Friday, September 17, 2010

Object Permanance

  Emmett and Mary - S/T

Purchase & listen through My Idea of Fun 

Tuesday was the official release of the long-awaited full length that saw a very limited release back in 2008, since then there's been a host of related content. Check out the following links to catch up.



- All titles by Christopher S. Bell and available through My Idea of Fun.

Expo - She Sells Seashells

Purchase directly from Bandcamp

These guys really dig Pet Sounds. Therapeutic.   

Chevy Woods - Pilot Shit 
(2010, DJ Burn One)

Free download from DatPiff

Wizards - Spinning Flowers 

Free download on Bandcamp

This is Tom Auty from Zen Tapes' first EP.

Sean Moore - Protagonist/Antagonist

Free download on Bandcamp 
Guilty Ghosts - The Everlasting Evening

Guilty Ghosts - Enigma Variations 

Guilty Ghosts - Guilty Ghosts

Download all three releases and purchase the tape and/or cdr from Bandcamp

Ra Calium - Souvenir  
(2010, AMDISCS)

Free download at AMDISCS

Evenings - North Dorm 

Free download on Bandcamp

Here's another video from DUDES, This one is a track called "Why You Rappin' De La Soul"

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