Friday, December 31, 2010

Mickey Brown - Soul Glo

Mickey Brown - Soul Glo (2010)

Check it out on Bandcamp

Just in time to make your perfect mix cd that you won't remember listening to tonight, Mickey Brown, the collab from Mickey Mickey Rourke and Lester Brown, finally release the long-anticipated Soul Glo. This one's got me movin' my hips voraciously, despite my sitting on a couch with a dog sleeping peacefully next to me. Here's a few tracks, be safe tonight.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I want to go swimming

In anticipation of what's shaping up to be a rather productive 2011 for Johnstown, Pennsylvania's The Sunflower Spectacle, they've made a Bandcamp page to share with you their two past releases.

Go to The Sunflower Spectacle's Bandcamp page for free downloads of their 2009 self-titled full length and their 2008 Christmas record It's Christmas...Don't Be So Sad.

Here are a few tracks from S/T:

...and just in time for tomorrow's festivities, here's a fitting track from It's Christmas...Don't Be So Sad:

Keep your ear to the ground for what these guys have coming up in the next few months, here's a taste of what's going on behind closed doors:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hex-i-am - you know where these fuck yous go & trees

Since the last time I turned you onto Delaware's increasingly prolific hex-i-am they've released two new recordings, the conveniently titled full length you know where these fuck yous go and trees. The onslaught continues...

hex-i-am - you know where these fuck yous go (2010)

Download the full length for free from Bandcamp and listen to the opening track "sports" below.

hex-i-am - sports

hex-i-am - trees (2010)

Download this one from bandcamp too, and check out the track "christmas trees" below.

hex-i-am - christmas trees

While you're listening to those check out their forest-glorifying tumblr.

Lockbox, SumguH and Shisa - Gohma Lime

Lockbox, SumguH and Shisa - Gohma Lime Split EP (Fog Rattle, 2010)

Download for free from Fog Rattle Records

Great new split from the Fog Rattle cabal, mostly alternating tracks between Lockbox and SumguH, while the last track sees all three going in. Listen to a track from each of the aforementioned below.

Lockbox - Also Psychic Coconut Debates

SumguH - Unkki t2

Mean Lady - Kid Friendly

Mean Lady - Kid Friendly (2010)

Download for free direct or listen on Bandcamp

I found out about this one through static communion, which after some rooting around proved to be the best resource for info on this. I was digging it before the first track was even finished, and it only gets better as it goes on, couldn't recommend this one enough. Listen to the first two tracks down below.

Mean Lady - Lonely

Mean Lady - Why'd'ya Hafta Be Sucha

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Have you ever been to The Light That Failed? - or maybe now it's called FLIGHT OR FLIGHT, in any case, it's a rad blog I've been into for a while and you should get into too.

Well, those guys just started up their own tape label called MABA TAPES. They have two releases right now on pre-order, kind of an inaugural buy one get one type of thing.

Preview the first side of the second release: PLAENS - SPCZDPLC below and check out MABA TAPES



Lil D.R.E. & DJ 5150 - Lil D.R.E. (Hosted By OJ Da Juiceman)

Lil D.R.E. & DJ 5150 - Lil D.R.E. (Hosted By OJ Da Juiceman) (32 Entertainment, 2010)

Free download from Brick Squad Muzik

You might remember Lil D.R.E.'s bonus cut on OJ Da Juiceman's Boulder Crest Day, it even made it's way onto the Top 40 tracks of 2010 last week. Well, about a month ago Juiceman put out D.R.E.'s new mixtape. This one might be one of the best culture shocks of the year, dude gets pretty ferocious. Here's two tracks from it, listen to those and go download this one.

