Monday, August 29, 2011

Silent Features - Silent Features

Silent Features - Silent Features (deadrezkid records, 2011)

download free from Bandcamp

listen to the entire thing down below

Video: JngL Book - "Heavy Heady"

Breezy B of JngL BooK, who I just posted about a few days ago, has all his songs up for download on Soundcloud, so grab those while you can and check his newest track, posted earlier today, down below.

  Mild Vibrations by Breezy B(JngL BooK)

Video: Hleger - "Spider Spice Theme"

off of Huskan the Heavy I, out now on Holy Page Records. Video courtesy of Popular Culture Shaman.

Hleger's also got a brand new Soundcloud, check it out right here

Good Amount - In A Quiet Way

Good Amount - In A Quiet Way (Holy Page, 2011)

Pay what you want on Bandcamp

Best Good Amount yet, seriously.

Good Amount is also on Soundcloud now, check out this handful of new tracks up'd in the past week.

  Good Amount - Beside by Good Amount

  Good Amount - Circle by Good Amount

Look out for Browser CD-R coming soon by way of Ailanthus Recordings

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teamm Jordann - "I Need a Moment"

Teamm Jordann on Facebook

Uh - I Cut One With My Knife

Uh - I Cut One With My Knife (Holy Page, 2011)

Download free from Bandcamp

Monday, August 22, 2011


Punks on Mars - NITETROTTER Session (2011)

Download all the tracks free from Soundcloud

  Punks On Mars - "Song Two" - NITETROTTER Session by NITETROTTER SURF PARTY

  Punks On Mars -"Song Three" - NITETROTTER Session by NITETROTTER SURF PARTY


and JUST IN CASE you're the only person who missed it, here's Rose Quartz' writeup about Madame Tussaud Overdrive

more at Ratgum Records and Soundcloud

BP Gulf - Toothless /// Brandon Locher - STARMEN (Neo E Roulette Remix)

  Toothless by BP Gulf

  Brandon Locher - STARMEN (Neo E Roulette Remix) by BP Gulf

Video: Kitty Pryde - "Thx Kathryn Obvious"

more coming soon on SEWAGE TAPES



Listen and name your price on Bandcamp

RADICALEDWARD - d3xt.dru66$ (2011)

Download Direct

  oh allison reynolds <3 by RADICALEDWARD

  RadicalSaki [RADICALEDWARD x NegroSaki] PTA Meeting by RADICALEDWARD 

Download [SKYBODEGA]
Download TOKYO.HEAT!

  dolphin in real 3d by RADICALEDWARD


  my family hates me now, so i drink with girls that i do not know personally. (lofi pt. III) by RADICALEDWARD 

GOLF SWINGERS - Bright Kings

GOLF SWINGERS - Bright Kings (LAPS Records, 2011)

Listen and buy on Bandcamp

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2 new ÅÜßRÊÿ songs

Two new songs from ÅÜßRÊÿ this week, and dare I say it's the best stuff yet. The first comes to us as a still video, the next from Soundcloud, both featuring the tag "I W4nT 2 B3 ur Pr0gR@m" so maybe we're getting the first hints at a new record? Listen to both tracks down below, like I said, I think this is his best stuff yet.

  I W4nT 2 B3 ur Pr0gR@m by ÅÜßRÊÿ 

Video: Sumsun - "Windstone"

Sumsun | Windstone from Leaving Records on Vimeo.

Look at this killer new video for the song "Windstone" off of Sumsun's Samo Milagro tape that was released earlier this year by way of Leaving Records.

While you're here, check out this new track "Night After Night" that was posted up on his Soundcloud last week. 

  Night After Night by Sumsun

Technological Epidemic - In Processing/Blowin’ in the Mind 7"

Technological Epidemic - In Processing/Blowin' in the Mind 7" (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

listen on bandcamp and buy from My Idea of Fun

Just in time for their Midwest tour, Technological Epidemic just dropped this 7'' to go along with their phenomenal full length Hollow Cost that was released back in May. New songs or B-sides, I don't really know, but they sure have been killing it live. Check out both sides of the single down below, then click up on that first link to see if they'll be in your town in the next week and a half.

arcsin(100) - Distant Lens

arcsin(100) - Distant Lens (Holy Page/Speaker Snacks, 2011)

download free from Holy Page bandcamp or Speaker Snacks bandcamp and buy the tape from LE HORROR

I've been anxiously anticipating this full length ever since Holy Page released one of the best singles of the year "Forgiving Eyes" back in February. Well now it's here and it's one of the best, most straight forward records I've listened to in a long while. 10 tracks, one dude, kiiiillliinnngggg it, there's not a miss on this, perfect listen the whole way through, get your grubbers on this tape.

Zombelle & Myrhh Ka Ba - Tropicult

Zombelle & Myrrh Ka Ba - Tropicult (Tundra Dubs, 2011)

Purchase from bandcamp

This sexy as fuck EP came out a few weeks ago out of what seemed like nowhere, Tropicult is the sultry result of the collaboration between #seapunks ZOMBELLE and M¥rrĦ Ka Ba, check out their tumblr's here and here respectively. Don't sleep on this.

Video: Teams - "MVP"

Teams - MVP from Ben Tabas on Vimeo.

Brand new video by Pittsburgh's Ben Tabas for the newest Teams single "MVP" that was recently featured on SEWER GREATS, VOLUME II.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Video: Laserdisc Visions - Laserdisc Visions

LASERDISC VISIONS - LASERDISC VISIONS from heather palmer on Vimeo.

Laserdisc Visions

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Higher Fives - Cystems

Higher Fives - Cystems (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Buy the tape from My Idea of Fun or listen and download on Bandcamp

So stoked to finally have my hands on this one. For a while now I've been talking up this record being on deck, well now it's here and it sounds (and looks) great; not to mention they nailed it at the release show a few weeks back. Demo after demo, Cystems seemed to be shaping up to be something fantastic and the finished product was nothing short of that. Killer sound and vibe on this, I suggest picking up the tape asap before there aren't any left.

I just posted this song, and have posted this video about 3000 times but once more for good measure