Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shisa - (memory)

Shisa - (memory) (AMDISCS, 2011)

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The anticipated sophmore record from Pittsburgh's Shisa finally dropped this past wednesday on AMDISCS. This record is a protracted look into some seriously fried landscapes. Some hits on this and some real zoners too.

  'Sweet Sptmbr' - (memory) - 2011 (AMDD061) by AMDISCS

  'Clouds' - (memory) - 2011 (AMDD061) by AMDISCS 

  'F~F~' - (memory) - 2011 (AMDD061) by AMDISCS

I posted this before with Wayne Water's Vulture, but here again is the video collab between Wayne Water and Shisa, featuring the track "Yesterdaze" off of (memory)

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