Saturday, October 20, 2012

Marcus Eads Launches Birch Grove Recordings and Benadrone Tapes

So it was only 5 days ago that Sunup Recordings proprietor, tape-maker and prolific musician (Topographic Maps, Native Prairie, Lazy Arrows, Quarter Pipe, Radio Astronomy, Clear Winner, etc.) announced a brand new imprint, focusing purely on Drone called Benadrone Tapes. Now, while we have no online presence for Benadrone Tapes just yet, it has been announced that the very first cassette release will come by way of a mysterious artist called So(u)rce(ry). We'll certainly keep you posted on this. But now, like we said, only 5 days after this announcement, we get yet another imprint announcement, the Folk inspired Psychedelia/Field Recording/Analog label Birch Grove Recordings.

 Now this one does already have a web-presence, a Bandcamp page we linked you to above, and we've also got the first taste of what he's is looking for for this one because he's got a preview up for the very first release, his own upcoming album Historic Grain Elevators. According to Marcus, Birch Grove Recordings is an outlet for "... Folk infused psychedelia. Haunted Americana. Blurred field recordings and analog noise." and he went on to say "...It's my hope right now that everything Birch Recordings releases be concept albums. It could be anything from a fictional account inspired by an old polaroid photo, or a snippet of history. I'm working on one about midwest grain elevators :)" Historic Grain Elevators is set to drop November 1st on cassette tape. Really excited to see how artists from the Living Room Visions universe collaborate with these two new outlets, definitely expect to see and hear a lot from these labels around here.

Here's a full preview stream of BGR001 Marcus Eads - Historic Grain Elevators:

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