Monday, December 13, 2010

Fog Rattle Records

So earlier this week I was turned onto Fog Rattle Records and I've had three of their most recent releases in constant rotation ever since.

The first has a great Frane meets Nature's Kid meets Pogo thing going on that I'm the biggest sucker for.

Impossible Nothing - Banana Peels (2010, Fog Rattle)

Free download from Bandcamp via Fog Rattle

Lockbox - Broadleaf (2010, Fog Rattle)

Free download from Fog Rattle

From what I gather, both Lockbox and Fog Rattle are the brainchild of the same individual. Nice, man.

Habits - All Herbs (2010, Fog Rattle)

Download for free at Fog Rattle

Check out these three and follow up by heading over to Fog Rattle and seeing what else you can get into. 

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