Thursday, November 18, 2010

Branches - "Salao Flamingo" - "Couscous no Cavalo Branco"

Here's a brand new video from Portugal's Branches for the song Sal√£o Flamingo.

Branches also released Alto Astro earlier this year, which you can download for free at his Bandcamp page.

And here's another new track that came out a few weeks ago called "Couscous no Cavalo Branco".

Mickey Mickey Rourke - "Glo" - "Satanic Youth Brigade"

Mickey Mickey Rourke- "Glo" from Abram Pineda-Fischer on Vimeo.

Here's our first look at a video from Mickey Mickey Rourke for the song "Glo". We see that ever-mysterious cloaked figure chillin' in the most appropriate of fields.

Check out Mickey Mickey Rourke's new website:

and go to his Bandcamp page to check out more music. Below is a newer single off of 2011's Magic User called "Satanic Youth Brigade".

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RCRC 11/17/10

Listen today at 12 pm EST for a special extended edition of RCRC.

You can stream the show live at

and make sure to check out the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook page for links, clips and downloads throughout the show.

Here's what you'll be hearing this week:

Durlin Lurt - Magic

Crass - Where Next Colombus?
Sumsun - Call It Home
Combat 84 - Poseur
Sohni Chambers - 3:18
The Business - Work or Riot

4 Skins - Sorry
Food Pyramid - Night Timing Endless 1938
Pink Floyd - Matilda Mother
Chumbawamba - Lies 
Technological Epidemic - A Sobering Son
Teams - Anml Life
Siamese Dream - 2-1
Dead Kennedys - Well Paid Scientist

Sun Araw - Untitled Song Live in Portugal

High Wolf - Marlene Brazil
The Doors - Ghost Song
Neutral Milk Hotel - Ghost

The Velvet Underground - I'll Be Your Mirror
Sean Nicholas Savage - Disco Dancing
Panda Bear - Slow Motion
Ducktails - Welcome Back (I'm Back)
Desaparecidos - Manana
The Sleepy Trees - You Make Me Nervous

Bikini Test Go Ahead - Souvenir
Bikini Test Go Ahead - Operation Crossroads
The Byrds - 5D (Fifth Dimension)
Julian Lynch - Andaza
Matt Miller - Track 4

Praise Space Electric - Rhythm Rhythm
BAnanas Symphony - To Love Somebody 
Elementary Thought Process - Sideways Eight
Aa - Good Ship
NYKDLN - Sideways Room-Sized Television Cowboy
Michael Giles - Progress

Rachel McHugh - New Home
Teen Daze - Cold House
Emmett and Mary (as Tech. Ep.) - Static Sparks and Check Marks
Emmett and Mary (as Tech. Ep.) - Fire on the Weather Charts
Greatest Hits - Danse Pop
Bob Dylan - House of the Rising Sun

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video: Livin' Free - Time Share

Livin' Free

My Idea of Fun

Sun Araw - Live at Passos Manuel Porto, Portugal 04.11.2010

Last week, Ash Tapes released a live recording of Sun Araw in Portugal. It's got all the hits and what might be two new songs.

The best part is Ash Tapes is giving it away for free, you can download it here or here.

Sun Araw also has a new tape out on Hustle Muscle called Major Grotto, that's the artwork down below. I haven't been able to come across a Hustle Muscle website and it also looks like it's sold out. However there are several places online where you can download the tracks, including iTunes and Midheaven Mailorder.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Matrix Metals - So Unreal Instrumentals

I'm excited to finally have a reason to post this video. As you may know, LA Vampires and Matrix Metals are about to come out with a record together called So Unreal on Not Not Fun any day now. That's the video for the first single, "Make Me Over" above.You may have heard it on the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card radio show earlier today.

Something you else may have heard for the first time today was the addition of some zoned new tracks underneath my voice between songs. Those tracks were none other than the Matrix Metals portion of So Unreal. How awesome.

