Friday, May 27, 2011

The Hit and Miss Engines - Works and Days

The Hit and Miss Engines - Works and Days (My Idea of Fun, 2011)

Grab the 4 CD Boxset from My Idea of Fun

Works and Days -- Disc 1, Full Length

No Truth -- Disc 2, Extended Play

With or Without You -- Disc 3, Extended Play

Free Download

I Can't Get You Off -- Disc 4, Extended Play

In ever-so-proper fashion, The Hit and Miss Engines release their highly-anticipated debut with a staggeringly damn good looking 4 CD Box Set featuring a new full length, three brand new EP's and 4 personally chosen photos from each member of the band, which, much like in that Tech Ep post, almost all have new releases out in the past two weeks; Mike Miller, Emmy Volkar and Dan Oatman. It's an impressive release, when the My Idea of Fun Store opens up (soon) I'd suggest getting your hands on one before they run out, I mean, they're selling this whole thing for only 10 bucks and it sounds fantastic. What else would you expect, some seriously seasoned songwriters at the height of whats happening right now and in their most endearing form. Terrific.


  1. I cannot wait to buy all these albums! At first I didn't like The Engines (awesome abbreviation) but that's because all I had heard/saw of them were bad quality youtube videos. With or Without You is amazing and I am so glad they released all this stuff now because I was beginning to need my Mike Miller fix!!

  2. They all come together, and the whole thing's only ten bucks, it's the best deal yet, with or without you is absolutely incredible, stoked you dig it man, also, in case you missed the post and need more of a Mike Miller fix, there was this too

    Thanks for reading, man