Lil D.R.E. - Snitch

Lil D.R.E. ft. OJ Da Juiceman & One Dolla - American Lands

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 40 Songs of 2010


#01 Magic Lantern - Friendship

Monday, December 20, 2010

Top Ten Albums of 2010

#10 Edibles - Super Space/Mind Peace

Listen to "Cruiser" from Super Space/Mind Peace

Not Not Fun

Sold Out

#09 Curren$y - Smokee Robinson

Listen to "Smash On O'Leary" from Smokee Robinson

DJ Don Cannon


#08 Magic Lantern - Platoon

Listen to "Planar Sonar" from Platoon

Not Not Fun


#07 Julian Lynch - Mare

Listen to "Ears" from Mare

Olde English Spelling Bee


#06 Wiz Khalifa - Kush & Orange Juice

Listen to "Never Been" from Kush & Orange Juice

Taylor Gang


#05 Girls In The Eighties - Teenage Royalty

Listen to "Yesterday's Don't Mean Shit" from Teenage Royalty 




Listen to "Kokomo" from OOO KOKOMO  



#03 Sun Araw - On Patrol

Listen to "Deep Cover" from On Patrol

Not Not Fun


#02 Matt Miller - The One and Only Matt Miller (and Friends) Present(s) The Vienna Noise Choir in Mid-Fi™

Listen to "Graveyard Shapeshifter" from The Vienna Noise Choir in Mid-Fi™ 

My Idea of Fun


#01 Rangers - Suburban Tours

Listen to "Airport Lights" from Suburban Tours 

Olde English Spelling Bee


Make sure to tune in this Tuesday, December 21st at 8pm EST to for the RCRC Top 40 songs of 2010 countdown.

hex-i-am - obsidian

hex-i-am - obsidian (2010)

download from bandcamp

You may remember I mentioned hex-i-am back in October with a few demo tracks, well since then they have released 5 demos, 3 ep's, and on December 18th, the Obsidian digital 7'' all for free on their Bandcamp page. Not sure how how I missed all of that but it didn't take long to educate myself, this shit's far out -and loud, and there's about an hour and half's worth of it that'll keep you right were you need to be. 2011 here we come.  

Listen to the title track from obsidian:

The past ten days have also brought us snowing and robert, here are tracks from both of those:
from snowing 

from robert

- I'll let you discover "that dank" for yourself...

NAVE - Earthpeels

NAVE - Earthpeels (2010, Via Injection)

Buy the 3'' from Via Injection or download here.

Check out "Lootakan" below then go pick up the whole thing and see where else this one goes.

NAVE - Lootakan

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RCRC Updates/New Show Time/End of the Year Countdown

So there's a lot of cool stuff going on with RCRC, and I haven't been the most present around the page as of late, but, hopefully you've been listening to the radio show in my absence. I've definitely been enjoying it and I hope you've been too. That being said, thank you for listening in the first place.

Well, it's almost the end of the season and there are only two more shows left for the year:

- Wednesday, December 15 at 12-4pm EST

- Tuesday, December 21 at 8 pm EST 
(RCRC Top 40 Songs of 2010)

This week's show (12/15) will be on during it's normal time slot at 12pm EST and will carry on till about 4pm EST. I'll be playing two songs from every band for a special extended four-hour program.

Now next week is where things change a little bit. After the show next Tuesday there will be a three week radio hiatus, and immediately following, RCRC's time will be changing. The new time is on Tuesday nights from 10pm EST until ??? (but at least 12) HOWEVER, final show of the year (12/21) will actually begin at 8pm EST and will carry on until about midnight. I'll be counting down the Top 40 songs of 2010.

I'm really excited for the time change, I feel as though a lot more of the readers of this blog will actually be able to listen to the radio show too and that rules.

In case I was unclear up there here's what's up, listen this Wednesday (12/15) at noon for a special four hour double shot show. And listen to the Top 40 countdown, Tuesday (12/21) at 8pm.

Listen to the show live at and check out the Facebook page too.

I hope you've been having a great day. Thank you again.

