Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sun Faze Back

Here's the first mix from Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, it's called Sun Faze Back and I've tried a lot to make it so that the song files play in the correct order when you download it. Here's the track list if they don't, keep to it for best results.

1. Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant Live on WFMU (10/24/08)
2. Matt Miller - Graveyard (Shape)shift(er) My Idea of Fun
3. Wavves - Convertible Balloon Fat Possum
4. LAY BAC - Bermuda Caves trembleface/sanddagger
5. Wiz Khalifa - Up Taylor Gang / Rostrum
6. Edibles - Lazers Not Not Fun
7. girls in the eighties - Clean Your Room Youth Experiment
8. Flow Child - The Wind Will Rise Arbutus
9. Emmett and Mary - Conversations by Appointment My Idea of Fun
10. Technological Epidemic - A Cluttering Husband My Idea of Fun 
11. The Snipers - The Parents of God Crass Records
12. Sumsun - Smoked Too Much Sumsun Myspace

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