Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RCRC: Limited Nette V.6

Here's this week's mix: DOC HOLLIDAY. Dig on this and don't forget the first episode of ROBERTO CLEMENTE ROOKIE CARD will be airing on WCAL 91.9 fm on Wednesday, September 1st at 10 am. Until then, get this one in your car and drive to the nearest lake. 
1. Gucci Mane - Gwap DatPiff
2. Wise Blood - HANNAH MOTOWN Bandcamp
3. Sun Araw - Last Chants Woodsist
4. Lil' D.R.E. - My CEO DatPiff
5. LAY BAC - Beach Cassette Jam Trembleface/Sanddagger
6. Quiet Hooves - AVP Party Party Partners
7. Emmett and Mary - The Summer's Pull My Idea of Fun
8. Edibles - Lazers Not Not Fun
9. Wiz Khalifa - Good Dank Dat New Khalifa
11. Dylan Ettinger - Baptism Myspace
12. Technological Epidemic - The Kids on Linden Street My Idea of Fun
13. Mac Miller - Outside DatPiff


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