Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Amount - "Basic Addition"/HOLY PAGE MEGAPOST

While we haven't heard from Christian Filardo musically for a little while, he's been hard at work with the new HOLY PAGE outlet, which I'll talk about in a little bit. "Basic Addition" sees him making music under the new moniker, Good Amount. It's got that similar vibe as he's got with Vladee Divacc, check it out.

Now I mentioned Filardo's work on HOLY PAGE, boy has he ever been at work. I'd take up pages and pages if I chose to talk about all the awesome content that's been popping up on there. To save you that struggle I wanna throw at you some stuff that's really caught my eye.

First of all, there's the cassette release of Filardo's Enter The Edit Suite, which you can still download free of charge from bandcamp, BUT NOW, you can get the tape too, which features individually prepared artwork and collages from Christian himself, sneak a peak down below and then go to that bandcamp page I've linked you to already and get yourself the tape.

There's the full length Sweat Hard from Michigan's Sweet Sweat,

The fantastic "July" from Idaho's Youth Lagoon

This next one's really awesome, Arizona's Bikelua has this full length out now called Brand New Pants. Along with it, is a .pdf of a story that goes along with the music, I'll share everything you'll need.

Here's a look at the cover of the .pdf and a link to download that as well.

The Wizard of Music

and finally there's this jaw-dropping single from Neptunes out of Phoenix, called "Earthbound"

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