Thursday, November 11, 2010

Matrix Metals - So Unreal Instrumentals

I'm excited to finally have a reason to post this video. As you may know, LA Vampires and Matrix Metals are about to come out with a record together called So Unreal on Not Not Fun any day now. That's the video for the first single, "Make Me Over" above.You may have heard it on the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card radio show earlier today.

Something you else may have heard for the first time today was the addition of some zoned new tracks underneath my voice between songs. Those tracks were none other than the Matrix Metals portion of So Unreal. How awesome.

I'm diggin' on this just like I would any other smoke-filled car ride to the party where you'll have more fun than everybody else.

This is the music from LA Vampires/Matrix Metals - So Unreal 

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