute long masterpiece one week ago today. I can already say with confidence that this is their best record yet. The most cohesive, coherent and fucking groovy thing they've made yet. Do yourself the biggest favor, download it now and then hurry up and buy the CD-R which is limited to 100 with handmade cardboard artwork.

The Travelin' Javelin Band

19 of 21: The Travelin' Javelin Band 

Travelin' Javelin' Bands are events where many MIoF members get together to pull names from a hat and write a song in groups of 5 to 7. They usually go until about 3 in the morning, and take a long time to end up on My Idea of Fun, for some reason. This is the long lost first one. It went to Vermont with Brandon for a while, then got back to Matt, then to Jacob. Now to you. Listen for yourself if you were there, and let's do another one soon.

Visit the page and download here.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

JngL BooK - "FACE!"

First track in a minute from TN's JngL BooK, this one leans heavy on the EDM tip, but it's got that fresh and familiar breezy groove the whole time. Dig on and download "FACE!" below. 

  FACE! by JngL BooK

Brother Space - SLVM

Brother Space - SLVM (2011)

Free download at Bandcamp

New project from brother who brought you scores of good tunes under the Markets moniker. This project sees an entirely new direction. There's two songs on this release, no word on whether there'll be more along with it or what, but for now lets enjoy the hell outta these two songs on this bright bright bright brisk night.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

new music from COOLRUNNINGS & WALSH

Two new (demo) tracks out of the Dracula Horse universe. Found these two on the Dracula Horse Soundcloud earlier today.

The first is from COOLRUNNINGS, who put out that fantastic full length Dracula is Only The Beginning back in April.


The next is a new one from WALSH, who's KARAOKE was getting heavy play on the radio show back in the spring.


annnnddddd in case you missed this, there's this painfully appropriate video for the WALSH song "China White"

Video(s): 18+ - Scorpio/Nausea

Two more videos from the mysterious 18+. Really starting to cross the line between shameful Dead or Alive sexuality and downright creepiness. The first clip here "Scorpio" really pushes those boundaries, while the second "Nausea" is more like the first few looks we got from 18+, but's got that feeling when you realize you're minutes away from being more fucked up than everyone else in the room.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PLAENS - Cabin

PLAENS - Cabin (Sweat Lodge Guru, 2011)

Name your price at Bandcamp

Fantastic 40 minute-long trip, tapes coming soon from Sweat Lodge Guru.

Find more on Soundcloud, the most recent being this great collab with Lockbox, listen to that if you haven't already.

  5th Dimension Pizza Surf (feat. Lockbox) by PLAENS 

Video: The Meets - page 5 to page 6

16 of 21: page 5 till page 6

I first mentioned The Meets on here back in october. The book + CD combo pack comes out on Judgement Day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Midnight Television - Midnight Television

Midnight Television - Midnight Television (Beer On The Rug, 2011)

Purchase it from bandcamp

Beer On The Rug has come out of virtually nowhere and already released some of the best music of the year, there's that terrific Casino Gardens tape that I listen to probably every single day and also that Arcade Junkies disc that provided my favorite video this year. NOW, there's the newest installment, a short and sweet self-titled record from a project called Midnight Television, bite-sized dail jams that every one of us could listen to every day. Try out a few down below then go pick it up oooorrrrrr stay tuned for the cassette.

also came across this beaut earlier tonight, another minimalist pre-post-tech video along the lines of that last video courtesy of the Dinosaur Brain record. Check this one out.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hleger - Blood Rice & Live at Le Elbow Prison

Hleger - Blood Rice (2011)

Free direct download from Mount Athos

This one dropped back at the end of April and in my personal opinion, this is the very best Hleger yet. It features new music and old music (talk about old music - one of these tracks was recorded when he was only 3 years old) as well as a few from the early half of last decade. I can't stress to you enough that this is the best record outta Cape Town yet. Click that link up there.

Hleger - Live at Le Elbow Prison (HOLY PAGE, 2011)

Free download direct or through HOLY PAGE

Next up we have the newer and more chilled out Live at Le Elbow Prison which came out initially back on the 10th and then was picked up by HOLY PAGE for release on the 12th. Check out the alternative artwork:

Stoked to see Hleger working with HOLY PAGE, this is his latest and word in the tunnels is he'll be working on some videos next, we'll keep you posted on however that shapes up.

