Tuesday, February 22, 2011

RCRC 02/22/11

Listen to tonight's show, it's gonna sloppy and awesome, stream live till about 2:00 AM at http://wcal.calu.edu.

Here's what's playing tonight:

The Beatles - Wonder What the Magicians Are Cooking Up Now
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Born To Lose
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Get Off The Phone
Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers - Pirate Love
Presage - The Media
Endless Mike and Beagle Club - If I Ever Meet The Maid
Endless Mike and Beagle Club - Page To Screen
Endless Mike and Beagle Club - Credits and Acknowledgements

February Fourteenth - My Stay, My Home
February Fourteenth - Their Wallets Are Their Wallets
Dan Oatman - Money and Time
High Places - The Storm
Gem Jones - Ellegua
Infa Riot - Five Minute Fashions
Be Your Own Pet - We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol
Quiet Hooves - My Girl

Tree Hopping - Bird Road
Sumsun - Capella Pt1
CH-Rom - Rider's Choice
UK Subs - Organised Crime
Anti-Heros - Hate Edge
Zonotope http://data.gov/earth~/aquatic_mammals01
4 Skins - Chaos (Live)
The Hollies - I'm Alive 
Autre Ne Veut - OMG
The One and Only Matt Miller - Track 4
Television - Elevation
The Zombies - This Old Heart of Mine 
Giant Crab - Hot Line Conversation
The Byrds - Natural Harmony 
Speculator - No Future
The Rainy Daze - Blood of Oblivion 
The Frantics - Think About It 
Cock Sparrer - Out On An Island 

Lockbox/Markets - Pipeman Sam
Criminal Class - Blood On The Streets
The Oppressed - Joe Hawkins
Prince - Let's Go Crazy 
The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way
Rachel McHugh - New Home 
Fever Tree - Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out

The Hit and Miss Engines - American Child 
Animal Collective - Kids on Holiday
Pill Wonder - Gone To Market 
The Great Valley - Mamma Falls
The Pop Group - Thief of Fire
Dem Hunger - Maserati Gruppo

Grippers Nother Onesers - Alien Breeze Transistors
The Shangri-las - Heaven Only Knows
Anathallo - Gary and Marcus 
The Beach Boys - Girls on the Beach 
The Meanest Boys - Big Mistakes

Pink  Floyd - Astronomy Domine 
Jim Ferraro - Pleidian Channel Surfer #3 
Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Headed Boy, Pt. 2 (live)
Bikini Test Go Ahead - Operation Crossroads 

Ducktails - Lost Side A
Pipsqueak! - Paradise
Narrow Berth - It Was A Gift 
Asian Women On The Telephone - Horny Moose

The Sleepy Trees - You Make Me Nervous
Eternal Tapestry - Cathedral of Radiance
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - I'm Your Man
Hleger - StuartFerraro 
Dan Oatman - Warm Gun
Praise Space Electric - Rhythm Rhythm
Edibles - Inna Groove
High Wolf - Your Third Eye Is Supposed To Stay Open
Sun Araw - Major Grotto

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