Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Wellllllll hello you guys, it's been kind of a long time hasn't it? Yeah, like I'm sure you've noticed, the blog here has taken and unwelcome backseat to other projects as well as the "real world" which I will tell you wants to steal your soul, so that you're unable to work toward and reach your dreams and aspirations. Well you know what? that's not happening! Shit's been WILD here at RCRC headquarters.................

Rookie Card CD-R imprint Ailanthus Recordings currently has it's first ten releases available, and will be dropping 4 new records on 01/01/12. Those are coming your way from The Electric Nature, Hleger and Shaman as well as a split coming by way of Sunup Recordings from Quarter Pipe and Politesse. And speaking of Sunup Recordings, AR has been doing some physical distribution for them for Topographic Maps' Moonlander and Lasership Stereo's Lumina. Fuuurrrthermore, expect early 2012 releases from Raw Thrills, Daytime Television koldskål and Discotays.

I've also recently released a transmission from my personal music project NYKDLN, called Scrone Cruise, it was released and is available digitally from Sunup Recordings, has a number on My Idea of Fun, a handful of people will receive a CD-R copy with their purchases from Ailanthus Recordings and I'll have copies at shows. I'll be releasing a new single, entitled Troglodytes aedon, Here I Am And Others within the next two weeks, also on Sunup. Later this month I'll be working on several tracks for a split with Uh and coming in 2012, Field Trip which will be released on CD-R on Stuart Kets' Skate World Tapes.

Now onto what I'm really excited to tell you about! This coming Saturday, December 10th. starting probably around 2 or 3 pm EST (stay tuned to the Facebook Event for the exact time which won't be determined until closer to the date) and going until 10 pm EST, I'll be back on airwaves with WCAL for the first time since May to countdown the top 40 songs of the year and the top 10 albums of the year. After the countdown, I'll be making a very special announcement regarding the future of this website, it's radio show, and everything that goes along with it (it's great news, don't fret). --- The show's going to start with about an hour or more of classic punk rock just like the old days, to give the Southwestern, Pennsylvania inmate population their fix. Toward the end of that, I'm going to play a handful of tracks that unfortunately missed the #40 mark and then we're going to segue into the #10 album and the beginning of the countdown from there. Going on from there, I'll be counting down those 10 albums and 40 songs, and what happens after I'll keep under wraps till the day of the show.

You may be wondering how you can listen to the show, well I'll tell you, there's actually a handful of ways:

- If you're in Southwestern, Pennsylvania, tune in on your radio dial at 91.9 FM
- Listen online to the WCAL live stream
- The show will also be simultaneously streamed on Bummerbit Radio, which is an awesome live-streaming, online radio station.

Throughout the show I'll be updating the RCRC Facebook Page with what's going on on the countdown.

I'm really excited about this Saturday and extremely excited about the future of this website and what 2012 is going to bring. I hope you're excited too, I think you're gonna like it.

FINALLY, and this is maybe the biggest cop-out in the history of the blogosphere, but, I haven't made regular posts on here since early October, it's early December now. A LOT of great stuff has come out in those past two months and yeah this is gonna suck but, ummmm check out some simple links to a good portion of what's been happening, down below, in no particular order:

album: BOY MTN - Freakwaves
album: Hleger - Takes the Case!
song(s): G o S l o w
lots of great releases from: Sunup Recordings
album: AyGeeTee - Is It Safe?
ep: Wild Vibes - Zolpidem Lovesick
album: The Sunflower Spectacle - No Fields
radio performance: Higher Fives
piles and piles of gold from: HOLY PAGE RECORDS
ep: Dreamsvrfer - NEW Cursive
album: OwlWeed - Holes
album: The Electric Nature - Junk
album: Uh - Verily, B-Sides
song: Computer Dreams - 永不醒来

I know for a fact that I missed a lot of stuff i'd like to share with you guys, lots of great records, videos and songs, but this is getting to be a little much, huh? Let's suffice to say that I've been slacking with this page but I think you'll like what's coming next, and won't feel this way ever again. I love and miss you, see you Saturday.