My Idea of Fun plays its part in Judgement Day

Johnstown, Pennsylvania's My Idea of Fun artist collective has been prepping an onslaught of new material and it's all coming out on Saturday, May 21st. Some tracks and records have been released in the past two weeks, I'll be highlighting those in a moment but to make things a bit easier, I'll share with you the official statement via the official Judgement Day Facebook page.

The world is ending!!! Tons of new releases!!!

May 21, 2011 has been declared as Judgement Day, so we're putting it all out before it's too late - over a dozen new releases, including the first albums by Higher Fives and The Hit and Miss Engines, new music from Narrow Berth, Technological Epidemic, and more. These and a handful of small-edition visual releases will all be made available in our new store, which will also go live on May 21.

Our blog ( will also host 21 informative posts leading up to Judgment Day - everything from videos and new recordings to live sets and pictures.

We hope your last two weeks are full of love and good times. Swing by the site on May 21st to check out our new stuff - most of it is available to download for free!

For those who don't know, My Idea of Fun is a group of artists and musicians living in Western Pennsylvania (Well, most of us do). We put out records, books, and the like. Stop by our site if you haven't yet, and keep in touch.

Here's a look at some of what's been shared with those 'informative posts'

5 of 21: Rubber Necking Presents Two New Releases on My Idea of Fun

Functioning outside of the RUBBER NECKING universe--yet closely associated-- we have two new projects. One, a book by RN'r Jacob. Two, a cassette tape with RN'r Ian. Let's a have a look.

Jacob Koestler - Something in the Way, but Barely There (MIF180) [Visual]

"In Something in the Way, but Barely There (MIF180), Jacob Koestler cultivates natural images within a throng of newly unearthed specters. Through his skewed perception, distinct facets appear and fleet like rusty bits of iron one notices while plodding a gravel path."

Spanish Leather - Dilated Jewel (MIF181)

Free download from My Idea of Fun

"Spanish Leather's Dilated Jewel (MIF181) is an observation of rural pageantry, social implications of the Eucharist, and a microscopic assemblage latently constructed by falling slabs."

13 of 21: Narrow Berth

Narrow Berth - "Damp Coat" from the upcoming album Thirst

Damp Coat by IanRummell

8 of 21: Higher Fives Preview 

"Higher Fives are working on a new record called Cystems, which'll be ready just in time for the end of the world. Jacob Koestler shot the above video at the first recording session with Brandon Locher at VOMA in Johnstown, PA. He found the audio on his computer from an even older cassette demo that Matt Miller had him dub."

9 of 21: The State College Sessions

Technological Epidemic - The State College Sessions (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Download for free Direct

"On Friday April 1st, 2011, Technological Epidemic practiced at the apartment above 709 Railroad Street for Penn State University's Annual Arts Crawl, occurring one week later. Despite the advent of modern social conventions and the good intentions of our peers and fellow musicians (well actually, not really), the sixty-dollar check for playing said event has yet to arrive in the mail. It is now with the deepest regard that we, My Idea of Fun, present you with Technological Epidemic: The State College Sessions. (Not to be confused with Emmett and Mary setlist in the binder for State College House Show June 2009, whereby we had every intention of playing "You Don't Know How It Feels" by Tom Petty out of the Trilogy, but never bothered to practice it.)"


1. A Formal Psychosis/Sell and Bait My Defeat (From Party Songs 1972)
2. Gray Days (From Hollow Cost)
3. The Kids on Linden Street (From Promotionally Yours EP)
4. A Sobering Son (From Promotionally Yours EP)
5. In Processing (Hollow Cost B-side)
6. A Cluttering Husband (From Promotionally Yours EP)
7. Red Meds (From Hollow Cost)

6 of 21: Dallas Zimmerman in Mid-Fi

"This is a song by Dallas Zimmerman. It was recorded in Mid-Fi (unlimited tracks on a Boss Loop Pedal) with Matt Miller while he was recording his full-length the same way. It was intended for a split with Laika the Astrohound which hasn't come to fruition yet."

