Thursday, October 21, 2010

Matt Miller - Untitled - Music from Entitled by Bret Sarlouis

Recently Matt Miller composed a play score for a DIY play called "Entitled" by Brett Sarlouis, through (un)apologetic productions. While the play is long passed, there remains a studio version of the score that you can download for free on My Idea of Fun.

I've been told that the score is a great accompaniment for anyone who had the chance to see the performance. I unfortunately did not, however I will say the score stands very well on it's own, filled with idealized aspiration and inevitable heartbreak.

Here's a track from the score called "Untitled" this one has a more traditional song composition.

Matt Miller - Untitled

Download the release on My Idea of Fun and get The One and Only Matt Miller (and Friends) Present(s) The Vienna Noise Choir in Mid-Fi™ while you're at it.

Here's two tracks off of that, too.

Matt Miller - You Catch More Flies w/ $$$$$

Matt Miller - Dreaming Collective(ly)

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