Wednesday, January 26, 2011

RCRC 01/25/11

Hello everyone, I hope your week is proving to be as exciting as mine. Really stoked on this week's show, the thing's going on for like 5 hours tonite and we're knee-deep as I write this.

First I wanna tell you to tune in if you're on the web, and if you happen to be in southwestern/western Pennsylvania, I'm on your dial right now at 91.9 FM.

Check out the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook page, I've been posting a lot of available-for-free records as always on there.

and if you haven't yet, download the Early 2011 Mix that I posted earlier this week.

aside from all of that, here's the show for tonight.

Flower Orgy - 22nd Century

Family Portrait - Mega Secrets
The Sleepy Trees - John v. Ukulele
Cockney Rejects - Police Car
The Meanest Boys - Strangest Things
The Babies - Meet Me in the City
Fugazi - Combination Lock
Federal Duck - While You're Away
Rangers - Out Past Curfew

Magic Lantern - Cypress
LA Vampires ft. Matrix Metals - Don't Dance Alone
Jungle Book - Mario's Mansion
Gala Drop - Drop
Chumbawamba - Dutiful Servants and Political Masters
Impossible Nothing - Squid Ink

Matrix Metals - Beat 1
The One and Only Matt Miller - Paradise Hotel Lobby Lost and Found
Lockbox - Solve The Mystery Domobi
Nature's Kid - Fucked in the Head
Vladee Divacc - Get Open
The Naked Uh - No Matter What I Say
Higher Fives - Motown and Gomorrah
Narrow Berth - It Was A Gift
Sumsun - Summersun
The Hit and Miss Engines - American Child
Technological Epidemic - Black Lung
Emmett and Mary - January and June
Hear Hums - Toward Above
Sean Moore - Gravitational Push
Uh - Sketch #9
The Sunflower Spectacle - East 22 West 22
Blastoids - Big Idea
Black Zone Myth Chant - Sleeping With TV On
HEX-I-AM - Telescopes

The Adicts - England
Happy Family - Youtube
Plastic Flowers - Japanese Vegetables
Bad Brains - The Regulator
Asian Women On The Telephone - Feelings Round Dance
Dead Kennedys - Ill in the Head

Say - Flying Down the Highway
The Head Shop - The Head Shop
Habits - :)
High Places - Shared Islands
Dolphins Into The Future - Observations Through The Halocline of the Worlds Part V

Bob Dylan - He Was a Friend of Mine
Mid-Air Version - Adam's Wife
Conflict - The Arrest
Outer Limits Recordings - Julie
The Shangri-Las - Maybe
Obsidian Pond - Sundog Sinners
Les Baxter - Stone God
Lone - Arcade

The Beatles - Rain
Dan Oatman - Lemonade
Indian Summer - Reflections on Milkweed
Sun Araw - Leaves Like These
Branches - Vestido Vermelho
Many Mansions - Oneness
Plone - Be Rude To Your School
CH-Rom - Cubeskaters/Waitout
Sloppy Tender - Freshly Shaved Head
Call It Arson - Places

Julian Lynch - In New Jersey
Redwave - $$$
Grimes - Rosa
Anti-Pasti - Two Years Too Late
Morgen - Welcome to the Void

++ extra songs for you tonight -----
The Sweethearts - Burnin Through The Night
The Alan Smithee Project - Model T Party
Marvin Gaye - You Sure Love To Ball
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - The Call is Coming From Inside the House
Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Ducktails - Pizza Time
The One and Only Matt Miller - Graveyard (Shape)shift(er)
Brandon Locher - STARMEN
Outer Limits Recordings - I'm an Alien
Giant Crab - Watch Your Step
The One and Only Matt Miller - The Errer of My Ways
The Beach Boys - In My Room

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blastoids - SINCE FOREVER and Figure/Ground OST

Blastoids - Since Forever (2011, Owlhead Collective, AMDISCS)

Buy from AMDISCS or Bandcamp

and here's a new video for the song "Show Me Around" from Since Forever

Blastoids - Show Me Around from Owlhead Collective on Vimeo.

Blastoids also just released a soundtrack to Figure/Ground: a short film by Daniel Henry

Blastoids - Figure/Ground OST (2011, Owlhead Collective)

Buy from Bandcamp


The Sleepy Trees - Bandcamp Ep

The Sleepy Trees - Bandcamp Ep (2011)

The Sleepy Trees just made a Bandcamp page and put together a few new songs for you to hear, listen to all three below then check out the page and download 2010's Young Joseph, too.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RCRC 01/18/11

Tonight/right now is the very first Roberto Clemente Rookie Card of 2011 and the first at it's new and appropriate time of 10:00 PM EST every single Tuesday from now on. 

You can stream the show live at or if you're in the area, tune in properly at 91.9 FM.

Check out the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook page throughout the show for links 'n clips.