Monday, November 28, 2011


new dreams ltd. initiation tape - part one (2011)


fuji grid tv - prism genesis (2011)


esc 不在 (2011)


Chapter One available on cassette from Beer On The Rug

oldwyoming. - When Debord Met Salinger On The Slowly Lapping Shores Of The Aasee Lake

oldwyoming. - When Debord Met Salinger On The Slowly Lapping Shores Of The Aasee Lake (2011)

download free direct

Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Download the EP off of Bandcamp

SCRT SNDS is the collaborative effort between Shisa and his little brother, Myles.

Video: Good Amount - "New Friend"

Good Amount - New Friend from Christian Filardo on Vimeo.

off of Power available now from Holy Page Records

Thursday, October 6, 2011

YRS- - "A Prelude to Death (Don't Fear The Reaper The Rock Show In The Sky)" [DEMO]

  A Prelude to Death (Don't Fear The Reaper The Rock Show In The Sky) by YRS-

Quarter Pipe - BoomBox

Quarter Pipe - BoomBox (Sunup Recordings, 2011)

download free from Bandcamp

Sunup Recordings is a brand new outlet headed by Marcus Eads of Topographic Maps, and his official announcement of the launch gave us a crystal clear idea of his agenda; "Please no polished material :) distorted demos welcome."

As far as this release? It rules, man.

UPDATE: I received a cryptic xerox fax earlier today that read the following --

Long ago given up for lost, it's been rumored that the tape was dropped (thrown?) from the upper deck of a cruise liner in '91. Others speculated it was smuggled out of the U.S. by Yiannis Hrysomallis' body guard(s) the morning after a high profile birthday party in Gallup, New Mexico. Whatever the case, it's recent reemergence has sent shock-waves through the music community: From TDK executives to Sam Goody. From the dance hall to the public library. From Witch Mountain to Mount Rainier. Who dropped it off? Or does it really matter? The fact is, those thrift store employees had no idea what they were placing on the cassette tape shelf between WOW Volume 3 and Nickelback's 2001 opus, "Silver Side Up". If they did they would have never put a 99 cent sticker on it. They would have burned it, flushed it or run over it in the parking lot. Because during its initial two year firestorm, this tape has broken hearts, horses and boomboxes from B.C. to D.C. The future is far from certain. But I think we can take comfort in this: "A monster cookie pinwheel is when you skate up to a locomotive's cow catch, you 360 punk buster to the second car, do a lemonade hand stand on the third car, a whipping-post ollie to the fourth car, a demon stomper on the fifth car, and a gleaming the cube off the sixth car, before dismounting the train." --McGee

Recorded live at the Atomic Age Lodge
between June and August, 1989

new ball bearings from Sunup Recordings on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

The One and Only Matt Miller - Live Recording 9/15/11

A few weeks ago, The One and Only Matt Miller played this set-long song at VOMA the night before he left for tour with Higher Fives and I took the chance to record it. Listen and download below.

  The One and Only Matt Miller - Recording 0014 2011-09-15 20-19-18 by ROBERTOCLEMENTEROOKIECARD

Saturday, September 24, 2011

RCRC is proud to present: Ailanthus Recordings

So back in August I made an announcement on Facebook that I, on behalf of Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, would begin the next phase of this infinite project that is whatever this all is. A physical record label. Ailanthus Recordings is that next step, idealized as a means to "place the sound of the internet into your hands". Ailanthus Recordings has now launched featuring 10 releases from 9 artists, limited editions of 50 CD-R's, each in individually handmade cardboard slipcases with full color original artwork.

A lot more on deck, but before we get there, check out the first 10 releases from Ailanthus Recordings.

AR001: Good Amount - Browser

AR002: Lockbox - Mothmen

AR003: Lasership Stereo - Soft Season

AR004: Sky City Cruisers - Suburban Turner Metamom

AR005: RADICALEDWARD - d3xt.dru66$

AR006: Topographic Maps - Tropical Disturbances

AR007: ROLLERBLADE - Skeechie Skeechy Bowley Ball

AR008: Lasership Stereo - Meet Local Singles

AR009: Hleger - World War 

AR010: koldskål - i hate reality

So there's a look at the first 10 releases coming your way from Ailanthus Recordings. Keep your eyes peeled, releases from Hleger, Raw Thrills, Daytime Television, AyGeeTee and more on the way. Thank you for your potential support.