My Idea of Fun House Party Vol. II

My Idea of Fun House Party, Vol. II (2010, My Idea of Fun)

A compilation of live tracks from when The One and Only Matt Miller and Drew and the Medicinal Pen went on a tour back in August. Also includes some live recordings from Technological Epidemic and Emmett and Mary, as well as a printable 78 page PDF that you can see below.

Download the whole thing for free at My Idea of Fun

Here's that PDF that comes with the download. Photos by Jacob Koestler.

Something else new out of the MIoF universe, the artwork for Technological Epidemic's Hollow Cost that is coming out soon on My Idea of Fun, is now here for all of us to see and you can, right there below. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this one.

ARCumentary - Episode 1

ARC is Evan DiFlauro and Troy Bugosh

Download 2009's In The Woods You Would from My Idea of Fun.

The Great Valley - In the Silver Dream

The Great Valley - In the Silver Dream (2010, The Spooky Town)

Buy the LP or name your own price for a download at Bandcamp or The Spooky Town

Here are two tracks from In the Silver Dream:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Video: MEMORY (film by pedro maia / music by panda bear)

I woke up to this gem in my inbox this morning, it's a short film called MEMORY from Portuguese by way of Berlin filmmaker Pedro Maia. Pedro made Memory some years ago in collaboration with Panda Bear but is now finally releasing it to the public.

Check out more from Pedro Maia here and check out Memory below:

"The moment, the feelings, our past experiences and how it all seems to evade from our present memory."

Rachel McHugh - Living Room


Rachel McHugh - Living Room (2010, My Idea of Fun)

Download direct or from My Idea of Fun

This EP was recorded in her living room in Indiana, PA while friends filtered in and out of the house.

Hear Hums - Psyche Cycles

Hear Hums just put out Psyche Cycles and it's fucking good.

Hear Hums - Psych Cycles (2010, Crash Symbols)

Listen and buy the cassette at Crash Symbols

Download Psych Cycles at Get Off The Coast

Go to Hear Hums 

Watch this video for the song "Cerebellum/Woo"

In that order

Fog Rattle Records

So earlier this week I was turned onto Fog Rattle Records and I've had three of their most recent releases in constant rotation ever since.

The first has a great Frane meets Nature's Kid meets Pogo thing going on that I'm the biggest sucker for.

Impossible Nothing - Banana Peels (2010, Fog Rattle)

Free download from Bandcamp via Fog Rattle

Lockbox - Broadleaf (2010, Fog Rattle)

Free download from Fog Rattle

From what I gather, both Lockbox and Fog Rattle are the brainchild of the same individual. Nice, man.

Habits - All Herbs (2010, Fog Rattle)

Download for free at Fog Rattle

Check out these three and follow up by heading over to Fog Rattle and seeing what else you can get into. 

Blastoids - Trash Mountain

Blastoids - Trash Mountain (2010)

Listen on Bandcamp

Blastoids are some great dudes from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Up to this point I've only had a tour-only cd-r of theirs I picked up last July. Well now they have a bandcamp page with two releases available for you. The most recent of those is called Trash Mountain and that's the artwork up above. 

Here are two tracks from Trash Mountain:

I also just came across this video for the song "Morning Light" which can be heard on that other release I mentioned, called Megachurch

White Rainbow - Escapades


White Rainbow - Escapades - Live in Brooklyn Oct. 2010 (2010)

Download for free off of Bandcamp

Brand new release of three recent live shows in NYC that are, according to Mr. Rainbow himself: "One very 'ambient' set and two psychedelic post hyphy party sets." So there you go.

Check out this cut from Escapades:


Video: Emmett and Mary


So I came across this band from Australia called SOLAR BARGE, there are three killer tracks on their myspace page but extensive web-scouring left me with little more. That being said, head over to SOLAR BARGE's Myspace page and check them out, and if you would happen to know where to find more of this, let me know.

Vladee Divacc - Technical Foul

Vladee Divacc - Technical Foul (2010)

Free download from Bandcamp

Noise with 90's NBA references? That's all you gotta know, man. 

