Friday, May 27, 2011

The Meets - Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2

The Meets - Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2 (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Purchase from My Idea of Fun or download free from Bandcamp

I first told you about the new record from The Meets back in October when a demo for the first 14 or so minutes was posted on 101. A few months removed we now find ourselves with the (thus far) finished product (another movement is still in the works). As for this however, Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2 is a Book and CD combo, the book is a "21 page book of hand-notated manuscript paper outlining music on provided CD." 13 individuals played a role in creating what you hear, with a variety of physical instruments. I'll throw a selection from the middle down below, 3 of the shortest pieces in the composition.

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