Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's been a huge year for PSEUOBRUITISMUS AFRICAMUS, at least 7 proper albums, seeing releases on AMDISCS, Sunup Recordings, Anthropophagic Tapes, Placenta Recordings and Ailanthus Recordings. As well as countless long form mind expanding star shine gold jams on his Bandcamp and various Soundcloud accounts. Today we look at his two most recent offerings, a tape on Spain's Musagre Tapes and a digital anthology with a brand new song.

AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS - Old Fool Child +plus ANTOLOGiCUS (2007-2011)

Free download from Bandcamp

Here's one of those star shine gold jams:

and a look at AFRIKA before there were iPhones.

AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS - ¿Sueñan los new agers con gatos electrónicos?

Tape available and stream from Musagre's Bandcamp

Video: Internet Club + Daytime Television - Bandwith™/ first listen of upcoming ECCO UNLIMITED tape

In other INTERNET CLUB related news, he's got a new tape as ECCO UNLIMITED called Liquid Nitrogen coming out soon on Exo Tapes (Mediafired's label?) here's an enthralling look at a good portion of the tape: