Monday, October 29, 2012

3 new albums from 骨架的

The month of October has shown us three, yes three brand new (well not really 'brand' new, his/her Bandcamp suggests that these were all recorded in 2011, so) releases from the enigmatic 骨架的. I've gotta be honest, this is some of the most on-point ecco to come out since the bubble burst a few months ago, I listened to all three during a long and sun-baked drive this past weekend, and they flowed like three rivers converging to meet an upside-down waterfall in order to build an ocean or perhaps a large majestic lake in the sky. Download all three and listen to them in that order.

骨架的 - Lost Memories (2012)

Download from a Mediafire Link provided on Bandcamp probably due to heavy heavy traffic because these records are really good.

骨架的 - Liquid Fantasy (2012)

free download from Mediafire via Bandcamp

骨架的 - Illegal Antenna (2012)

Free download (yes, yes) from Mediafire via Bandcamp

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