Monday, December 20, 2010

hex-i-am - obsidian

hex-i-am - obsidian (2010)

download from bandcamp

You may remember I mentioned hex-i-am back in October with a few demo tracks, well since then they have released 5 demos, 3 ep's, and on December 18th, the Obsidian digital 7'' all for free on their Bandcamp page. Not sure how how I missed all of that but it didn't take long to educate myself, this shit's far out -and loud, and there's about an hour and half's worth of it that'll keep you right were you need to be. 2011 here we come.  

Listen to the title track from obsidian:

The past ten days have also brought us snowing and robert, here are tracks from both of those:
from snowing 

from robert

- I'll let you discover "that dank" for yourself...

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