Monday, March 21, 2011

A few new tracks from Planet Lockbox

Prolific freak beat maker Lockbox has a few new tracks on his soundcloud that in my opinion are some of his best stuff yet. The first is a "remix" of Plaens song, the next is a collaboration with MezZo which looks to be a new project called FOAM, and finally we've got one called "hypno cereal" where box is just being the box. Listen to all three down below, and in case you aren't already hip to it, brother's got a tumblr and of course the Fog Rattle imprint.

  I took a plaens song and "sampled" it, making what's called a "remix " by Lockbox

  liquid arcades (collab with Mezzo. we are FOAM) by Lockbox

  hypno cereal by Lockbox

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