Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

The One and Only Matt Miller - Live Recording 9/15/11

A few weeks ago, The One and Only Matt Miller played this set-long song at VOMA the night before he left for tour with Higher Fives and I took the chance to record it. Listen and download below.

  The One and Only Matt Miller - Recording 0014 2011-09-15 20-19-18 by ROBERTOCLEMENTEROOKIECARD

Saturday, September 24, 2011

RCRC is proud to present: Ailanthus Recordings

So back in August I made an announcement on Facebook that I, on behalf of Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, would begin the next phase of this infinite project that is whatever this all is. A physical record label. Ailanthus Recordings is that next step, idealized as a means to "place the sound of the internet into your hands". Ailanthus Recordings has now launched featuring 10 releases from 9 artists, limited editions of 50 CD-R's, each in individually handmade cardboard slipcases with full color original artwork.

A lot more on deck, but before we get there, check out the first 10 releases from Ailanthus Recordings.

AR001: Good Amount - Browser

AR002: Lockbox - Mothmen

AR003: Lasership Stereo - Soft Season

AR004: Sky City Cruisers - Suburban Turner Metamom

AR005: RADICALEDWARD - d3xt.dru66$

AR006: Topographic Maps - Tropical Disturbances

AR007: ROLLERBLADE - Skeechie Skeechy Bowley Ball

AR008: Lasership Stereo - Meet Local Singles

AR009: Hleger - World War 

AR010: koldskål - i hate reality

So there's a look at the first 10 releases coming your way from Ailanthus Recordings. Keep your eyes peeled, releases from Hleger, Raw Thrills, Daytime Television, AyGeeTee and more on the way. Thank you for your potential support.

Teams - "Mile High"

from the upcoming album B ☯ Y H ☯ ☯ D

also available on #seapunk Volume 1 from Coral Records Internazionale

Good Amount - Power

Good Amount - Power (Holy Page, 2011)

buy the tape or download free from Bandcamp

remember when In A Quiet Way came out and I said it was his best record yet? Well that was until Power came out, easily the most evolved, engaging and transcendent Good Amount release to date, plus there's this sick tape of it.

and here's a video for the song "Stone" off of Power

Good Amount - Stone from Federico Cosci on Vimeo.

DARK SiSTER - "Red Velvet"

Topographic Maps - Spec Miata Start & The Evening Crowd

So I could talk in length about Topographic Maps, his record Tropical Disturbances just dropped on Ailanthus Recordings, which is something I'll be sharing in detail with you guys very very very soon. That being said, there's some other stuff out there right now you should be digging on, and here they are...

Topographic Maps - The Evening Crowd (2011)

Listen and share from Bandcamp

Topographic Maps - spec miata start (2011)

download free from Bandcamp

A variety of videos from Topographic Maps and Marcus Eads

Topographic Maps Bandcamp or Soundcloud

Int. Rates Apply from Topographic Maps on Vimeo.

Golden Daze from Topographic Maps on Vimeo.

Los Cabos Clout from Topographic Maps on Vimeo.

Marcus Eads Bandcamp or Soundcloud

runway etiquette from Marcus Eads on Vimeo.

contentment from Marcus Eads on Vimeo.

Balsam from Marcus Eads on Vimeo.

Video: koldskål - "ptolemy"

koldskål - ptolemy from Angus Davidson on Vimeo.

from Contact dolor sit amet Tveaker

i hate reality coming any day now from Ailanthus Recordings

Monday, September 19, 2011

Computer Dreams - Silk Road

Computer Dreams - Silk Road (2011)

Download free direct or from Soundcloud

This just kinda secretly popped up a few days ago, moooorrreee pleeeeassee.

check out the whole thing below and download it as you go

  Silk Road by Computer Dreams

Monday, September 5, 2011

Video(s): Good Amount - The M Train and Orange Pack

Good Amount - The M Train from Federico Cosci on Vimeo.

Good Amount - Orange Pack from Felisha Ledesma on Vimeo.

both tracks featured on In A Quiet Way, available now through Holy Page

There's a lot of other great Good Amount news, two new records Power and Browser were released in the past two weeks, I'll have proper posts for both up later this week.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Police Academy Dropout - XEROX FAX MACHINE'S SUPERHEROS (2011)

Download free from Bandcamp

+ two new songs, and this shit's straight outta young Israel

RadGravity and OwlWeed

Two new projects from Johnstown's Kevin Horvath, drummer of The Sunflower Spectacle, who's new record No Fields will be dropping any day now.


  Electrical Crest by RadGravity 

  Faces in the Water by RadGravity 


  State of Confusion by OwlWeed

  My Name is Brick by OwlWeed

  Morning in the Field by OwlWeed