Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buncha New Stuff from JngL BooK

Last fall I kept talking about Murfreesboro, TN's Jungle Book, well, after a quiet winter Jungle Book is now JngL BooK and that's not all that's changed; The Frane lovers' setup now includes live drums, a badass new controller and a fresh soundclound page. Fucking stoked on this.

Listen to these two tracks that were posted earlier tonight then click over to the soundcloud and hear some live takes that were recorded back at the end of February.

  Green by JngL BooK 

  ProFresh by JngL BooK

JngL BooK will be performing live on WMTS 88.3 Monday, March 14th at 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST, here's the facebook event and here's JB's own facebook page.

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