Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yellow Finch Morning

Here's this week's mix YELLOW FINCH MORNING. In the coming days downloads with the individual tracks will be posted along with a reupload of RCRC's first mix SUN FAZE BACK. Now that that's all out of the way, please enjoy: YELLOW FINCH MORNING.

1. Durlin Lurt - High - 00:00 Leaving Records
2. Emmett and Mary - The Book of Idols - 00:52 My Idea of Fun
3. Pop Winds - Fools - 04:29 Arbutus
4. Wise Blood - STRT SRNS - 08:49 Bandcamp
5. Curren$y - Example - 10:44 BluRoc
6. Emeralds -  Candy Shoppe - 12:29 Editions Mego
7. Zonotope™ - - 17:06 Bandcamp
8. Magic Lantern - Showstopper - 18:55 Not Not Fun
9. NYKDLN - The Way My Shoes Looked in the Field - 25:26 My Idea of Fun
10. Wiz Khalifa Ft. Chevy Woods & S. Money - In My Hood - 26:46 DatPiff
11. Nature's Kid -  She Doesn't Know Who I Am - 32:17 Bandcamp
12. Elite Gymnastics - If U Love Me - 36:04 Tumblr
13. unouomedude - Dream Home - 39:30 AMDISCS
14. Persona La Ave - BEACH 1 - 42:49 Bandcamp
15. Dead Kennedys - Moon Over Marin - 44:56 Wikipedia

Check this out too, Sumsun recently released a summer mixtape called Super Spacey Sunburnt Summer. It's available all over the web but you can download it right here (courtesy of Hear Hums) and that's the artwork down below.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Juicy Fruit

Curren$y - Pilot Talk 
(2010, BluRoc)

Read about it here, you can listen to some samples and pick it up on Amazon,  but i suppose you can buy it just about anywhere. 

This is Curren$y's third full length, his last release was the Smokee Robinson mixtape back in February. Pilot Talk is honestly better than I even hoped it would be.
 (link courtesy of 2dopeboyz)

This feels like it picks up right where the vibes of Wiz Khalifa's Kush and Orange Juice left off back in April,  and speaking of the Wiz, this came out on Friday:

Wiz Khalifa - Flight 420 Mixtape
(2010, TGILifestyle & Pitpanther01)

Download it at DatPiff 

I'm not sure of how official this is, but it is worth some of your attention for the exclusives. Dat New Khalifa seems to have a wealth of information along with free downloads of all 6 official Wiz Khalifa mixtapes. 

Things That Are Still Here 
This showed up on N E W K I D today, and it's definitely something I'd like to hear a lot more of. N E W K I D is Evan DiFlauro's blog, he's been in a fair amount of bands with releases on Stray Frankz and My Idea of Fun

  NYKDLN - In My Childhood 
(2010, My Idea of Fun)

Free Download at NYKDLN's Bandcamp

" and dail for the latter half of bright morning walks."

Wise Blood -  `​+​`

Free download at Wise Blood's Bandcamp

This has definitely been making it's rounds the past couple days, but that's because it's really good! I guess this came out back in May and it's from Pittsburgh which is also cool. 
Cruise to this. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sydney Carton

L'Amazon Ram Arkestra - A.R.A. 
 (2010, Winged Sun)

Buy the tape at Winged Sun

I don't know much about this at all aside from what that link says, here's the track they offer up on their page, dig it. 


 KLEY - All and Sundry c/w Comptroller

Download it here

I don't have much information on this one, except that it's connected to Narrow Berth, who has two digital releases available at the Narrow Berth blog and also at My Idea of Fun

Narrow Berth also posted a new video this week that you can watch on youtube. This video sounds nothing like what I posted above, so make sure you try them both.

Julian Lynch - Mare 

Listen and buy at Julian Lynch's Bandcamp

This came out almost a month ago and it's really great, if you haven't checked it out, please do.

 McDonald and Giles - McDonald and Giles
(1970, Cotillion)

Try it here

I'm posting this one first of all because listening to Julian Lynch's Mare reminded me of it a lot, second is because McDonald and Giles is actually my favorite album, honestly my favorite. Listen to it, seriously.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sun Foil Blast

Here's this week's mix: SUN FOIL BLAST. Problem solved for the track order issues, too. Please enjoy this one. 

1. Houses/Teen Daze - Destiny The Line of Best Fit
2. Sun Araw (feat. W. Giacchi) - The Stakeout Not Not Fun
3. Panda Bear - Slow Motion Paw Tracks
4. Pure Ecstasy - Voices Ac├ęphale
5. The Books -  A Cold Freezin' Night Temporary Residence
6. The Samps - Thys Mexican Summer
7. Jim Ferraro - Life On Record Olde English Spelling Bee
8. Rangers - Airport Lights Olde English Spelling Bee
9. BIGCOLOUR - Power Stranger Myspace
10. Diamond Man - Bonesaw Artful Dodgings on WMNF
11. High Wolf - Diego Not Not Fun
12. Julian Lynch - In New Jersey Olde English Spelling Bee

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sun Faze Back

Here's the first mix from Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, it's called Sun Faze Back and I've tried a lot to make it so that the song files play in the correct order when you download it. Here's the track list if they don't, keep to it for best results.

1. Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant Live on WFMU (10/24/08)
2. Matt Miller - Graveyard (Shape)shift(er) My Idea of Fun
3. Wavves - Convertible Balloon Fat Possum
4. LAY BAC - Bermuda Caves trembleface/sanddagger
5. Wiz Khalifa - Up Taylor Gang / Rostrum
6. Edibles - Lazers Not Not Fun
7. girls in the eighties - Clean Your Room Youth Experiment
8. Flow Child - The Wind Will Rise Arbutus
9. Emmett and Mary - Conversations by Appointment My Idea of Fun
10. Technological Epidemic - A Cluttering Husband My Idea of Fun 
11. The Snipers - The Parents of God Crass Records
12. Sumsun - Smoked Too Much Sumsun Myspace

Friday, July 16, 2010

ver-eye tired of the time

The One and Only Matt Miller (and Friends) Present(s)The Vienna Noise Choir in Mid-Fi ™ (2010)

Free download at My Idea of Fun

"The slightly anticipated second release from The One and Only Matt Miller." You can download the first one at that link above as well.  
The cd-r comes in an 8x10 photo frame with liner notes and cd inside, look:

Rangers - Death of Rangers (2010)

Free Download at Rangers Myspace

This has been out there for a while, I'm not sure why everyone's sleepin' on it.

girls in the eighties - Faceless Sonic Boom (2010)

girls in the eighties - Weekend Recovery (2010)

girls in the eighties - Clean Your Room (2010)

girls in the eighties - Teenage Infamy (2010)

girls in the eighties -Teenage Royalty (2010)
All 5 albums at Youth Experiment

Dude's put out 5 solid releases already this year, and they're all good.