12 of 21: Red Benches

Music vid for "I cut my leg off because I wanted to be a woman" by Red Benches.

"I started Red Benches the last summer I lived in Indiana because I had no friends and was really depressed. All I wanted was to be very honest and open in attempts to try not to hate myself anymore. This was in 2008. Red Benches was and will continue to be the name for the music I make by myself, if I should ever show anybody. It's hard for me to show it. But I want to now, so I'm going to.

Red Benches - "Where It Was When I Wanted It" will be released on May 21 of 2011 along with many great others.

It will contain recordings from:
FALL 2010

There will be 5 copies on tape and 15 on cd and that is all that will be made.

Thank you for your time and efforts. I love you sincerely."

4 of 21: The Hank Williams Review

""The Johnny Cash Revue played at VOMA on the 2nd of April. I was already planning on going to see Marianne Locher kill it as June Carter. A few hours before the show, Laura told me that Marianne put a thing on her Facebook page saying their opening act (The Rugs) wouldn't be playing. I figured I'd never have a better opportunity to play a set full of Hank Williams songs, so I called Marianne and asked if I could play. As it turned out, they only needed about 15 minutes worth of stuff, so I picked three of my favorite Hank songs and went to town. It was a lot of fun. It probably won't ever happen again. Enjoy."

- Mike Miller

01. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
02. Lone Gone Lonesome Blues
03. I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive"

Free Direct download

2 of 21: NNN's Pabst Smear

Naughty Naughty Nurses - Pabst Smear (My Idea of Fun, 2007)

Free download from My Idea of Fun

"In 2007, Brandon went across the state to record one of the coolest, nicest bands we'd met. The band is called Naughty Naughty Nurses and the album is called Pabst Smear. We were really excited about the tracks when B-Man returned, so we immediately gave it a release number and put it on the site with a "coming soon" next to it. Soon after, the band parted ways for a bit, and more releases piled on top, leaving the link dead for three and a half years. In an effort to clean things up before Judgement Day, we've finally put the record up as an online release. It's totally worth the wait. We hope you like it!"

There's a shitton of stuff to check out, and it's not even the 21st yet. I'll keep posting stuff here on the page so noone has an excuse to fall behind. Also anticipate all of the new releases getting writeups right here. I'm stoked for what the next week's about to bring, you should be too.

Finally, if you haven't done this yet...

...change that.

Good Amount - Impulse Try / Waytansea Point - Al Nino

Good Amount - Impulse Try / Waytansea Point - Al Nino (HOLY PAGE, 2011)

Download for free or buy the tape at the HOLY PAGE Bandcamp

I told you a few weeks ago about the new Christian Filardo project Good Amount, well he's already got a full length put together for us and what rules is it's being released as a split cassette with AZ's Waytansea Point. It's a limited edition of 50 with handmade artwork, otherwise you can grab it online but these are moving pretty fast.

I'm gonna throw a song from each side down there for you.

Wayne Water - The Vulture

Wayne Water - The Vulture (2011)

name your price on the Bandcamp page

For months now, I've been sharing the A-Z project of Wayne Water, always hinting that something bigger was going to come of it. Well a few weeks ago he finally made it to the end and here it is. Clocking in at over an hour and twenty minutes, spanning 26 tracks, M. Bedouin aka BOY MTN presents us with the single most emotionally draining release of the year. Some serious downtrodden and introspective pieces in here, flowing perfectly from each song to the next and slowly but surely drawing you into a spiraling fractal of confusion and self-doubt. This is a really reflective and daring record, straight from the fucking sewer.

There's too much in here to share a selection, rather, I'm going to just post the introduction of the record, you'll be able to see what you're getting yourself into. We all feel this way at times.

Earlier this week, Pop Culture Shaman made a split video, yes a split video for the song "F" that segues into the song "Yesterdaze" from fellow Sewer Great Shisa, who's new record Memory is coming out on 05/29 through AMDISCS. Check this out. Next level of course.