I'm diggin' on this just like I would any other smoke-filled car ride to the party where you'll have more fun than everybody else.

This is the music from LA Vampires/Matrix Metals - So Unreal 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Technological Epidemic - Hollow Cost -- Coming Soon

The My Idea of Fun website just announced it's next release will be a new one from Technological Epidemic called Hollow Cost. Really looking forward to this. There aren't any tracks floating around out there, but two weeks ago Christopher S. Bell posted the following demo on My Idea of Fun 101 with the heading "The Last Song I'll Write Before I Turn 25 --".

Check out that final song below:

And while you're at it, get your hands on Technological Epidemic's most recent record "Promotionally Yours" which you can download for free at My Idea of Fun, it comes with a .pdf of the 20+ page book you receive with the physical release.

For more books from Christopher S. Bell, check out his section on My Idea of Fun.

Zonotope™ - Excellent Realms

Zonotope™ - Excellent Realms (2010) 

Purchase the new cassette and listen to it on Bandcamp.

Here's a look at Excellent Realms with the 10+ minute opening track:

RCRC 11/10/10

So I'm really excited about today's show, it's a good mix, I really hope you can listen.

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card will air live at 12:00 PM EST on WCAL 91.9 FM

It will also be streaming live at

Go to the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook page for downloads/videos/etc. during the show.

Here's what you'll be hearing this week:

Battles - Race: In
L.A. Vampires - Make Me Over

Technological Epidemic - The Kids on Linden Street
Angelic Upstarts - I'm an Upstart
Eternal Tapestry - Brain Drain
Desert Palace/Narrow Berth - Vacuum Man

Moet The Poet - Poem
Screech and the Medium Fries - Star Six Seven
The Clash - Complete Control
Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - If I Ever Meet the Maid
Lord Boyd - Space Jordan 96
Cockney Rejects - Police Car

The Beach Boys - In My Room
DJ Frane - Visions of U
The Anti-Corn League - Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil
Shpongle - Shpongle Spores
of Montreal - Noir Blues to Tinnatus
Rangers - Zombies

McDonald and Giles - Flight of the Ibis
Teeth Mountain - KeinSein
Emmett and Mary - The Red Scare
Ducktails - Mirror Image

Sumsun - Ants
Matt Miller - Graveyard (Shape)shift(er)
Indian Jewelry - Lesser Snake
Young Man - Hands
Outer Limits Recordings - Sugar Pie
Bob Dylan - It Takes a lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Desert Palace/Narrow Berth

Desert Palace/Narrow Berth (2010, My Idea of Fun)

Download for free from My Idea of Fun

Some brand new stuff from My Idea of Fun. I tipped you off to this with a short video back in August.

While you're at it, go check out the two previous Narrow Berth releases, both of which are free of charge RIGHT HERE.

Rangers - "Zombies"

Definitely couldn't miss this one, a new Rangers song came out last week. It's called "Zombies" and apparently it's part of a forthcoming release. I was turned onto the song from Friendship Bracelet who conveniently alludes to another Rangers release, a split with Ducktails. I'd encourage you to check that FBUS link to see what I'm talking about.

In any case, check out the new track right here:

Rangers - Zombies

- mp3 via No Fear of Pop


Since posting this, I've come across yet another new Rangers single. Click on over to Visitation Rites and listen to "The Long Goodbye" right now.

Sumsun - Samo Milagro

Sumsun - Samo Milagro (2010, Leaving Records)

Sumsun's new record Samo Milagro is finally out. Hurry over to Leaving Records and buy the cassette (edition of 200) right now.

Brandon Locher - "Geo Metro"

That Brandon Locher track called "Geo Metro" that I keep posting about was released as a single through My Idea of Fun. This time it's accompanied by a caption that reads: " * from the forthcoming, 2011 release, Self-Portrait."

Go ahead and check out that track again and then go download the digital single from My Idea of Fun.

