Monday, February 21, 2011

Hleger - Back to Stutopia/Nigeria Today!

Hleger - Back to Stutopia (2011)

Hleger - Nigeria Today! (2010)

You can download both of these for free direct from Mount Athos. I came across this earlier this weekend, looks like Hleger is transmitting these Ferraro worship broadcasts out of Cape Town, South Africa and with such grace. The two records above are his most recent. I'm going to throw a few songs down there below, along with a video to a song that completely shattered my mind yesterday morning, but maybe we'll talk about that in a little bit. For now here's a handful of songs from Hleger's three most recent releases as well as a song from another project called Tjut Dream§, that's featured on Nigeria Today! 

Hleger - Babboon Grove
Hleger - Babboon Grove-Slight Return
Hleger - Ventura Side A 2 of 2
Hleger - StuartFerraro
Tjut Dream§ - Josh Needs To Go To The Hospital

THIS VIDEO, ok so I hadn't heard this song up to the point of watching this video, and first of all I'd like to point out how awesome that is to begin with, it was made by a guy known as Shaman, who's videos you can watch here and music you can listen to here. As for the song, fuuccckkkk, I'm positive no one on THIS planet saw that sample coming.

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