Tuesday, February 1, 2011

RCRC 02/01/11

I've got a particularly skrungy show lined up for you guys tonight, it's not going to go until nearly 4 am again, in fact I'll be winding up around 1:30am I'd say. In any case, listen to it live starting at 10 pm EST at http://wcal.calu.edu

Check out the Roberto Clemente Rookie Card Facebook page during the show for an overload of links, clips and free shee

Tonight hopefully will be the first night I'll able to record the whole show live, if all goes well expect a new upload this week to the RCRC Soundcloud

Nearly two hours of tonight's show are made up of only ten of these songs, and here's what you're hearing:

Joe Versus the Volcano - Snowstorm from Static
Police Academy 6 - Wanting Something
Raw Thrills - Good Times
Fear Street Super Chillers - 82nd and Heartbreak

Lockbox - Bevil In My Drain
Ultimate Spinach - Mind Flowers

Daytime Television - I Hurt So Much
Modest Mouse - Wood Grain
Winter Drones - Winnie Cooper's Bones
How To Dress Well - Ready For The World
Mpala Garoo - Invisible Dolphins
Ugly Ducklings - Just In Case You Wonder
Neon Indian - Children of the Revolution

Missing Beats - Give and Take
Sad Souls - Skybox
Higher Fives - Demo #7
Forest Spirits - Swiss Palms
The Great Valley - Born Again
Narrow Berth - Bled for Dead
Drew and the Medicinal Pen - Tomorrow Will Make It Up
The Zombies - Friends of Mine
of Montreal - Dirty Dustin Hoffman Needs a Bath
Crass - Smash the Mac
Lord Boyd - Jetski Chase
White Fence - Get That Heart 
Games - Heartlands
Music For Your Plants - Dr. Mudawi
Dead Kennedys - Riot
Lung Rip - Tree House
Sumsun - Do You Drive?
Pill Wonder - Being Bored
The Sunflower Spectacle - Carpe Diem
Silver Bullets - Citta Aperta
Wicked Fag - Amparo
Sun Araw - Last Chants

Sohni Chambers - 10:04 AM
MGMT - Metanoia

Hex-I-Am - Obsidian
Slow Loris - Julie Don't Know
The Skaters - Wind Drapeing Incense
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Premier Desire
Police Academy 6 - Fill in the Blanks

Raw Thrills - How Can I Trust Her
The Shangri-Las - Give Him A Great Big Kiss
The Rolling Stones - Gomper
10th Letter - Whispering Geode
Neon Head - Dream Blown Air
Girls in the Eighties - Roll With The Punches

Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone (Alt Version)
The Velvet Underground - Sister Ray (Alt Version)

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