Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brandon Locher - "Geo Metro"

That Brandon Locher track called "Geo Metro" that I keep posting about was released as a single through My Idea of Fun. This time it's accompanied by a caption that reads: " * from the forthcoming, 2011 release, Self-Portrait."

Go ahead and check out that track again and then go download the digital single from My Idea of Fun.

Brandon Locher - Geo Metro

In related news there is now a release date for the next Emmett and Mary release. Fanatical Hunting Club will be released on 12/01/10

S/T is available right now through My Idea of Fun

Here's a track called "The Summer's Pull" off of S/T which shares the title of a cassette that was released back in March. The second track is from that release, it is called "Conversations by Appointment (Spin, Go Round)" You can purchase that tape or download the whole thing for free from My Idea of Fun

Emmett and Mary - The Summer's Pull (From S/T)

Emmett and Mary - Conversation's By Appointment (Spin, Go Round) (From The Summer's Pull)

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