Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quixodelic Records

Last week I was turned onto Quixodelic Records over on the RCRC Facebook. According to the website Quixodelic Records is "...a net-label featuring DIY artists from all around the globe. We do everything a regular record label would do, from helping put the records together, to promoting them, and hosting them. The only thing we don’t do is make any money from the project as all our records are FREE for you to download. Collectively we have reached the conclusion that the most important thing about making music is that somebody hears it and hopefully likes it."

Awesome, right!?! I thought so too. It looks like Quixodelic has over 80 releases (all for free) and a little further research lead me to a few other collectives that are directly/indirectly involved with it, I'll throw those links down below.

Quixodelic Records
The Daydream Generation
Cozy Home Records

I'll mention again that everything on all four of those links is available for free, I've only checked out a few releases off of Quixodelic so far, and I'm digging what I've heard. Good thing there's a surplus of supplementary content. Check it out. 

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