Teams - "Mile High"

from the upcoming album B ☯ Y H ☯ ☯ D

also available on #seapunk Volume 1 from Coral Records Internazionale

Good Amount - Power

Good Amount - Power (Holy Page, 2011)

buy the tape or download free from Bandcamp

remember when In A Quiet Way came out and I said it was his best record yet? Well that was until Power came out, easily the most evolved, engaging and transcendent Good Amount release to date, plus there's this sick tape of it.

and here's a video for the song "Stone" off of Power

Good Amount - Stone from Federico Cosci on Vimeo.

DARK SiSTER - "Red Velvet"

Topographic Maps - Spec Miata Start & The Evening Crowd

So I could talk in length about Topographic Maps, his record Tropical Disturbances just dropped on Ailanthus Recordings, which is something I'll be sharing in detail with you guys very very very soon. That being said, there's some other stuff out there right now you should be digging on, and here they are...

Topographic Maps - The Evening Crowd (2011)

Listen and share from Bandcamp

Topographic Maps - spec miata start (2011)

download free from Bandcamp

A variety of videos from Topographic Maps and Marcus Eads

Topographic Maps Bandcamp or Soundcloud

Int. Rates Apply from Topographic Maps on Vimeo.

Golden Daze from Topographic Maps on Vimeo.

Los Cabos Clout from Topographic Maps on Vimeo.

Marcus Eads Bandcamp or Soundcloud

runway etiquette from Marcus Eads on Vimeo.

contentment from Marcus Eads on Vimeo.

Balsam from Marcus Eads on Vimeo.

Video: koldskål - "ptolemy"

koldskål - ptolemy from Angus Davidson on Vimeo.

from Contact dolor sit amet Tveaker

i hate reality coming any day now from Ailanthus Recordings

Monday, September 19, 2011

Computer Dreams - Silk Road

Computer Dreams - Silk Road (2011)

Download free direct or from Soundcloud

This just kinda secretly popped up a few days ago, moooorrreee pleeeeassee.

check out the whole thing below and download it as you go

  Silk Road by Computer Dreams

Monday, September 5, 2011

Video(s): Good Amount - The M Train and Orange Pack

Good Amount - The M Train from Federico Cosci on Vimeo.

Good Amount - Orange Pack from Felisha Ledesma on Vimeo.

both tracks featured on In A Quiet Way, available now through Holy Page

There's a lot of other great Good Amount news, two new records Power and Browser were released in the past two weeks, I'll have proper posts for both up later this week.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Police Academy Dropout - XEROX FAX MACHINE'S SUPERHEROS (2011)

Download free from Bandcamp

+ two new songs, and this shit's straight outta young Israel

RadGravity and OwlWeed

Two new projects from Johnstown's Kevin Horvath, drummer of The Sunflower Spectacle, who's new record No Fields will be dropping any day now.


  Electrical Crest by RadGravity 

  Faces in the Water by RadGravity 


  State of Confusion by OwlWeed

  My Name is Brick by OwlWeed

  Morning in the Field by OwlWeed

Monday, August 29, 2011

Silent Features - Silent Features

Silent Features - Silent Features (deadrezkid records, 2011)

download free from Bandcamp

listen to the entire thing down below

Video: JngL Book - "Heavy Heady"

Breezy B of JngL BooK, who I just posted about a few days ago, has all his songs up for download on Soundcloud, so grab those while you can and check his newest track, posted earlier today, down below.

  Mild Vibrations by Breezy B(JngL BooK)

Video: Hleger - "Spider Spice Theme"

off of Huskan the Heavy I, out now on Holy Page Records. Video courtesy of Popular Culture Shaman.

Hleger's also got a brand new Soundcloud, check it out right here

Good Amount - In A Quiet Way

Good Amount - In A Quiet Way (Holy Page, 2011)

Pay what you want on Bandcamp

Best Good Amount yet, seriously.

Good Amount is also on Soundcloud now, check out this handful of new tracks up'd in the past week.

