Friday, February 4, 2011

Mohave Triangles - Haze for Daze

Mohave Triangles - Haze for Daze (2011, Digitalis ltd.)

Download for free off of their Bandcamp

I first mentioned/even discovered Mohave Triangles when I was writing up that MABA TAPES post earlier this week. Since then, I've had all 4 of their recent cassettes on repeat, which are available on a name-your-price scale on Bandcamp and physically through either Sacred Phrases or Digitalis Ltd. and various solid distros.

This one, Haze for Daze came out back on the first of the year, and while the other cassettes get to those drone-zones a little heavier, this one's a two-sided onslaught of bite-sized windows-up cruisers. Check out the A side "Mango Haze" down below, then go pick up the rest. 

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