Kent State - Spahn Ranch

Kent State - Spahn Ranch (2011)

Download Direct or on Soundcloud

Just got turned on to this one today by Ryan Brisini, who if I understand/remember correctly has been cooking up something with Arc's Troy Bugosh. But in any case, this is a new ep from a dude I know very little about, but was floored when I got to listen to it. 4 tracks, some of that summer in the garage stuff, you know. Well worth the look.

here's two tracks off of Spahn Ranch

  Kent State -  Time Crimes by Paranoidfutures

  Kent State - Crashing Satellites by Paranoidfutures 

White Rainbow - From Now On Let's: The Mixtape

White Rainbow - From Now On Let's: The Mixtape (2011)

Name your price on Bandcamp

Goddamn, do I love me some White Rainbow. Always diggin' what he's doing, with this new 'mixtape' I've got the perfect soundtrack for windows-down cruises through the suburban sprawl. 13 tracks on this one, shit goes on for what seems like hours. Brother's taken that new funk lean to a whole 'nother level. I'm gonna throw a few tracks down below, but do yourself a favor and grab the whole thing, put this one on at the party where people keep putting on Kid Rock and Usher songs.

ARC - II: The Future is Soon

ARC - II: The Future is Soon (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Download for free at their Bandcamp page

I had been sharing the ARCumentary series for a while here on the page, the guys were nice enough to keep us all up to date with their writing and recording process with such grace. Well the record's done and I'm stoked on it, quite a departure from their first offering back in '09. This release will be part of My Idea of Fun's Judgement Day, which I'll be talking in detail about in a post a few above this one. Where will you be when the world ends?

Dig on a select few tracks down below

Friday, May 13, 2011

Chalices of the Past - Yucatan Explorer

Chalices of the Past - Yucatan Explorer (2011)

Purchase from Bandcamp

Don't know much about this one, a fellow Sewer Great turned me on to it earlier in the week and I loved it. That's why I wanna share it with all of you. Try a few songs out down below.

BOY MTN // Christian Church - Usama

BOY MTN // Christian Church - Usama (Holy Page, 2011)

Download free of charge at the Holy Page Bandcamp

Brand new split from BOY MTN (who just released a single through AMDISCS) and Christian Church, one of those behind Alligator Indian and released through the ever eclectic Holy Page. Check out a slice from each of the contributors down below.

Lockbox - Subdivision Shaman

Lockbox - Subdivision Shaman (2011)

Download free from the new Lockbox Bandcamp

Something brand new from Lockbox, we've all become accustomed to a lot of bite-sized future-tasting controller beats, well with Subdivision Shaman we get our first taste of perhaps a new side of Mr. Monstre. This 16 minute track goes a few places but surely keeps it all up inside of that head of yours, put in your time down below.

Two weeks ago I shared with you 16 Daze, which has since seen a proper release through Fograttle. Go grab that, then check his Soundcloud for a few new tracks that've been posted up since we last met.

Nature's Kid - LOOPS 3

Nature's Kid - LOOPS3 (2011)

Download for free on Bandcamp

Newest offering from San Diego's Ryan Solomon aka Nature's Kid, this bite-sized baby's just enough to hold us over till his other project, DUDES finally releases the long-anticipated Narcissists Anonymous. Speaking of, check out this killer DUDES vid that dropped a few weeks ago, features Mr. Solomon duttin' himself up for a night at the brain carnival.

That hiatus is just about done..

So (before and) after my last RCRC radio show, this page was on a sort of hiatus. I've still been keeping up with the facebook page as well as constant connection and collaboration with the SEWER GREATS stable (shittttssss happeninnnn). But I am pleased to say that I'll be back on and up and on with RCRC once more here within this week. I'm gonna have posts up regarding a new Lockbox soundscape, that BOY MTN/Christian Church split on HOLY PAGE, the new ARC ep, the Good Amount full length, Wayne Water's 26-song epic The Vulture is finally finished, Some exclusive Sunflower Spectacle stuff as well as news regarding the new record, My Idea of Fun's explicit involvement with Judgement Day and 2, count 'em 2 new Hleger full lengths. Lot's more where that's all coming from, some news on new comps coming in the coming weeks, a new weekly feature on the site called "RCRC Radio" and that's not everything lined up. This summer rules. This year rules.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

