Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PLAENS, Lockbox, Deep Magic and more from MABA

So I started this post to tell you about some new tracks up on PLAENS' Soundcloud, who you may remember I mentioned a few weeks back along with the announcement about MABA TAPES. I was also about to start another about new tracks up on the Soundcloud of Lockbox, who you've been hearing a lot on the radio show and maybe you caught that killer track on the Early 2011 Mix, well damn if I wasn't surprised to find both completely cataloged on the MABA website, along with an almost overwhelming amount of new material from BOY MTN, Warning Light, The Electric Nature, Microbird and a whole slew of others, along with an announcement of a forthcoming split between Mohave Triangles and Deep Magic.

Wow, link-world I know, I apologize, but if you really wanna get the real deal (since I'm barely scraping the surface) head on over to MABA TAPES and check it all out.

and since it's what I came here to do, here's the newest tracks from PLAENS and Lockbox, the latter of which you'll be hearing rather early in tonight's broadcast.

  Endlessly Drifting Remenants of Transmissions from an Extraterrestrial Headdress Ceremony by PLAENS

  my devil by Lockbox 

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