Friday, May 13, 2011

That hiatus is just about done..

So (before and) after my last RCRC radio show, this page was on a sort of hiatus. I've still been keeping up with the facebook page as well as constant connection and collaboration with the SEWER GREATS stable (shittttssss happeninnnn). But I am pleased to say that I'll be back on and up and on with RCRC once more here within this week. I'm gonna have posts up regarding a new Lockbox soundscape, that BOY MTN/Christian Church split on HOLY PAGE, the new ARC ep, the Good Amount full length, Wayne Water's 26-song epic The Vulture is finally finished, Some exclusive Sunflower Spectacle stuff as well as news regarding the new record, My Idea of Fun's explicit involvement with Judgement Day and 2, count 'em 2 new Hleger full lengths. Lot's more where that's all coming from, some news on new comps coming in the coming weeks, a new weekly feature on the site called "RCRC Radio" and that's not everything lined up. This summer rules. This year rules.

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