I'm so glad this show is on in the middle of the night again, here're the songs you're listening to:

DJ Frane - The Day The Listeners Came
Lockbox - Cruise Ship In Geometry Land
Dream - Ain't No Use

Mean Lady - Why'd'ya Hafta Be Sucha
John Cooper Clarke - I Don't Wanna Be Nice
Hips Like Cinderella - It's What Ev
Speculator - No Future

Hear Hums - Ay
SumguH - eristic band
Raw Thrills - Making Love On A Piano
Meth Dad - The One

Sumsun - Stay FRESH Young
Pink Floyd - Stoned Alone
The Business - Suburban Rebels
girls in the eighties - Young Heart Attack
NAVE - Rexdeath D.I.P.
Crass - How Does It Feel

Narrow Berth - It Was A Gift
LA Vampires - Cassingle 02
The Neon Boys - Time
Yohuna - Mateo
Troppical Paradise - Sunshine Daze

The Adicts - Bad Boy
James Ferraro - Buffy Honkerburg's Answering Machine
Music For Your Plants - Air Koryo
Teams - Airworks
tree hopping - hullahoop
Be Your Own Pet - Adventure

The One and Only Matt Miller - Dreaming Collective(ly)
Cock Sparrer - Taken For A Ride
Mushroom - Crying
Modest Mouse - Karma's Payment
Bikini Test Go Ahead - Four Seasons of Summer

The Damned - New Rose
The Byrds - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
Impossible Nothing - Done Her Wrong
Robert Johnson - If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
Pipsqueak! - My Love Is Like A Horse Untamed
The Beatles - There's A Place
The Mountain Goats - Going To Tennessee
Sun Araw - Thrasher
Angelic Upstarts - Never 'ad Nothin'
Prince - The Beautiful Ones
Temple Songs - I'll Be Fine

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - It's Not Enough
Bob Dylan - All Over You
The Hit And Miss Engines - Demo 01

The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Pinkshinyultrablast - Honeybee
Abner Jay - I'm So Depressed
Coma Cinema - Stoned Alone
The Buzzcocks - What Do I Get ?
hex-i-am - big day
Anthrax (UK) - It'll Be Alright On The Night
Anti-Nowhere League - Let's Break The Law

Higher Fives - Untitled Demo 07
Outer Limits Recordings - I Need My TV
Technological Epidemic - A Sobering Son
The Beach Boys - Let Him Run Wild
Beggars in a New Land - Teenager With Energy
Ducktails - Sandglider
Painted Palms - All of Us
Shpongle - Electroplasm

Thursday, January 20th at V.O.M-A.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Black Zone Myth Chant - Straight Cassette

Black Zone Myth Chant - Straight Cassette (2011, Winged Sun)

Name your price on Bandcamp and buy the cassette from Winged Sun

Some new stuff from the Winged Sun family (who happens to have recently created a rather useful Bandcamp page) This is another one you can expect to hear from on that new RCRC mix coming up that I've been mentioning. Hear some tracks from Straight Cassette  below.

While our minds are on Winged Sun, I should also mention that Kunlun - II just came out too, here look:

Kunlun - II (2011, Winged Sun)

You can name your price at Bandcamp or buy the cassette from Winged Sun

There's also a deal where you can get Kunlun I + II on cd-r, you can look into that one at Winged Sun too.

Here's the first side of II:

Nature's Kid - LOOPS2

Nature's Kid - LOOPS2 (2011)

Free download from Bandcamp

San Diego's Nature's Kid, put out LOOPS last year, and has been working tirelessly on the upcoming DUDES full length, but still worked in the time to step up the project with these five new tracks. Definitely moving along the sound and taking the stone up a few levels, expect one of these tracks on the RCRC 2011 Mix that I'll be throwing your way in a few days. Listen to some of LOOPS2 below.

Download last year's LOOPS if you haven't yet, too.

Pipsqueak! - Official Debut

Pipsqueak! - Official Debut (2010, Burger Records)

Mediafire download courtesy of Ongakubaka and buy the cassette from Burger Records

I normally don't like to deliberately repost stuff, but I definitely got this one from Ongakubaka a few days ago, I'm listening to it right now, and it's exactly what I want to be listening to on a night/week/month like this. Don't know anything about this one except it came out last summer, it's new to me tonight and it kills. Get up there and download it, listen to it.

Narrow Berth - Rock `n` Roll're Sleepin'

Narrow Berth - Rock `n` Roll're Sleepin' (2011, My Idea of Fun)

Download for free from My Idea of Fun

Turn off the background noise and get scuzzed =====

Here's a song that was posted on My Idea of Fun 101 yesterday afternoon, too.

  Regret by IanRummell

hex-i-am - new year

hex-i-am - new year (2011)

download for free from bandcamp 

Another new one from hex-i-am, these guys keep up.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Curren$y - Return To The Winner's Circle

Curren$y - Return To The Winner's Circle (JETS, 2011)

Download for free from Datpiff

Curren$y, true to form, starts the new year by sharing this brand new mixtape: Return to the Winner's Circle. Word around the web has it there's a new record called Muscle Car Chronicles coming out on the 11th, good start to the year, yeah.

Check out some tracks below:

Curren$y - Role Model

Curren$y - Paydays

Curren$y - Record Deals