Brandon Locher - Geo Metro

In related news there is now a release date for the next Emmett and Mary release. Fanatical Hunting Club will be released on 12/01/10

S/T is available right now through My Idea of Fun

Here's a track called "The Summer's Pull" off of S/T which shares the title of a cassette that was released back in March. The second track is from that release, it is called "Conversations by Appointment (Spin, Go Round)" You can purchase that tape or download the whole thing for free from My Idea of Fun

Emmett and Mary - The Summer's Pull (From S/T)

Emmett and Mary - Conversation's By Appointment (Spin, Go Round) (From The Summer's Pull)


That new DUDES track called HAPPY HALLOWEEN that I posted a few weeks back now has a video to go along with it.

According to the Grizzly Records website "DUDES took some shrooms, geeked out over halloween, filmed it, and is now sharing it with you in this form:"


Here's the mp3 of that track again in case you missed it last time around.


Mickey Brown - "Never Cry"

Here's a new track from the forthcoming Mickey Brown album "Soul Glo".

Blooming Plants

OESB: New James Ferraro and Outer Limits Recordings

First of all James Ferraro is coming out with a brand new LP on Olde English Spelling Bee on November 15th. It's called Night Dolls With Hairspray and that's the artwork above.

Here's a rad promo video that was posted on the Olde English Spelling Bee blog for the album.

Next, if you've been listening to the radio show, you already know how much I dig all of the Outer Limits Recordings stuff floating around out there. While most of the songs featured in videos from OLRTV are now being released as 7''s, Olde English Spelling Bee was nice enough to post the following streams of some of the mastered tracks.






Here's another Outer Limits Recording track that's been in constant rotation for me too, it was featured on the Rose Quartz x Zak Mering Look Out Look Out Mix earlier this fall.

Outer Limits Recordings - I'm an Alien

- mp3 via Weekly Tapedeck

It's exciting to have all these tracks on hand like this, I've been really into everything coming out of OLR. Looking forward to what's next.



Free download at Teal FX

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RCRC Returns 11/03/10

It's gotten a little busy around here but after a two week hiatus, RCRC returns this week with a brand new show and (hopefully) new posts as the day wears on.

A lot of cool stuff happened over the past two weeks. New Rangers track, new James Ferraro LP, new Emmett and Mary release date, new Mickey Brown and I finally have my music collection transferred onto my new computer, so expect to hear a more familiar RCRC again.

I'm hoping to catch up on posts today but my first priority is today's radio show which you can stream live at via WCAL 91.9 FM.

Keep up with the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook page during the show for downloads/videos/whatever.

In any case here's what you're hearing on today's show

The Adicts - How Sad
Matrix Metals - Flamingo Breeze Part 4

Greatest Hits - Ambulance
Angelic Upstarts - Victory in Poland
Animal Collective - Cobwebs
Crass - Bloody Revolutions

The Beach Boys - Our Sweet Love (Request)

Rangers - Zombies
Cock Sparrer - Secret Army
Bad Brains - Banned in DC
The Alan Smithee Project - Elvis Rocks Ratto

Outer Limits Recordings - I'm An Alien
The Business - Suburban Rebels
Emmett and Mary - The Book of Idols

Ducktails - Paisley Pattern Arcade Shift
Rangers - The Bridge of Marin

Matt Miller - The Sun
DannielRaddall - Alone Again
LAY BAC - Kokomo
Julian Lynch - Banana Jam Pt. 1
Coma Cinema - Hell

Dignan Porch - As You Were
Nature's Kid - Can You Hear Me in the Void?
Many Mansions - Oneness
Giant Crab - Intensify My Soul
NYKDLN - The Way My Shoes Looked in the Field
DJ Frane - Nectar for Isis
Sun Araw - Hustle and Bustle

Forest Swords - Glory Gongs
Hounds of Hate - Purple Stuff
Pocahaunted - All is All of
Girls in the Eighties - Too Cool For This Crowd

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone for keeping up with the page and show considering the lack of content in the past two weeks. I guess we all have those weeks so we all understand. Enjoy your week.