  Good Amount - Beside by Good Amount

  Good Amount - Circle by Good Amount

Look out for Browser CD-R coming soon by way of Ailanthus Recordings

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teamm Jordann - "I Need a Moment"

Teamm Jordann on Facebook

Uh - I Cut One With My Knife

Uh - I Cut One With My Knife (Holy Page, 2011)

Download free from Bandcamp

Monday, August 22, 2011


Punks on Mars - NITETROTTER Session (2011)

Download all the tracks free from Soundcloud

  Punks On Mars - "Song Two" - NITETROTTER Session by NITETROTTER SURF PARTY

  Punks On Mars -"Song Three" - NITETROTTER Session by NITETROTTER SURF PARTY


and JUST IN CASE you're the only person who missed it, here's Rose Quartz' writeup about Madame Tussaud Overdrive

more at Ratgum Records and Soundcloud

BP Gulf - Toothless /// Brandon Locher - STARMEN (Neo E Roulette Remix)

  Toothless by BP Gulf

  Brandon Locher - STARMEN (Neo E Roulette Remix) by BP Gulf

Video: Kitty Pryde - "Thx Kathryn Obvious"

more coming soon on SEWAGE TAPES



Listen and name your price on Bandcamp

RADICALEDWARD - d3xt.dru66$ (2011)

Download Direct

  oh allison reynolds <3 by RADICALEDWARD

  RadicalSaki [RADICALEDWARD x NegroSaki] PTA Meeting by RADICALEDWARD 

Download [SKYBODEGA]
Download TOKYO.HEAT!

  dolphin in real 3d by RADICALEDWARD


  my family hates me now, so i drink with girls that i do not know personally. (lofi pt. III) by RADICALEDWARD 

GOLF SWINGERS - Bright Kings

GOLF SWINGERS - Bright Kings (LAPS Records, 2011)

Listen and buy on Bandcamp

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2 new ÅÜßRÊÿ songs

Two new songs from ÅÜßRÊÿ this week, and dare I say it's the best stuff yet. The first comes to us as a still video, the next from Soundcloud, both featuring the tag "I W4nT 2 B3 ur Pr0gR@m" so maybe we're getting the first hints at a new record? Listen to both tracks down below, like I said, I think this is his best stuff yet.

  I W4nT 2 B3 ur Pr0gR@m by ÅÜßRÊÿ 

Video: Sumsun - "Windstone"

Sumsun | Windstone from Leaving Records on Vimeo.

Look at this killer new video for the song "Windstone" off of Sumsun's Samo Milagro tape that was released earlier this year by way of Leaving Records.

While you're here, check out this new track "Night After Night" that was posted up on his Soundcloud last week. 

  Night After Night by Sumsun

Technological Epidemic - In Processing/Blowin’ in the Mind 7"

Technological Epidemic - In Processing/Blowin' in the Mind 7" (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

listen on bandcamp and buy from My Idea of Fun

Just in time for their Midwest tour, Technological Epidemic just dropped this 7'' to go along with their phenomenal full length Hollow Cost that was released back in May. New songs or B-sides, I don't really know, but they sure have been killing it live. Check out both sides of the single down below, then click up on that first link to see if they'll be in your town in the next week and a half.

arcsin(100) - Distant Lens

arcsin(100) - Distant Lens (Holy Page/Speaker Snacks, 2011)

download free from Holy Page bandcamp or Speaker Snacks bandcamp and buy the tape from LE HORROR

I've been anxiously anticipating this full length ever since Holy Page released one of the best singles of the year "Forgiving Eyes" back in February. Well now it's here and it's one of the best, most straight forward records I've listened to in a long while. 10 tracks, one dude, kiiiillliinnngggg it, there's not a miss on this, perfect listen the whole way through, get your grubbers on this tape.

Zombelle & Myrhh Ka Ba - Tropicult

Zombelle & Myrrh Ka Ba - Tropicult (Tundra Dubs, 2011)

Purchase from bandcamp

This sexy as fuck EP came out a few weeks ago out of what seemed like nowhere, Tropicult is the sultry result of the collaboration between #seapunks ZOMBELLE and M¥rrĦ Ka Ba, check out their tumblr's here and here respectively. Don't sleep on this.

Video: Teams - "MVP"

Teams - MVP from Ben Tabas on Vimeo.

Brand new video by Pittsburgh's Ben Tabas for the newest Teams single "MVP" that was recently featured on SEWER GREATS, VOLUME II.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Video: Laserdisc Visions - Laserdisc Visions

LASERDISC VISIONS - LASERDISC VISIONS from heather palmer on Vimeo.

Laserdisc Visions

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Higher Fives - Cystems

Higher Fives - Cystems (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Buy the tape from My Idea of Fun or listen and download on Bandcamp

So stoked to finally have my hands on this one. For a while now I've been talking up this record being on deck, well now it's here and it sounds (and looks) great; not to mention they nailed it at the release show a few weeks back. Demo after demo, Cystems seemed to be shaping up to be something fantastic and the finished product was nothing short of that. Killer sound and vibe on this, I suggest picking up the tape asap before there aren't any left.

