Monday, December 13, 2010

Video: MEMORY (film by pedro maia / music by panda bear)

I woke up to this gem in my inbox this morning, it's a short film called MEMORY from Portuguese by way of Berlin filmmaker Pedro Maia. Pedro made Memory some years ago in collaboration with Panda Bear but is now finally releasing it to the public.

Check out more from Pedro Maia here and check out Memory below:

"The moment, the feelings, our past experiences and how it all seems to evade from our present memory."


  1. it all makes sense now!! "a musician and a filmmaker"! from the s/t. i dig it- nice find dude thanks for the awesome post!!!

  2. this makes me feel like im watching a stan brakhage film at a seance and the projection of the images tapped into the same frequencies as the astral plane and the result was projections of actual memories from a ghost's' past life

  3. Thanks a lot man! Video rules and I never even pieced together the "musician and a filmmaker" aspect, good eye. Awesome review by the way!