05/03/11 The Final RCRC

Tonite is a bittersweet night. I've been on the air on WCAL 91.9 fm since September of 2006, these five years have included some of the best experiences in my life and it's really hard to see it all come to and end.  But all things must come to an end and you can rest assured that this website and everything that goes along with it is going nowhere, tonite marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It's been my honor to share music with you for the past five years. Because of that, I wanted to end my career on WCAL the only way I know how, I'm currently sharing with you my favorite tracks I've played on the air over the past five years and will for the next 12 hours. I'll be on the air sharing the most genre unspecific show that's ever hit the airwaves, take this all for what it is and realize the passion I have for what I've had the privilege to do for the past five years. As I write this we're about 7 songs into the 193-song night and I'll update this bonanza of a list as this long night wears on. Thank you, thank you so much.

The Final Playlist:

Conflict - Cruise

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - The Yellow Walkie Talkie
The Doors - Peace Frog
Ben Harper - Burn One Down
McDonald and Giles - Suite in C

Blessed By A Broken Heart - Another Day Another War'
The Sunflower Spectacle - Carpe Diem
Mates of State - Along For The Ride
The Business - Guttersnipe
PlayRadioPlay! - Compliment Each Other Like Colors

Scenes and Sirens - When Less Is Just Wrong
Blastoids - Human Bells
Algernon Cadwallader - Serial Killer Status
The Beach Boys - I Know There's An Answer
Anti-Nowhere League - Let's Break The Law

Condemned 84 - Oi! Ain't Dead
Cockney Rejects - Oi! Oi! Oi!
Cock Sparrer - AU
Combat 84 - Rapist
Anathallo - A Great Wind, More Ash
The Chariot - Dialogue With A Question Mark
James Ferraro - Toxic Spill
Outer Limits Recordings - Burnin' Through the Night

Police Academy 6 ft. Top Girls - Fill In The Blanks
Symphony In Peril - Portrait
This Is Me Smiling - A Better Way To Fall In Love
Parts & Labor - Wedding in a Wasteland
ARC - Bearpower
MGMT - The Handshake
Daytime Television - I Hurt So Much
Walsh - Birthday Girl
Bomb The Music Industry - Ready...Set...No!!!
The Morning Light - Books and Letters
Washed Out - Feel It All Around
Darren Deicide - Nothin's Gonna Stop Me
The Zombies - Friends of Mine
Giles, Giles and Fripp - She Is Loaded
A Thorn For Every Heart - A Night To Remember, A Morning To Forget
HEALTH - Crimewave
Panda Bear - Take Pills
arcsin(100) - Forgiving Eyes

Forever The Sickest Kids - Hey Brittany
The Mountain Goats - This Year
Neutral Milk Hotel - King of Carrot Flowers, Pts. 2-3
Modest Mouse - The Fruit That Ate Itself
The Grateful Dead - Uncle John's Band
4 Skins - Sorry
John Butler - The Ocean
The Byrds - Get To You
The Smiths - There is a Light That Never Goes Out
Lansing-Dreiden - A Line You Can Cross
Bloody Sunday - The Curse
Emmett and Mary - Conversations By Appointment

of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
Andy Kim - Baby I Love You
Cold War Kids - Hang Me Out To Dry
Dan Oatman - Three Abbreviations

The Alan Smithee Project - Elvis Rocks Ratto
Elementary Thought Process - Crackling Spheres
Seventh Star - My 96th Thesis
Wrench In The Works - Untitled
The Clash - Remote Control
The Anti-Corn League - Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil

The Woods at Night - Black Side
The Woods at Night - Red Side
Alkaline Trio - Nose Over Tail
The Velvet Underground - Heroin
Cuomo! - Greensburg, Pa
Between The Buried And Me - Prequel To Sequel
Black Sheep Wall - Care By Carcinogenic
A Day In The Life - Control Alt Delete
The Music Machine - Come On In
The Rocket Summer - Never Knew
The Matches - Point Me Toward The Morning
The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Bob Marley - Three Little Birds
Drought - King of the Blind
Slick Shoes - Feeble
Cro-Mags - World Peace
Pink Floyd - Set Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
The Maine - Count 'em One, Two, Three
Norma Jean - Face: Face
Bad Brains - Banned In D.C.
Flash Darlings - Longing For Long Island
Dillinger Four - Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs
LAY BAC - Beach Cassette Jam
Anthrax (UK) - It'll Be Alright On The Night
Chumbawamba - Unilever