I just posted this song, and have posted this video about 3000 times but once more for good measure

Sunday, July 31, 2011


SEWER GREATS, VOLUME II (AMDiscs/Sewage Tapes, 2011)

name your own price on Bandcamp

The second in what will most assuredly be a long lineage of compilation releases from the international collective known as Sewer Greats. With almost an entirely new cast of characters, II shouts 'summer' at the top of it's lungs, and while it'd take entirely too long and in depth a look at this to explain the sounds contained, I can say it's everything it should be. This is where the Greats are right now, let's see where III takes us.

Until then, enjoy the last of your summer and listen to Volume II down below.

Computer Dreams - Computer Dreams

Computer Dreams - Computer Dreams (2011)

Free direct download

I'm absolutely loving all this new easy listening coming out, you know, all that new stuff coming from projects like Laserdisc Visions, 骨架的 and Midnight Television. The latter of those in fact comes from the same individual as Computer Dreams. Luckily this time around he gives us a good half hour of smooth TV drama segues-turned pop songs.

Here's the whole thing, I'm willing to bet you won't turn it off

  Computer Dreams by Computer Dreams

Dude's also got a terrific no-nonsense downloading blog called Moonlit TV Dinner, go download everything that's on there.

Raw Thrills and His Chain Gang

Raw Thrills - Raw Thrills and His Chain Gang (Gunk TV Records, 2011)

download free direct

Raw Thrills and His Chain Gang, a cassette that was released and shortly thereafter sold out through Sixteen Tambourines was recently revisited and rereleased digitally on Gunk TV Records.

here's two videos for three of the songs off of Chain Gang

also keep your eyes peeled for Top Gun Cruisin', here's a taste of what that's all about

Hleger - Huskan the Heavy I /// Gnar Gnar /// HLEGER + PAN

Hleger - Huskan the Heavy I (Holy Page, 2011)

Download free from Holy Page or direct

Newest and like I say every time, best Hleger yet. Also available from Holy Page.

Not sure if it's bad form to say or not to say something, but huggggeeee props to Hleger for that song just above, not only is it a really badass song but in case you didn't gather; Song for Scott could also read Song for Yours Truly. Really flattered and honored to have my namesake on such a perfect song from one of my favorite artists and friends, word man.

Next up from Cape Town is a collection of source that was released back in June, features some singles, pop hooks and as would be expected heavy experimentation. make sure to pick this one up too, to listen to right after you finish Huskan the Heavy I.

Hleger - Gnar Gnar: Covers, Singles and Sounds (2011)

download direct

LASTLY, last week this split singles collection was released by PAN + HLEGER.


download and listen to the whole thing below


Sky City Cruisers - Suburban Turner Metamom

Sky City Cruisers - Suburban Turner Metamom (2011)

download from bandcamp

Sky City Cruisers is the collaborative project between Lockbox and PLAENS. With Suburban Turner Metamom we see both guys straying away from their standard style and sound to provide 30 minutes of non-stop-commercial-free-music on 107.7 XM

Meanwhile on the PLAENS and Lockbox front, Lockbox recently released another Subdivision Shaman track and PLAENS' Cabin just got the Holy Page treatment. Both're down below.

Video: Teamm Jordann - "Stadium" + SOLID JAMS

Teamm Jordann - "Stadium" from Haunted Internet on Vimeo.

Unstoppable video from the first Teamm Jordann song "Stadium" that we first heard on Sewer Greats Volume I, video by Haunted Internet.

In other news, the Jordann side of Teamm Jordann has a few songs out with LOOPGOAT under the moniker SOLID JAMS, check out those tracks below

  Deep end Jumps - SOLID JAMS by LOOPGOAT
  Sativa Sunglasses - Solid Jams by LOOPGOAT
  Pool'n - Solid Jams by LOOPGOAT
  j's + jumps by LOOPGOAT 

and fiiinnnalllllyyyy, these guys are involved in something new entitled Dior Nights, I have a feeling we'll be talking about that a lot more on here so for now, here's a whole Soundcloud page full of what Dior Nights is right now.