Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hleger - Huskan the Heavy I /// Gnar Gnar /// HLEGER + PAN

Hleger - Huskan the Heavy I (Holy Page, 2011)

Download free from Holy Page or direct

Newest and like I say every time, best Hleger yet. Also available from Holy Page.

Not sure if it's bad form to say or not to say something, but huggggeeee props to Hleger for that song just above, not only is it a really badass song but in case you didn't gather; Song for Scott could also read Song for Yours Truly. Really flattered and honored to have my namesake on such a perfect song from one of my favorite artists and friends, word man.

Next up from Cape Town is a collection of source that was released back in June, features some singles, pop hooks and as would be expected heavy experimentation. make sure to pick this one up too, to listen to right after you finish Huskan the Heavy I.

Hleger - Gnar Gnar: Covers, Singles and Sounds (2011)

download direct

LASTLY, last week this split singles collection was released by PAN + HLEGER.


download and listen to the whole thing below


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