Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hey guys, if it hasn't been obvious, or if you're not in any of our collective groups/talk to me often. RCRC is on a hiatus right now.

I started a new job last week and will pick this place back up once I get a new place to live, my lifestyle right now (no free time/privacy) makes it hard to make this blog what it should be. 

Gimme till like mid-February I'd say? I'll be relaunching the radio show on Bummer Bit Radio and getting this blog back, better than ever once I finally move into my own place again and can give you guys the attention and quality you deserve.

RCRC is NOT dead. It's alive and well. There are a lot of great outlets all around us, so keep up with them (if you can considering the ridiculous output levels right now) 2012 is huge.

For the time being, my attention is focused on Ailanthus Recordings, so go listen, buy, rip-upload-and-share that stuff.

I'll be back, so very soon, I love you all, thank you so much for the support you've been giving me over the past two years. YOU are among the many reasons that I'm proud of my life. I promise to pay it forward. 

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