Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Wellllllll hello you guys, it's been kind of a long time hasn't it? Yeah, like I'm sure you've noticed, the blog here has taken and unwelcome backseat to other projects as well as the "real world" which I will tell you wants to steal your soul, so that you're unable to work toward and reach your dreams and aspirations. Well you know what? that's not happening! Shit's been WILD here at RCRC headquarters.................

Rookie Card CD-R imprint Ailanthus Recordings currently has it's first ten releases available, and will be dropping 4 new records on 01/01/12. Those are coming your way from The Electric Nature, Hleger and Shaman as well as a split coming by way of Sunup Recordings from Quarter Pipe and Politesse. And speaking of Sunup Recordings, AR has been doing some physical distribution for them for Topographic Maps' Moonlander and Lasership Stereo's Lumina. Fuuurrrthermore, expect early 2012 releases from Raw Thrills, Daytime Television koldskål and Discotays.

I've also recently released a transmission from my personal music project NYKDLN, called Scrone Cruise, it was released and is available digitally from Sunup Recordings, has a number on My Idea of Fun, a handful of people will receive a CD-R copy with their purchases from Ailanthus Recordings and I'll have copies at shows. I'll be releasing a new single, entitled Troglodytes aedon, Here I Am And Others within the next two weeks, also on Sunup. Later this month I'll be working on several tracks for a split with Uh and coming in 2012, Field Trip which will be released on CD-R on Stuart Kets' Skate World Tapes.

Now onto what I'm really excited to tell you about! This coming Saturday, December 10th. starting probably around 2 or 3 pm EST (stay tuned to the Facebook Event for the exact time which won't be determined until closer to the date) and going until 10 pm EST, I'll be back on airwaves with WCAL for the first time since May to countdown the top 40 songs of the year and the top 10 albums of the year. After the countdown, I'll be making a very special announcement regarding the future of this website, it's radio show, and everything that goes along with it (it's great news, don't fret). --- The show's going to start with about an hour or more of classic punk rock just like the old days, to give the Southwestern, Pennsylvania inmate population their fix. Toward the end of that, I'm going to play a handful of tracks that unfortunately missed the #40 mark and then we're going to segue into the #10 album and the beginning of the countdown from there. Going on from there, I'll be counting down those 10 albums and 40 songs, and what happens after I'll keep under wraps till the day of the show.

You may be wondering how you can listen to the show, well I'll tell you, there's actually a handful of ways:

- If you're in Southwestern, Pennsylvania, tune in on your radio dial at 91.9 FM
- Listen online to the WCAL live stream
- The show will also be simultaneously streamed on Bummerbit Radio, which is an awesome live-streaming, online radio station.

Throughout the show I'll be updating the RCRC Facebook Page with what's going on on the countdown.

I'm really excited about this Saturday and extremely excited about the future of this website and what 2012 is going to bring. I hope you're excited too, I think you're gonna like it.

FINALLY, and this is maybe the biggest cop-out in the history of the blogosphere, but, I haven't made regular posts on here since early October, it's early December now. A LOT of great stuff has come out in those past two months and yeah this is gonna suck but, ummmm check out some simple links to a good portion of what's been happening, down below, in no particular order:

album: BOY MTN - Freakwaves
album: Hleger - Takes the Case!
song(s): G o S l o w
lots of great releases from: Sunup Recordings
album: AyGeeTee - Is It Safe?
ep: Wild Vibes - Zolpidem Lovesick
album: The Sunflower Spectacle - No Fields
radio performance: Higher Fives
piles and piles of gold from: HOLY PAGE RECORDS
ep: Dreamsvrfer - NEW Cursive
album: OwlWeed - Holes
album: The Electric Nature - Junk
album: Uh - Verily, B-Sides
song: Computer Dreams - 永不醒来

I know for a fact that I missed a lot of stuff i'd like to share with you guys, lots of great records, videos and songs, but this is getting to be a little much, huh? Let's suffice to say that I've been slacking with this page but I think you'll like what's coming next, and won't feel this way ever again. I love and miss you, see you Saturday.