Monday, March 28, 2011

RCRC 03/28/11

So normally I wait till right before every Tuesday night's radio show to talk about it/keep a live update of what you're hearing/I'm playing. Well, this week I thought I should change it up, see this week's a little different, nothing crazy, just that tomorrow night's show is going to be exclusively new music. As you probably know, I typically keep a nice blend of shee from the past 50 years to develop each week's flow, but this week's going to be all modern music (modern being within the past 5 or so months). There's a ton of great new stuff that's been coming out and I wanted to tip everyone off to what I'll be playing, in case it's your band or your friends or something. This week will be a showcase of the best new music happening right now, I'm hoping you take the time to dig on it.

Here's what I'll be playing, in the order they'll be played, tomorrow night (03/28/11) at 10 pm EST on or 91.9 FM if you're in southwest Pennsylvania.

Mane Mane - Get Over In 3D
James Ferraro - Buffy Honkerburg's Answering Machine
HEX-I-AM - Divine Portal

CH-ROM - Rider's Choice
Ducktails - Sunset Liner
Speculator - Afraid of the Future
The One and Only Matt Miller - Paradise Hotel Lobby Lost and Found

Higher Fives - Motown and Gomorrah
unouomedude - Frequency
Venice - 30th Century
Sun Araw - Thrasher

Dylan Ettinger - Endeavor
February Fourteenth - My Stay, My Home
arcsin(100) - Forgiving Eyes
Joe Versus The Volcano - Soul Glo

JngL BooK - Heavy Heady
Lockbox (FOAM) - Liquid Arcades
Tjutjuna - Rise/Set
matthewdavid - International 

The Naked Uh - No Matter What I Say
FIlardo - A Dog Wearing Glasses
Pepepiano - Fire Hands
Realtime's Rush - Hawk & A Halen
Wild Vibes - Female Bass Player

Punks on Mars - Glitter On Mars
Punks on Mars - Shout Your Lungs Out
Panda Bear - The Preakness
Panda Bear - Surfers Hymn
Ssaliva - Moth To The Flame
Ssaliva - Teenage Brain

Raw Thrills - My Life Was In Chains
Raw Thrills - Mind Surfin'
Greatest Hits - Fun Girls
White Rainbow - ...Lays the Boogie Down

Walsh - Birthday Girl
Narrow Berth - Citadel
Tjut Dreams - Josh needs to go to the hospital.
Daytime Television - I Hurt So Much

The Hit and Miss Engines - Demo 01
The Discotays - Dance Till Yr Dead
Dirty Dinosaur - Denim Party
Police Academy 6 ft. Top Girls - Fill in the Blanks
Yohuna - Mateo
HEX-I-AM - Telescopes

High Wolf - Flowers of Congo
Peaking Lights - All The Sun That Shines
Shisa - Paranoid
Sumsun - Non-Menthol Dub
Sean Nicholas Savage - Babe
Hleger - Ventura Side A 2 of 2
BAnanas Symphony - Games of Love and Chance

Nature's Kid - Earthly Pleasures
Mohave Triangles - Tropical Daze
Flower Orgy - 22nd Century

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