Sunday, July 31, 2011

Video: Teamm Jordann - "Stadium" + SOLID JAMS

Teamm Jordann - "Stadium" from Haunted Internet on Vimeo.

Unstoppable video from the first Teamm Jordann song "Stadium" that we first heard on Sewer Greats Volume I, video by Haunted Internet.

In other news, the Jordann side of Teamm Jordann has a few songs out with LOOPGOAT under the moniker SOLID JAMS, check out those tracks below

  Deep end Jumps - SOLID JAMS by LOOPGOAT
  Sativa Sunglasses - Solid Jams by LOOPGOAT
  Pool'n - Solid Jams by LOOPGOAT
  j's + jumps by LOOPGOAT 

and fiiinnnalllllyyyy, these guys are involved in something new entitled Dior Nights, I have a feeling we'll be talking about that a lot more on here so for now, here's a whole Soundcloud page full of what Dior Nights is right now.

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