Friday, March 18, 2011

That's my face blood all over my shirt down below

Life's been rather busy the past few weeks, still is and will be, but there's a ton of great stuff I'll be updating you with very soon. New stuff from Ahhh, Lockbox, Monies, BOY MTN, Shisa, Mac Miller, NYKDLN, Wayne Water, HEX I AM, Hleger and a few more I've had my eye on. Keep tuned in, I'll have some stuff up about all of those and more, hoooppppeeefuuulllllyyyy this weekend, bear with me and keep up with the facebook I post a lot of this stuff there first. I deleted the twitter account too, I just can never get into that thing. In any case, there's all that up there, check soon for a more in depth look at all of it. Spring's here!

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