Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hleger - Blood Rice & Live at Le Elbow Prison

Hleger - Blood Rice (2011)

Free direct download from Mount Athos

This one dropped back at the end of April and in my personal opinion, this is the very best Hleger yet. It features new music and old music (talk about old music - one of these tracks was recorded when he was only 3 years old) as well as a few from the early half of last decade. I can't stress to you enough that this is the best record outta Cape Town yet. Click that link up there.

Hleger - Live at Le Elbow Prison (HOLY PAGE, 2011)

Free download direct or through HOLY PAGE

Next up we have the newer and more chilled out Live at Le Elbow Prison which came out initially back on the 10th and then was picked up by HOLY PAGE for release on the 12th. Check out the alternative artwork:

Stoked to see Hleger working with HOLY PAGE, this is his latest and word in the tunnels is he'll be working on some videos next, we'll keep you posted on however that shapes up.

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