Wednesday, December 8, 2010

RCRC 12/08/10

Listen today at 12 pm EST for this week's metaphor-soaked edition of RCRC.

You can stream the show live at

and make sure to check out the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook page for links, clips and downloads throughout the show.

This show is stacked and here's what you heard this week:

Bikini Test Go Ahead - Two Stroke

John Lennon - Look At Me
DJ Frane - Lonely Orbit 
The Meanest Boys - Strangest Things 
Eternal Tapestry - Temporal Starshine Voyage
The Great Valley - Lucky Me!

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - Nobody Listens to the Last Song on a Compilation.
Elementary Thought Process - A Tune To Carry On Your Person
Grizzly Prospector - Child's Prayer
Dignan Porch - I'm Certain I'll Die
The Zombies - Gotta Get a Hold of Myself
Right Wing Whites - Pay for Sex (Yer Stereo)
Fature - Cross Pollination

Habits - Gone is Good
Big Troubles - Bad People
Brandon Locher - Tape Loops (A, B & STARMEN)
Battles - Bad Trails
Wicked Fag - Amparo
Sun Araw - Horse Steppin' (Live)
The Clash - Lonesome Me
Lockbox - Swamp Delat

Tom Verlaine - The Grip of Love
BAnanas Symphony - Miss Knuckles
Dream Boat - Young & Fine
Haunted House - First Night Back
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
Livin' Free - Fat Hoggers/Acid Hound
Jeans Wilder - Mosquito
Gripper Nother Onesers - After Dark Cravings
Rangers - Volvo Jungle Mist
Raw Thrills - Mind Surfin

The Alan Smithee Project - What Matters Over Mind
Cuomo! - The Moon Says I'm Sorry
Dead Kennedys - Drug Me
Ducktails - Parasailing
High Places - Universe
Dolphins Into The Future - Ko'okika Moku'aina
The Byrds - If You're Gone

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