Here's two tracks from Technical Foul:

Another ep called Hoop Dreamz came out back in October, you can download that at the same Bandcamp page, and listen to a track from it below. 

Video: Asian Women On The Telephone

Head on over to Asian Women on the Telephone's Bandcamp page and grab their most recent releases for free.

Video: Outer Limits Recordings - Silhouette

This video from Outer Limits Recordings is by no means new, it was posted back in August like everything else on OLRTV but for some reason this one seems to have gotten the back-seat treatment.

Why-ever-on-earth that might be, I don't know, so get hip to "Silhouette":

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RCRC 12/08/10

Listen today at 12 pm EST for this week's metaphor-soaked edition of RCRC.

You can stream the show live at

and make sure to check out the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook page for links, clips and downloads throughout the show.

This show is stacked and here's what you heard this week:

Bikini Test Go Ahead - Two Stroke

John Lennon - Look At Me
DJ Frane - Lonely Orbit 
The Meanest Boys - Strangest Things 
Eternal Tapestry - Temporal Starshine Voyage
The Great Valley - Lucky Me!

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - Nobody Listens to the Last Song on a Compilation.
Elementary Thought Process - A Tune To Carry On Your Person
Grizzly Prospector - Child's Prayer
Dignan Porch - I'm Certain I'll Die
The Zombies - Gotta Get a Hold of Myself
Right Wing Whites - Pay for Sex (Yer Stereo)
Fature - Cross Pollination

Habits - Gone is Good
Big Troubles - Bad People
Brandon Locher - Tape Loops (A, B & STARMEN)
Battles - Bad Trails
Wicked Fag - Amparo
Sun Araw - Horse Steppin' (Live)
The Clash - Lonesome Me
Lockbox - Swamp Delat

Tom Verlaine - The Grip of Love
BAnanas Symphony - Miss Knuckles
Dream Boat - Young & Fine
Haunted House - First Night Back
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
Livin' Free - Fat Hoggers/Acid Hound
Jeans Wilder - Mosquito
Gripper Nother Onesers - After Dark Cravings
Rangers - Volvo Jungle Mist
Raw Thrills - Mind Surfin

The Alan Smithee Project - What Matters Over Mind
Cuomo! - The Moon Says I'm Sorry
Dead Kennedys - Drug Me
Ducktails - Parasailing
High Places - Universe
Dolphins Into The Future - Ko'okika Moku'aina
The Byrds - If You're Gone

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RCRC 12/01/10

Listen today at 12 pm EST for a special extended edition of RCRC.

You can stream the show live at

and make sure to check out the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook page for links, clips and downloads throughout the show.

Here's what you'll be hearing this week:

Television - Marquee Moon

Magic Lantern - Mosquito Coast
Cock Sparrer - East End Girl
Outer Limits Recordings - I Need My TV
The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do

Cockney Rejects - I'm Not A Fool
of Montreal - Let's Do Everything for the First Time
FLOOR - Scimitar
The Business - Guttersnipe
Sean Nicholas Savage - Paint a Frown

LA Vampires feat. Matrix Metals - Don't Dance Alone
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Get Off the Phone
Sumsun - Windstone 
Speculator - I Wait All Day
Many Mansions - Ocean Temple Pt. 1

Bikini Test Go Ahead - Hey Little Girl
Ducktails - Dorm Room
The Velvet Underground - Who Loves the Sun
Branches - Palmeira Privada
Algernon Cadwallader - I've Got Piano
DUDES - Happy Halloween

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Betrayal Takes Two
The Beatles - Misery
The Beatles - You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)
Dan Oatman - Lemonade
Desert Palace/Narrow Berth - Lifting the Fork

Technological Epidemic - The Kids on Linden Street
John Cooper Clarke - Innocents
Mickey Mickey Rourke Ft. Craft Spells - Gloomy Guts
The Doors - Indian Summer

McDonald and Giles - Tomorrow's People - The Children of Today
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Sun Araw - Deep Temple