Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Sets

Emmett and Mary - S/T

Order it at My Idea of Fun

Two weeks from today Emmett and Mary's S/T comes out, there is a copy of this floating around the internet now, and you can download the original pressing's recording from 2008 HERE.

Emmett and Mary also released The Summer's Pull earlier this year, you can download it in it's entirety on My Idea of Fun and buy the tape at Lost Sound Tapes. Above is the milk carton protected physical release

 LAY BAC - Stay Out Tonight 

Free digital 7'' download at New Flooses

While on New Flooses I came across this awesome video for "Kid Frankie" off of Wiz Khalifa's Kush and Orange Juice.   

There's also a really well done unofficial Wiz Khalifa mixtape out right now called Taylor Gang from DJ Castle. You can download that right here from DatPiff.
Mickey Brown - Vision Quest
(2010, AMDISCS) 

Free download on AMDISCS
Collaboration between Mickey Mickey Rourke and Lester Brown.

Trademark Da SkyDiver - Issue #2 Super Villain
(2010, Jets Intl)

Free download via 2dopeboyz 

Here's a video for Curren$y's "Roasted" which features Trademark and Young Roddy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RCRC: Limited Nette V.6

Here's this week's mix: DOC HOLLIDAY. Dig on this and don't forget the first episode of ROBERTO CLEMENTE ROOKIE CARD will be airing on WCAL 91.9 fm on Wednesday, September 1st at 10 am. Until then, get this one in your car and drive to the nearest lake. 
1. Gucci Mane - Gwap DatPiff
2. Wise Blood - HANNAH MOTOWN Bandcamp
3. Sun Araw - Last Chants Woodsist
4. Lil' D.R.E. - My CEO DatPiff
5. LAY BAC - Beach Cassette Jam Trembleface/Sanddagger
6. Quiet Hooves - AVP Party Party Partners
7. Emmett and Mary - The Summer's Pull My Idea of Fun
8. Edibles - Lazers Not Not Fun
9. Wiz Khalifa - Good Dank Dat New Khalifa
11. Dylan Ettinger - Baptism Myspace
12. Technological Epidemic - The Kids on Linden Street My Idea of Fun
13. Mac Miller - Outside DatPiff


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RCRC: Limited Nette V.5

A few days ago a new Sun Araw song called Last Chants came out. It's off of a 12'' ep called Off Duty that's out October 12th on Woodsist.  Here's the cover art of that ep and a link to listen to the track below.

 Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin
Triumphant. Good for you, Brian. This comes out today, read about it on wikipedia and order the album at Brian Wilson's website.

 Mac Miller - K.I.D.S.
(2010, Rostrum Records / Most Dope)

Download for free at DatPiff 

Mac Miller is from Pittsburgh, Dat New Khalifa has a lot of info about him. Go download that mixtape, it's good.   

This video and the message following showed up on the My Idea of Fun 101 blog one week ago.

Desert Palace/Narrow Berth cassette on MIF.
Late August 2010. 

 Cough Cool 
(2010, Teal FX)

Download for free at Teal FX

This is the first release from net label Teal FX.

Since the last RCRC post, Jungle Book has posted two more tracks on their myspace page: Wiki Wiley and Lime Optimo.

 Gucci Mane - Jewelry Selection
(2010, DJ Holiday)

Download for free at DatPiff

This one came out yesterday, and the date September 28th gets mentioned a lot, so look out for that. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RCRC: Limited Nette V.4

Regretfully, this will be the time of this month where "limited nette" really means something. Unfortunately there will be no mix this week and no more updates until Monday. No worries though, Roberto Clemente Rookie Card: The Radio Show starts up in exactly three weeks! Have a great week and weekend, enjoy how outside looks.

Monday, August 9, 2010

RCRC: Limited Nette V.3

OJ Da Juiceman - Boulder Crest Day
(2010, Don Cannon)

Download it for free at DatPiff

As promised, here's the brand new mixtape from OJ Da Juiceman, haven't stopped listening to this since it came out last week.

 So originally I wanted to post a few tracks from Tennessee friends Jungle Book, but truth be told I can't figure out how to embed the tracks from Myspace. Well in any case, a lot of content is coming out of this project so get hip to it.

 Listen to Jungle Book on Myspace

There are 8 tracks on that page, and a lot more that isn't, you'll be hearing more from these guys on here.  

Nature's Kid - Loops

Download for free on Bandcamp 

Quiet Hooves - Saddle Up
(2010, Party Party Partners

So I've only recently discovered Quiet Hooves and don't know too much about them. I'm not even sure when this record is coming out, but until we find all this out, run over to their site (links above) and stop over at DAYVAN ZOMBEAR where this was posted last week.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

RCRC: Limited Nette V.2

In case you may have been wondering, RCRC is running with very limited internet access and will be until the 25th of August. So all apologies for things being a few steps behind. The radio show starts back up on the 1st of September, so that's something to look forward to. But that's a month away so here's this week's mix: BRULE'S BOWLS.

1. Young Man - Home Alone Frenchkiss
2. Dolphins Into The Future - Observations Through the Halocline of the Worlds Part V Release The Bats
3. Com Truise - IWYWAW AMDISCS
4. Matt Miller - You Catch More Flies w/ $$$$$ My Idea of Fun
5. Outer Limits Recordings - On The Rocks Not Not Fun
6. EASYBOY - Beebugs Spooky Town Artifacts
7. Ruff Nights - This Song is Secret Stray Frankz
8. The Pretty Things - She Was Tall, She Was High Wikipedia
9. OJ Da Juiceman - Came Up DatPiff
10. Ducktails - Mirror Image SHDWPLY
11. Mickey Mickey Rourke - COZE Bandcamp
12. Bikini Test Go Ahead - I Once Was a Star My Idea of Fun
13. Ariel Kalma - Forest Ballad Ariel-Kalma
14. Sun Araw - High Slide Not Not Fun
15. Dignan Porch - On a Ride Captured Tracks
16. James Ferraro - Heaven's Open Late Tonight OESB/MuscleWorks Inc.
17. Julian Lynch - Stomper Olde English Spelling Bee

Monday, August 2, 2010

RCRC: Limited Nette V.1

There's a new Ducktails track up on Bandcamp called "Hamilton Road" that's off of a forthcoming release on Woodsist called Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics coming out in November. It's down there below to check out and click here to read the long list of Ducktails releases on the way (including a split 7'' with Rangers!)

<a href="">Hamilton Road by Ducktails</a>

Check out the LA Raiders remix of OJ Da Juiceman's Washing Powder Money. I don't know much about LA Raiders except that really I dig this track. 

<a href="">Washing powder money (LA raiders drag) by LA Raiders</a>

After you're done with that go download this:

OJ Da Juiceman - The Realest Nigga I Know
(2010, DJ Rell)

Free Download at DatPiff

This is the Juiceman's most recent official mixtape, it came out back in June. Dig on "Came Up"

His next mixtape is actually being released any day/minute now, it's called Bouldercrest Day, and will probably end up on here within the next few days.

Technological Epidemic - Promotionally Yours

Free Download at My Idea of Fun

This came out a few months ago and a new record is in the works.

Christopher S. Bell (vocals/guitar) also just released his latest book By Tomorrow the Guestbook Will be Full: A Collection of Short Stories, you can order that and look into a lot more of his books at My Idea of Fun.

Zonotope™ - Cruising Through the Hypersphere of Resonance


Download it for free on Bandcamp

Bright colors.



Download the full length for free on Bandcamp.

Download more free LAY BAC tracks at New Flooses.

This came out back in February, but it's perfect for right exactly now.