Shpongle - Shpongle Spores
HAWKS - The Thrust That Missed
Woods - Echo Lake
Women - Black Rice
NOFX - Don't Call Me White
Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes
Orgone - Bamboo Cannons
Angelic Upstarts - I'm An Upstart
Spoon Boy - My Generation
In Due Time - Bring The Pain
The Damned - Neat Neat Neat
xLOOKING FORWARDx - Heroes of Revolution
Discharge - But After The Gig
Ghost Mice - The Moon Will Rise
FLOOR - Downed Star
Matrix Metals - Flamingo Breeze Part 2
Durlin Lurt - Magic
The Apparati - Pokerface
Crass - Mother Earth
Higher Fives - Motown and Gommorah

Mid-Air Version - Adam's Wife
Rancid - Disorder and Dissarray
Siamese Dream - 2-1
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Burning of the Midnight Lamp
Led Zeppelin - You Shook Me
Plone - Marbles
Indian Jewelry - Powwow
Sinai Beach - Man or Animal?
Be Your Own Pet - We Will Vacation, You Will Be My Parasol
Brandon Locher - Dance Song
Brandon Locher - Bodies, Part One
Copeland - Take Care
Die Rote Kapelle - Suddenly Serpent
Antlers - White Fur
The Buzzcocks - What Do I Get?
Captain Beyond - Myopic Void
The Last Resort - Resort Bootboys
Grippers Nother Onesers - Alien Breeze Transistor
Rangers - Woodland Hills
Grizzly Prospector - Medley
The Shangri-Las - Right Now and Not Later
The Max Levine Ensemble - Aren't All Songs Vaguely Self-Referential
The Lampshades - I'm So Different
Minus The Bear - Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse
Sham 69 - The Cockney Kids Are Innocent
Aa - Manshake
The Pretty Things - She Was Tall, She Was High

Battles - Atlas
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lookin' Out My Back Door
Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan's Dream

Coma Cinema - Stoned Alone
Abrasive Wheels - Banner of Hope
Discovery - Can You Discover?
BAnanas Symphony - To Love Somebody
DJ Frane - Birdwatchers
Elite Gymnastics - If U Love Me
Earth - Rise To Glory
Giant Crab - Directions
The Rainy Daze - Baby I Need Your Loving
Harlem - Be Your Baby
Greatest Hits - Danse Pop

Speculator - I Wait All Day
The Adicts - Joker In The Pack
Explosions in the Sky - First Breath After A Coma
Television - Guiding Light
Real Estate - Suburban Tours
LA Vampires/Matrix Metals - Make Me Over
Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers - I Love You
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Rejoice
The Electric Flag - Peter's Trip
Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant
John Lennon - Jealous Guy
Magic Lantern - Friendship

Sun Araw - Bump Up (High Step)
High Places - The Storm
Lemon Pipers - Everything is You
The Meanest Boys - Strangest Things
Girls in the Eighties - Too Cool For This Crowd
Mane Mane - Get Over In 3D
Sunny Day Real Estate - In Circles

The Chandelier Swing - Of All Things To Say
Mean Lady - Why'd'ya Hafta Be Sucha
Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
mewithoutYou - In A Sweater Poorly Knit
Pepepiano - No Way
Fever Tree - Where Do You Go
Desaparecidos - Manana
Dignan Porch - On A Ride
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
Spitalfield - Tampa Bum Blues
Lung Rip - Treehouse
Pure Ecstasy - Baby
Bedouin Soundclash - 12:59 Lullaby
The Flame - Another Day Like Heaven

The Beatles - I'm So Tired
Regina Spektor - That Time
The Sleepy Trees - The Shameful Outdoors
Many Mansions - Oneness
White Rainbow - Mystic Prism
Obsidian Pond - Sundog Sinners
Sumsun - Smoked Too Much
Neon Indian - Terminally Chill

Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles